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The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid

On the way Summary Of Teenagers Against Hitler of Wonderland, she gives Henry a piece pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky swan lake the Caterpillar 's growth mushroom to restore The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid to normal size. Melody tries to learn why she is not allowed into the sea and asks about the locket. Waking The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid Beauty Documentary Tail Sectioners In Snowpiercer. He The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid appears where Ariel and Flounder are exploring the Sunken Ship The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid collecting human artifacts and pursues them trying to kill them, but somehow gets The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid head The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid in an anchor and was not seen again for the entire film afterwards. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning is a direct-to-video prequel The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid the original film. They become a part of us. The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid again tries Essay On Speed Limits turn him back and is almost The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid, but the trident's power is too strong for Morgana to overcome.

The Little Mermaid - Poor Unfortunate Souls - Disney Sing-Along

Undertow gets angry with Morgana for not using the potion to change him back, but Morgana tells him she's still reeling Melody into her plot. Later in the ocean, Ariel and Eric talk with Triton about the situation. He assures them that he has sent search parties all over the ocean to find Melody and informs them that he will soon be joining them. Eric thinks that Ariel should go with them that he needs to stay to lead the search on land as she knows both Melody and the sea better than anyone and Ariel agrees with Eric and having finally realized that she shouldn't have kept Melody from the sea because it's a part of her and part of herself. Triton uses his Trident and transforms Ariel back into a mermaid to search for Melody.

Once Melody has calmed down and thanks Morgana for fulfilling her dream, Morgana fake cries and explains that the spell will only last a few days. However, the transformation can be made permanent if Melody can get hold of the Trident, which she claims was stolen by Triton. However, unbeknownst to Melody, Morgana only wants the Trident to make up for her own lack of magical talent and that the Trident can only be removed from its resting place by Triton or a member of his family.

She gets a stone map from Morgana and leaves, singing about her situation. Soon, she accidentally crashes into ice and breaks the map, losing any clue about getting to Atlantica. However, she soon meets Tip the penguin and Dash the walrus, who seek to become heroes. She tells them that she needs to get to Atlantica and retrieve the Trident, or she'll change back into a human.

Tip is untrusting of her, but Dash convinces him to help out Melody as she is depressed by becoming human again. They begin singing and swimming away, bonding with each other. They eventually get to Atlantica, where Melody temporarily loses sight of Tip and Dash. She then meets three mer-teens, who want to befriend her. Melody accidentally introduces herself as "Mel-mel" due to stuttering from being attracted to the blonde mer-boy. Dash and Tip find Melody and pull her away, putting her back on track. They sneak into the throne room, where she sees Triton, unaware he is looking at Melody's baby photo.

Triton then leaves, ordering his men to double their efforts to find her. Melody quickly takes the Trident and leaves with Tip and Dash, accidentally losing her locket. Unbeknownst to Melody, her mother has just arrived and enters the throne room with Triton, where they see the Trident is gone and her locket is on the ground. Ariel is confused about how Melody could have gotten there, but they focus on finding her as she may cause trouble with the Trident.

Melody successfully returns to Morgana with the Trident, but as she is about to hand it over to her, she is stopped by Ariel, and they are both shocked to find each other in their mermaid forms. After greeting Ariel and Flounder, Morgana tries asking Melody for the Trident again, but Melody is still in shock over learning Ariel's secret and is deeply upset that she never told her. Trying to keep Melody's favor, Morgana agrees with her and "scolds" Ariel for keeping her origins hidden from her daughter. Ariel tries asking Melody to give her the Trident, but Morgana convinces Melody to give it to her instead, reminding Melody that she gave her everything she desired, while Ariel has only lied to her for her entire life. Ariel tries defending herself for her actions, stating she was only trying to protect her, but Melody sees that all Ariel has ever done was only keeping her from the sea and again asks why she never told her the truth.

Ariel tries to apologize, even admitting that if she could change one thing in her life, it would be her decision of keeping the truth hidden from Melody. However, Melody deeply hurt and feeling betrayed, refuses to forgive her mother and gives the trident to Morgana. With the trident in her grip, Morgana reveals her true intentions. She grabs Melody and put her behind a wall of ice. She calmly mentions that the spell will wear off by sundown. Morgana uses the trident's magic to lord over the ocean, rising to the surface to gloat. Scuttle , Triton, Sebastian, and Eric arrive, and a battle ensues against Morgana and her minions.

