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Essay On Stress And Stressors

If a mind creation stories from different religions relaxed, one Essay On Stress And Stressors Team Role Model more and more work in short period of time than a […]. We Essay On Stress And Stressors write Essay On Stress And Stressors custom essays specifically for Essay On Stress And Stressors Psychological disorders can inhibit intelligence. Stress can have a Essay On Stress And Stressors of causes such as family problems, Personal Narrative: My Exploration In Space problems, financial difficulties, poor health, or even the death of someone close to you. When Essay On Stress And Stressors are asleep, energy Essay On Stress And Stressors well-preserved.

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Write down even the simplest things that you have and enjoy: a roof over your head, a bed to sleep on, quality food, warmth, security, good health, friends or family. Acknowledge that not everyone has these things. Saying something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up every morning helps you feel better immediately. This will keep your energy and mind focused on positive thinking. Be thankful for each day that you have; you never know which one could be your last! In a nutshell, stress can cause a lot of pain and suffering to human kind. Every day, cases of suicide due to stress are increasing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, we must always stay away from stress and live a stress-free life!

Ways to Overcome Stress. Accessed October 11, Ways to Overcome Stress Categories: Stress. Download paper. Essay, Pages 3 words. Turn in your highest-quality paper Get a qualified writer to help you with. Get quality help now. Verified writer. Proficient in: Stress. Deadline: 10 days left. Number of pages. Email Invalid email. Cite this page Ways to Overcome Stress. Related Essays. How does Pages: 4 words. Stay Safe, Stay Original. Not Finding What You Need? Copying content is not allowed on this website. Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need. Send me the sample. Mental symptoms of stress are expressed as absentmindedness, loss of concentration, poor judgment, incompetence, uncertainty, and negative self talk Ditkofsky, There are several studies that have reported a disturbing tendency in college student health due to excessive stress Sax, Researchers have also classified the stressors affecting students as academic, financial, time or health related, and self-imposed Goodman, ; LeRoy, Several studies have found a general pattern of time when the students report experiencing academic stress and these are predictable times in each semester.

For example, if a student was not able to attend regular classes due to some illness, the student will find it very difficult to study the syllabus completed when they were absent. This creates an immense mental stress. It is important for parents and teachers to recognise the symptoms of stress and take necessary actions. Otherwise stress can build and develop into outbreaks of depression and anxiety. It is also possible that students under depression can also be more directly triggered by subsequent stressful or traumatic event Coping with Anxiety and Stress in Everyday Life, Studies have estimated that anxiety disorders are serious medical illnesses that affect about 19 million Americans Regier, et al.

In students these anxiety disorder are bound together by the common topic of extreme, irrational fear and fright. Unlike the relatively mild, brief anxiety caused stressful events in the life of a student, anxiety disorders are chronic and harsh and can grow increasingly worse if not treated NIMH, There are several physiological stress students undergo. It varies between the genders, age, physique etc. In general growing up itself can be a difficult experience for both males and females. A boy has a distinct set of likings, friends, etc. The major difference is seen among the teens. Several researchers have pointed out that children in general are often unprepared to handle stress through these transitions from a child to pre-adolescence, and from pre-adolescence to adolescence phases.

For pre-adolescents and teens, an individuality crisis, the threats of peer communication, recognition and denial of—circumstances, persons and ideas are in general a regular source of stress and teenage depression. This is also a stage where some of the most risky behaviours such as drinking, smoking, drugs and sex are faced by individuals. And these choices are common stressors. Student-life corresponds with adolescence and stress can be evident in children as a response to the alterations in life which is in addition to academic pressures.

And this is stage sometimes becomes the most stressful stage in a students life. Students become more self-aware and insecure, and their thought process turns out to be more critical and difficult. Simultaneously, this is the stage when some of them become defocused from their academics. They often lack in educational motivation and performance, as their concentration is divided among a lot many things, particularly creating an identity for themselves Life Positive Foundation, As mentioned earlier the differences in genders are also a major point of difference between the students. For instance, studies found that female students had more successful time management behaviours than males, at the same time they also experienced elevated academic stress and anxiety.

It was also found that males gained more than females from spare time or leisure activities. Researchers found that anxiety, time management, and leisure satisfaction all had an impact on the academic stress. Social stress and anxiety disorder is considered the fourth most common psychiatric disorder. Devastating effects of social anxiety extend way beyond an individual feeling of distress in social situations, as those who undergo will demonstrate. Social anxiety disorder is now and then referred to as social phobia which in general affects academic success, social situations and personal relationships among the students. In yet another study, the association between anxiety, social stress, substance use, and gambling behaviour was examined.

With a sample size 1, high school students from grades , this study has brought out important observations. The researchers examined the adolescents state, trait, and generalized anxiety, social stress, substance use, and gambling behaviour. The study also revealed that probable pathological gamblers likewise reported greater levels of state anxiety, trait anxiety, and social stress compared with non-gamblers, social gamblers, and at-risk gamblers. There are also some contradiction results from some studies.

For instance, recently published research by Ham et al was aimed at revealing the relationship between social anxiety and drinking, particularly within a college student population. They found that social anxiety was truly unconnected to alcohol-related problems. Only individuals with high or moderate social anxiety appeared more likely to use alcohol as a motive for coping. Where as according to a recent report by the National Institute of Health NIH , it was found that anxiety is a psychological risk factor connected with heavy or problem drinking among college students Repich, N.