Ariel rescues Eric from almost drowning while Sebastian clamps his claws down on the tails of Cloak and Dagger, mirroring what happened with Flotsam and Jetsam. Soon after the sunset, Morgana's spell wears off, and Melody returns to human form. Because she is no longer a mermaid, she begins to drown. Melody is freed with the help of Tip and Dash and an unlucky Undertow. Morgana uses the trident and puts every sea creature under her spell, forcing Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, King Triton, Tip, and Dash to bow, but before Morgana is about to revive Ursula and Flotsam and Jetsam with the trident, Melody looks down and sees her feet, and realizes that, as she has reverted back to a human, she is able to escape the spell.

She manages to grab the trident and throw it back to Triton by climbing up the cliff on which Morgana is standing and sneaking up on her. When Melody does so, Morgana tries to get the trident back, and throws her off the cliff. Just as Melody fears she is facing death, Dash takes action and goes to Melody's falling point; Melody lands on him safely, surviving the fall. Now having had his trident returned to him, Triton confronts Morgana and, saying that Morgana and her spells will not threaten Triton's family ever again, uses it to encase her in a block of ice, which sinks underwater with a picture of Ursula from her kingdom and the icicles began to collapse, trapping Morgana inside.

They have seven young daughters, the youngest of whom is Ariel. The merfolk are shown relaxing in a lagoon above water, and Triton gives Athena a music box. Suddenly, a big pirate ship approaches. Everyone escapes except Athena, who is crushed by the ship when she tries to save the music box, due to the pirates having apparently lost control of their own vessel and unable to divert it away from crushing Athena and running aground. Devastated by Athena's death, Triton throws the music box into the ocean and bans music from the kingdom. Ten years later, Ariel and her six older sisters are not happy with living under a strict routine maintained by their governess, Marina Del Rey and her assistant, Benjamin.

Ariel hates their current lifestyle, which brings her into conflict with her father. One day, Ariel encounters Flounder the tropical fish whom she later follows to an underground music club. She is overjoyed by the presence of music and is shocked when she sees Sebastian performing there. When her presence is revealed, the entire band stops playing and hides, believing Ariel will tell her father about them. Ariel sings a song explaining her love of music and the remembrance of her mother and she joins the club with an oath. Ariel returns to the palace, and her sisters confront her over her disappearance. She explains where she was, and the following night all seven girls go to the club to have fun.

Marina secretly finds them, and she later reports their activities to Triton. Sebastian, Flounder, and the band are sent to jail while Marina gets the job she wants. Triton confines his daughters to the palace, and Ariel says that her mother would not have wanted music forbidden. She swims to the bedroom, with her sisters following and telling her that no one is happy except Marina.

That night, Ariel leaves Atlantica and frees her friends. Sebastian leads them to a deserted place away from the palace, where Ariel finds Athena's music box, as Sebastian hoped. Marina happily talks to Triton about her new job in the kingdom but is interrupted by Attina, the eldest of Ariel's six older sisters, telling Triton that Ariel is not in Atlantica.

Cora finally relents, seemingly coming to an understanding, and she reconciles with Regina. Daniel, sympathetic to Cora's parental role, expresses gratitude for allowing her daughter's happiness. Cora, taking it upon herself to do what she believes is best for Regina, rips out Daniel's heart and crushes it. In horror, Regina cradles Daniel's body and weeps in despair as her mother insists true happiness comes from the power she will have as the future queen.

Sometime after this, a stoic Regina has a wedding dress fitting when Snow White mentions Cora is a good mother for understanding her and Daniel's love for each other. When questioned, Snow White hesitantly admits telling Cora about Daniel due to her fear that Regina would lose her mother as she herself had. Turning away from the girl, Regina reacts in shock, but she regains calm to spare Snow White's feelings. Regina lies, saying Daniel ran away, but that she is happy to marry King Leopold and become her stepmother. Once Snow White exits, Cora praises Regina credit for living up to her expectations. Suspiciously, Regina questions her mother about purposely causing the princess' horse to run wild so she would save her and gain King Leopold's attention, but Cora claims she had nothing to do with it.

Walking off, Regina's expression contorts into anger as she expresses regrets over not letting Snow White die on her horse. As the wedding day approaches, Regina desperately tries to flee on horseback, only to be stopped ruthlessly by Cora. Following a suggestion from her father, Regina steals her mother's spell book , which she unknowingly uses to summon its creator, Rumplestiltskin. He offers to help her get rid of Cora, though Regina is against physically harming anyone, so she is given a magic mirror. Rumplestiltskin instructs her to give Cora a little push into the mirror, which will then send her to another world. She questions what he wants in return. Mysteriously, he confirms that someday she will do him a favor. On the day of the wedding, Cora steps into Regina's room and notices the mirror.

As Regina looks into both of their reflections, Cora schools her on being the heart of the commoners once she becomes queen, and since the king is weak, they can kill him to own the throne entirely. This is not something Regina is looking forward to, and as she moves to give her mother a shove into the mirror, Cora freezes her in place. Cora chastises Regina for the attempt to get rid of her as Rumplestiltskin materializes in the mirror to give encouragement. Fueled by anger, Regina breaks free of the restraints and knocks Cora into the mirror, which then shatters into pieces. Free at last, Regina leaves down a road and returns Rumplestiltskin's book to him.

She claims magic isn't for her, but Rumplestiltskin is more interested to know how it felt using magic. Grudgingly, Regina acknowledges that she loved it, which is all the more reason to stay away from it. She also fears becoming as magic obsessed as her mother, but Rumplestiltskin promises that is entirely up to her. After marrying King Leopold, Regina is allowed by her new husband to grow a single apple tree in the castle garden. The marriage is not one of love, as the king has more affection for his daughter and Regina still cares for her old love, Daniel. Unable to let Daniel go, despite that he is dead, she magically enchants his body to remain in perfect condition.

In one of her few magic lessons, Regina learns how to conjure a rock, which is hidden under a cover, into her hand. She struggles to do it, but finally masters the technique after a time. During another lesson, Regina watches Rumplestiltskin demonstrate how to ignite a flame in his palm, and when she tries to mimic him, the fire in her hand goes out almost immediately.

During another magic lesson, Regina is instructed by Rumplestiltskin to freeze a black unicorn , which she easily accomplishes. However, when he orders for the animal's heart to be torn out, she balks, since doing so only reminds her of what Cora did to Daniel. Disappointed, Rumplestiltskin demands that she come to terms with whatever is holding her back from learning this kind of magic. That night, she gazes longingly at Daniel's preserved body. On another day, Regina preps for a magic lesson in the Dark One's castle , but Rumplestiltskin asks what is it that she truly wants. She wants to know if magic can resurrect the dead, though he says it is impossible, a portal-jumper, Jefferson , claims he knows someone from another world that can perform such a feat.

She agrees to give him a royal pass to travel freely in her kingdom in exchange for transporting the person to the Enchanted Forest. After meeting the "wizard", or doctor, Victor , Regina allows him to inspect the quality of Daniel's body, which he finds is in good condition for the operation. Since he needs a strong heart for surgery, she presents Victor with the vault containing her mother's collection of hearts where he picks one.

One stormy night, Regina and Jefferson wait outside as Victor attempts the procedure on Daniel inside a tent. Regretfully, he informs her that the resurrection was a failure. The news devastates Regina, but by the next day, she makes drastic changes after letting go of her true love. She witnesses Rumplestiltskin teaching magic to a new apprentice, Trish , and she proves herself more worthy by ripping out and crushing the girl's heart to ash. Despite Regina's new mindset, her life as Queen causes much unhappiness since King Leopold is only focused on his dead wife and insufferable young daughter. She skips out on a scheduled magic lesson, to which Rumplestiltskin shows up at her castle. He chides that Regina cannot leave this life, even though she thinks there are choices in having love or darkness.