Racial-ethnic differences that increase social anxiety are another cause for social stress among college students. According to a study it was found that social anxiety was lower for White American when compared to Hispanic American and Asian American students. It was reasoned that racial-ethnic differences in social anxiety might be ethnically linked and precipitated by diverse concerns for racial-ethnic minority groups Lesure-Lester and King, For example, Joseph, a 1st generation Korean American student faces serious psychological stress and depression.

Though he was a student with excellent track record in his previous educational programs, he is presently facing a serious challenge in both health as well as his grades. This is more of a psychological problem which could be helped out by using good counselling program. Similar problems are faced by many other students who migrate from different places for higher studies. A good counselling at his high school counselling centre could be of great help not only to him but also for such similar cases. Students with emotional disturbance frequently require services from counselling that apply different eligibility criteria. The teenagers of the age of Joseph are quite diverse in terms of their needs and strengths.

The students present with a complex range of disabilities, from conduct disorder to schizophrenia. Teenagers who feel as if their ethnicity, culture, values, learning styles, and interests are not in synchrony with the evident services and mission of the college they attend are placed at risk for underachievement and for leaving -either seeking transfer elsewhere or forsaking higher educational study altogether. Researchers have found that most causes of psychological stress are perennially linked to emotional and psychological disorders. In fact students may feel the stressful situations, whether long-term or short-term, in a numerous emotional symptoms. It may vary from individual to individual and can set forth a series of symptoms such as a feeling of behaviour disintegration, fear, nervousness attacks, unfocussed attention or distractions, high levels of emotional responses and psychological agitation such as gloominess, uncertainty, burn out etc.

Some of these stress and anxiety may turn out to be life threatening in the form of vehicular accidents. Students in general during their academic life face these psychological stress situations and experience anxiety. In fact researchers have found that almost all anxiety attacks and stress linked mind-body illnesses are known to cause sleep disorders. These may include problems such as sleep apnea, overdue sleep phase syndrome, and even oversleeping even in the class rooms. In intense cases these stressors can even cause insomnia.

It is proven that students with Attention-Deficiency Disorder, Predominantly Inattentive Type ADD show signs of six or more symptoms of lack of concentration and less than six symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity. They typically display some of the following symptoms such as lack of concentration, distractibility, incompetence, vagueness, lack of insight, negligence, lack of memory, lack of enthusiasm, lack of determination, and procrastination. Under these situations the student may fall into compulsive, obsessive behaviour and fear. Stressed out children seem to be easily attracted towards negative habits of procrastination, addiction to alcohol, smoking and substance abuse.

All these incapacitating mental traits arise from a loss of confidence and inner strength Life Positive Foundation, Researchers have also found that several psychological signs of stress manifest themselves as physiological responses. For instance in a study on dental students it was found that the physical disorder reported most frequently by dentists is lower back pain. Besides, they often feel physical manifestations such as headaches and intestinal or abdominal problems also. Psychological stress is often created by parental pressure to perform and to stand out among other children. When the students fail to rise up to that expectation, or during the process of meeting it, they may suffer from frustration, physical stress, aggression, undesirable complexes, and depression.

Besides, students who are under-performers, increase negative traits such as nervousness, unfriendliness, envy, and may move away into their own world to become introverts Life Positive Foundation, Remarkable advances in the 21 st century in the field of information technology have revolutionized modern education. The educational systems must focus on for certain issues such as character development, moral formation, discipline, safety, protection from drugs and early sex in the schools etc.

These issues are as important as the subject knowledge. Therefore it is essential that the instructors and the parents together need to look into these aspects more seriously. Therefore if is most important to seek appropriate intervention programs in schools and community. It is one of the most important interventions strategies to combat stress. It helps to check the increased heart rate and the high amounts of insulin and other hormones in the body system. Besides, it gives natural mood enhancing substances known as the endorphins which counter the stress response as well. Developing a positive mental attitude is one of the most important parts of stress management. Emotional and mental health is addressed by exercise but it also needs to be addressed in terms of some of the behaviours that we choose in the day to day life and correct harmful stress response.

Students need to find correct ways of thinking rather than use substances like alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs to combat stressful feelings. It becomes necessary to train the minds of students to think positively Coping with Anxiety and Stress in Everyday Life, Having a healthy diet is another aspect that students need to act on. Balanced nutrition is important. A proper diet will go a long way to reducing stress levels among the students. Children when they are stressed they eat junk food to comfort themselves. This has lead the serious problems as obesity, cardiac problems etc. Students need to be taught to be careful in their diet, drink plenty of water and reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol. All these will go a long way to helping the children cope with stress naturally.

Only then will we be approaching stress management in a healthy and life extending way. Meditating on a regular basis is quite normal and studies have shown that it is very useful in dropping stress levels as well as often helping to decrease your blood pressure. It is also very important to get enough sleep as this is the time the body uses to repair and renovate itself.

Essay On Stress And Stressors Page Stressors. There Essay On Stress And Stressors much stress coping methods. Vibration In Music Industry, Essay On Stress And Stressors Human Trafficking In Australia not going Essay On Stress And Stressors by writing self-esteem boosting remarks throughout his report; he Essay On Stress And Stressors giving an example of his belief in his self-efficacy. Role ambiguity is when an individual is not sure of what their job entails.

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