Rumplestiltskin states that what she doesn't know is that darkness is what will consume her. Upset at his words, Regina orders him to leave. Instead, Rumplestiltskin explains further that once the darkness has started to eat away at her, it will progress until she is swallowed whole, and there's no way to fly away from fate. Before leaving, he sets up lessons for tomorrow and stresses she must bring the only thing inside herself, which is simmering rage. After he is gone, Regina retreats to the balcony and lashes out by hitting the railing repeatedly.

The foundation gives way, and she begins falling to her death but is rescued by a fairy 's magic and lifted to safety. She and the fairy, Tinker Bell , become friends and spend time at a small inn. Regina confides in Tinker Bell about her miserable non-existent marriage and having a stepdaughter who destroyed her true love. Hoping to help Regina find a new love, Tinker Bell steals and uses pixie dust, which leads them straight to a man with a lion tattoo. Regina is encouraged by Tinker Bell to go talk to the man. Only after her fairy friend leaves, Regina is too frightened to go through with it and flees home. Late in the hours of the same night, Tinker Bell returns to see how the meeting went and is discouraged to see Regina is not "glowing" as she should be after finding her true love.

Grumpily, Regina makes up lies about the man, but Tinker Bell realizes she was too scared to meet the man. Even so, Regina refuses to own up to her own emotions and calls Tinker Bell a horrible fairy. Tinker Bell pleads that she will get in trouble for stealing pixie dust, but Regina coldly sends her away. While her husband is away on a diplomatic mission, Regina and her stepdaughter are left to take care of the kingdom's affairs. The peasants plead for help against the bandit Dead Eye , who Regina has secretly employed to stir up trouble in the villages. Snow White, not knowing her stepmother's involvement with Dead Eye, agrees to send word to her father, but Regina gently suggests for her to handle the situation instead.

Unsure of how to be a leader, a panicked Snow White flees the throne room as a satisfied Regina watches. Continuing to antagonize villagers, Dead Eye eventually has a run-in with Snow White before reporting back to the Queen. After Regina gives him payment for his services, the bandit presses her on whether she'd rather he kill the princess. Regina declines, not wanting Snow White to become a martyr in the kingdom as her ultimate plan is for the commoners to realize she, not the princess, is their rightful Queen.

In the end, Regina's plan falls through after Snow White successfully scares off Dead Eye with the use of her archery skills as well as support from the peasants. Regina, impatiently waiting for more magic lessons from Rumplestiltskin, watches Snow White become an excellent horse rider and earn many medals, as her desire for revenge against the girl grows. In her mother's things, she finds a spell book belonging to Maleficent , a witch who can turn into a dragon , and comes to idolize her after reading about her accomplishments.

When Regina complains to Rumplestiltskin about his lack of magic lessons, he uses Maleficent, who spent years honing her powers, as an example that she needs patience. Annoyed, she wonders if he's not skilled enough to teach her, which causes Rumplestiltskin to teleport her to Maleficent for assistance instead. Before journeying to Maleficent's castle , Regina sees a tree that still burns decades after the dragoness scorched it. Inside the castle, she earns an audience with Maleficent, but the woman has since lost herself after her revenge against Briar Rose was thwarted by King Stefan. Eventually, Maleficent refuses to help her learn magic, to which Regina has no other choice except to leave and begin walking home.

On the road, she hears from a Duke that King Stefan's daughter, Aurora , will soon be wed, which she reports to Maleficent. Upon hearing Maleficent admit that she can no longer morph into a dragon, Regina brings her to the burning tree as motivation. After Maleficent absorbs the flames' vapors, King Stefan and his men arrive to arrest her and Regina. As they are tied and forced to walk, Regina burns her binds and hurls a fireball at their captors before her magic dries out, allowing Maleficent time to transform into a dragon and scares the men away.

That night, Maleficent approaches Aurora, and with Regina watching, she curses her into an eternal sleep. As thanks for Regina's help, she gifts her a small dose of the sleeping curse, which the latter uses on Snow White's horse. Realizing Rumplestiltskin was right, Regina decides his way of teaching is best. At some point in the marriage, Leopold comes to love Regina and gifts her a brooch to show his affection for her, with the brooch having previously been a gift that he gave to his first wife Eva. Regina, however, doesn't care for the gift. Years later, Regina is introduced to her husband's new friend, a recently freed Genie , who she plans to manipulate into helping her. During King Leopold's birthday celebration, her husband showers Snow White with the proclamation that she is the fairest in the land.

Regina looks on miserably and draws the sympathetic attention of the Genie. She leaves for the garden where the Genie gifts her a hand mirror. He states that it will allow Regina to see herself as the fairest in the land through his eyes. During the next few nights, Regina writes in her diary that she had found love again outside of her loveless marriage, which is nothing more than a ploy to anger King Leopold and force the Genie into rescuing her. Her plan works and she ends up locked up while King Leopold is immensely upset she has a lover.

Finding that she cannot divorce her husband, she asks her father to bring a box with her freedom in it. However, her father gives the box to the Genie and in turn, he hands it to Regina. She opens it to reveal a two-headed poisonous viper , intending to commit suicide, but the Genie kills her husband with the creature instead so they can be together. Instead, Regina changes her tune, seeing as she has no more use for the Genie, and informs him that a palace guard found the viper. Since the animal originates from Agrabah , the Genie's homeland, the crime will be traced back to him, so Regina feigns sadness with the promise of a ship ready to take him away to avoid persecution.

Only then, the Genie realizes what Regina's real intention is but truly loves her. He uses the last and third wish on the lamp to be with her forever. As his wish comes true, Regina fears being forced into love against her will until hearing a voice come from inside the hand mirror. To her satisfaction, the wish turns the Genie into a Magic Mirror , making him bound into her servitude for all eternity.

Many days after King Leopold's funeral, Regina comforts Snow White as they both are in mourning, but in private, she uses the Magic Mirror to find a suitable person to kill her stepdaughter. When the Magic Mirror suggests a Huntsman would be perfect for the job, she sends her guards to bring one to the palace. She barters with the Huntsman, promising to outlaw the slaughtering of wolves in his kingdom since he cares a great deal about their safety. In return, she asks not only for Snow White's death but for the princess' heart to be delivered to her. While he is away on this mission, Regina changes the palace to suit how she feels. The Huntsman returns with a heart, but he hands her a farewell letter from Snow White.

Regina refuses to take it, so he attempts to read the letter until she throws the parchment into the fire. After taking the heart, she tries to magically insert it into one of the collection boxes in the vault. Nothing happens and Regina quickly catches on that the heart is not Snow White's. Scorned by the betrayal, she tears out the Huntsman's heart as a replacement.

While squeezing the heart, Regina commands that he is now hers forever and will share her bed whenever she chooses. She also warns to never cross her again, and if he does, death will be the punishment. The Queen recently learns where Snow White is hiding, but discovers her gone once she herself arrives there. She offers a reward to whoever forfeits Snow White's location, but when none if the villagers speak up, she orders her knights kill them all. Regina, upset that the citizens are loyal towards Snow White, devises a plan to get close to her and kill her. As it would take too long for her to learn a disguising spell , she asks Rumplestiltskin to change her into someone else instead.

As her part of the deal, Regina agrees, on his bequest, to break off ties with King George 's kingdom. Once the spell is cast, Regina becomes a peasant to the outside world, but to herself, she looks the same. At the market, she stops commoners from hitting a stick effigy of her, but the Queen's knights arrive and mistake her as the creator of the effigy.

As they prepare to execute her as punishment, a hooded vagrant saves her. During the battle, Regina's leg is cut with a rusty sword, and as an infection sets in, she passes out after seeing her savior is Snow White. She wakes up in a hut, where Snow White is caring for her. Regina introduces herself as Wilma, and she expresses surprise that Snow White is helping a stranger. While Snow White treats and bandages Regina's wound, she recalls a time when a woman saved her life, which helped her understand a connection can develop between strangers. Realizing Snow White is talking about her, Regina is moved to tears.

After she is well enough to walk, Regina travels with Snow White, who must always be on the move to hide from the Queen. Snow White offers her insight on the Queen, who is someone in constant pain, but who she believes was once good. A hopeful Regina asks if she would consider being a family with the Queen again, to which Snow White affirms she would if the Queen was sincere about changing. However, upon seeing the slaughtered villagers, Snow White takes back what she said, believing the Queen is evil. Regina accidentally mentions it was the Queen who saved Snow White from the horse, which helps the princess realize who "Wilma" really is.

After her cover is blown, Regina flees after Snow White hesitates in shooting her. Storming into Rumplestiltskin's castle, she realizes the commoners will never love her and vows to punish them all. Rumplestiltskin reverses the disguise, to which Regina gazes at her reflection and states, "Long live the Evil Queen". Traveling in her carriage, Regina stops to interrupt a wedding ceremony taking place on the grounds near her castle.

Since they did not ask her permission to have the ceremony, she rips out the groom's heart. As she considers her next move, her father Henry asks her not to overreact, especially since he knows today is Daniel's anniversary. Regina snaps at him not to remind her what day it is, before becoming angry at his insinuation of her weakness, leading her to crush the groom's heart. She then trots back into her carriage and coldly tells her father to find his own way home. At Daniel's grave, Regina finds a yellow rose left by none other than Cora.

Her mother regrets killing Regina's lover and desires to help her find love again since hearing about a fairy who located her soul mate who bears a lion tattoo. Regina doesn't believe her until Cora sets her up with the man with the lion tattoo. After a casual conversation with the man, however, Regina uses magic to take off the fake tattoo and coerces him into confessing that Cora set her up so she could bear a child. Suspecting her mother wants to seize her power through an heir, Regina concocts a potion to make herself barren. When confronted with her daughter's plans, Cora insists nothing good will come out of hurting herself, but Regina drinks the potion, believing hurting her mother is good enough. As Regina feels pain from the potion's effects, Cora admits she wanted Regina to have a child for her own sake, and that the only thing standing in the way of her own happiness is herself.

As Cora walks out, an angry Regina angrily tells her to go back to Wonderland. Lounging in her castle, Regina receives news from her guards that they have not found Snow White, despite searching everywhere in the south and north. Even so, she presses for the search to continue. At night, she travels by carriage through the Forest of the Dead , where her horses are startled by a mysterious hooded figure in the road. With the carriage overturned and her guards incapacitated, she crawls out of the wreckage with a dislocated shoulder.

As Regina contemplates using magic to heal it, she sees the cloaked figure. Mistaking him for Daniel, she follows him into the deep woods and falls into a pit trap. Only then, the figure reveals himself as William, Daniel's elusive brother. William blames her for his death, although she continues to insist Snow White instigated her lover's demise. He believes if her love for Daniel was real, she should have stayed away from him since a romance between a peasant and noble never ends happily. To get revenge for his brother's death, William begins sprinkling magic sand on Regina to render her powerless, but she counters with a burst of magic that fatally wounds him. Not meaning to have harmed him, Regina asks him to hold on as she heals him, but he states she won't be able to save him, just as she couldn't save Daniel.

On return to her castle, Regina takes out her old engagement ring, swearing that she'll avenge Daniel's death. She then calls for another carriage to be prepared as the search for Snow White continues. The Queen captures a woman, Marian , who knows where Snow White is hiding. When she questions her, Marian refuses to divulge anything. As punishment for noncompliance, the Queen orders the woman to be captured and executed tomorrow. As she walks away, Marian expresses pity towards her; believing the Queen is cruel due to being without a family and having no love in her life. The Queen snaps that she knows nothing about her wants or desires, and instead takes satisfaction in Marian's upcoming death.

At a village where Snow White was previously staying, the Queen inflict pain on the residents if they do not disclose Snow White's location. Geppetto pleads with the Queen, stating he and everyone else are peaceful villagers, but she simply asks for justice. To further instill fear in anyone who has dared to help Snow White, she hauls out Marian as an example. Later, the Queen crashes an engagement party at King Midas ' castle in order to search for Snow White. Though the bandit in question is spotted, she escapes due to help from Princess Leia , who is imprisoned by the Queen.

She sentences both the princess and the previous woman to execution the next day, but unknown to her, they later manage to break free. That night, the Queen sits in front of a dresser admiring a red apple when she coolly notices Snow White attempting to sneak up on her. Snow White hurls fairy dust , intending to turn her into a harmless bug, but the Queen easily neutralizes it. As Regina calls for the guards to take her away, Snow White insists what she did long ago—telling Cora about Daniel—was just an honest mistake.

In turn, the Queen snaps that she never learned the most basic lesson—all actions have consequences. Soon, Snow White is tied to a post in the courtyard as the Queen conjures a fireball to incinerate her. Before the flame hits its target, Snow White uses the remaining dust to transform herself into a bug, which is unseen to the Queen's eyes. Later on, she discovers Snow White is still alive and attempting to cross a bridge , so she has the trolls attack her. Snow White escapes again, to which the furious Queen turns the trolls into bugs and stomps on one of them. She threatens to do the same to a guard if he doesn't bring her Snow White. At some point, the Queen learns Rumplestiltskin has acquired a girl, Belle , to tend to his castle.

She purposefully meets Belle on the road and manipulates her into thinking that kissing Rumplestiltskin will break his curse of being the Dark One. Belle believes her and rushes back to turn him back into a normal man. It doesn't end well, however, as Rumplestiltskin inevitably believes she must be working for the Evil Queen in a ploy to get rid of his powers and he kicks her out of the castle for good. A few days later, Regina is led to a faraway kingdom by Belle's former travel mates, who disclose her current location.

When Belle reaches the top of a hill, Regina ambushes the girl and entraps her in a jail cell. Despite Belle's desperate wish to go back to Rumplestiltskin, Regina does not listen; saying that by keeping her away from the Dark One will be a lifetime with heartache and misery. Stubbornly, Belle retorts she cannot keep her and Rumplestiltskin apart forever. On another day, the Queen's knights continue to chase after Snow White, but she eludes capture once more and is rescued by a mermaid , Ariel.

As a follow-up, Regina goes to Rumplestiltskin's home and asks him about making a deal concerning a certain mermaid. Grumpily, he expresses disinterest in making deals at the moment, so she tells him about Belle's supposed death. Upset at the news, he angrily orders her to leave. On her way out, she mocks him, stating that he should get a new girl to clean his dusty castle.

To kill two birds with one stone, Regina disguises herself as Ursula in order to tempt Ariel with a magic bracelet that can help her remain human, so she can be with her prince, Eric , but only if someone takes her place as a mermaid. As Regina had hoped, Ariel clasps the bracelet on Snow White, making the princess helpless with a new-found tail appendage. The Queen chooses this moment to reveal herself as Ariel realizes she was tricked by "Ursula". Though Ariel balks at the idea of leaving a friend behind, the Queen proposes that Snow White will be harmed either way and gives her the opportunity to leave since there will be no second chances. Once the advice is heeded, the Queen begins using magic to choke Snow White before Ariel rushes back to stab her in the neck with a fork.

While Regina struggles to dislodge the utensil, Ariel rips the bracelet from Snow White's wrist, reverting them to their original forms, and the two escape by swimming away. Even so, the Queen gets the last laugh once she deliberately takes away Ariel's voice while the mermaid is trying to call out to her prince near his castle balcony. Regina relishes in the fact that Eric will never know Ariel's feelings for him as this outcome is far worse than being outright rejected. Regina returns to her castle, only to hear the voice of the real Ursula greeting her from the mirror.

Suddenly, the statue of the sea goddess comes alive and wraps her tentacles around Regina. Regina is shocked that the goddess is real, but Ursula assures her that if she ever impersonates her again, she will find out just how real she is. At some point, the Queen acquires a poisoned apple , which the Blind Witch later steals from her. In Regina's hunt to reclaim the poisoned apple from the Blind Witch's house , a place protected by magic that only children are unaffected by, she sends children in her place to fetch the stolen item, however, none ever return. One day, while traveling in the woods, she captures a Woodcutter and later chances upon his two children, Gretel and Hansel.

They are searching the forest for their father, but the Queen feigns ignorance about his whereabouts and has them seized for trespassing in her woods. While Hansel is ordered by his sister to run, Gretel hits one of the Queen's guards with her slingshot before fleeing. Regina blocks the siblings by teleporting in front of them and then using vine roots to pin them to the ground. She calls their escape attempt foolish but also notes their bravery, which is exactly why she decides to spare them. She agrees to find their father if they retrieve a black leather satchel that contains something which was once hers.

Regina instructs them to wait until nightfall for when the witch is asleep before going into the house, and she forbids them from eating anything inside the home no matter how tempting they may seem. Later, in Regina's castle, she spies on the Blind Witch through her mirror, seeing Hansel and Gretel outsmart the woman by locking her in her own furnace. Regina then conjures a stream of fire and sends it through the mirror , scorching the witch to death. When the children return with the satchel, the Queen examines its contents to unveil the apple before putting it away in a drawer. She praises Gretel for her strong heart and even considers how she was like Gretel at her age. The siblings are anxious to be with their father, though Regina ponders if they truly want to be with someone who abandoned them.

As Gretel sadly laments that their father is all she and Hansel have, Regina suggests they can live with her and she will give their hearts' desire, with their own rooms, personal carriages, and valets. Despite this, Gretel professes she and her brother only care about finding their father, no matter if he deserted them or not because they don't want to be with someone as terrible as her. Angered at their refusal of her, Regina sends them to the Infinite Forest. She then has her guards bring in the children's father and she interrogates him on why the children rejected her. When he proudly retorts that family never abandons one another, she banishes him to the same forest where the siblings and their parent will wander in search of each other forever, never to be reunited.

As for the apple, she infuses it with the Sleeping Curse. During one harsh winter, the Queen orders the Huntsman to procure a tribute from the villagers of the silver mines. He eventually brokers a deal with the minister for the villagers to hand over all their silver-made items. Shortly after this, the Queen goes into the woods with the Huntsman to seek out a wolf pack, whose help she desires for hunting down Snow White. When the wolves approach to viciously attack the Huntsman, she transforms them into their human forms and then threatens to pierce them with silver arrows unless they assist her.

At the wolf den, the Queen demands to see the leader, Anita , but a member named Adair notes she is already dead since being killed by her daughter, Red Riding Hood , and the pack is now led by him. Adair agrees to help the Queen on two conditions; the wolves gain freedom from human violence and they assume control of the silver mines. While traveling with the wolves to seize the mines, the Queen carries a box containing the Huntsman's heart. Suddenly, she notices a wolf standing alone. Mistaking the wolf as one in the pack, she tells the beast to get back in line, but her command goes ignored. Instead, the wolf knocks the box out of her hands. Enraged, the Queen magically levitates the wolf into the air, but she distractedly lets go of the creature when the Huntsman fires an arrow at an approaching Adair.

She is even more vexed when the Huntsman runs off with the box, and the pack refuse to give chase. However, she agrees with Adair's suggestion to solely focus on their mutual interests and not get side-tracked. That night, they overtake the mines while terrorizing villagers. During the fight, the Huntsman grabs a totem to turn the shape-shifters into normal wolves, but this plan is halted once Snow White and Red Riding Hood fall into the ice-cracked lake.

He jumps in after them, and despite that it appears all three have perished, the Queen senses they are still alive. Later, the Queen kills Adair after the Huntsman threatens to kill him and spoil her alliance with the wolves. Her action irrefutably angers the entire pack, who attack her. To ensure the wolves' safety, the Huntsman hands his heart back to the Queen, which she accepts. As the Queen is traveling down a road, she is oblivious to Snow White attempting to kill her by drawing and firing her bow at her. However, Prince Charming jumps in front of the arrow's path to stop Snow, which leaves the Queen unharmed.

Learning that King George has captured Prince Charming, and intends to execute him, she intervenes in time and asks that the prisoner be turned over to her custody instead. To King George, she promises to make the prince suffer more if he uses his "son" to hurt Snow White. Keen on the idea, King George releases the prince to her. Later on, the Queen pays Prince Charming a visit in his cell to inform him she has no plans to kill Snow White and has another form of punishment that is far worse. As she walks out of the cell with a triumphant smile, she allows Charming to get a glimpse of the poisoned apple in her hand. Charming makes a futile attempt to rush at her, but the doors of his cell close via magic.

After Snow White attacks King George's castle to free Prince Charming, she discovers he is not there and communicates with him through a mirror. The Queen interrupts their chat and sets up a parley with Snow White at the place "where it all began": the horse stables of Regina's old home. The place is important, as it is the place where Snow White found about the love affair between Regina and Daniel, and was also where the young princess was sworn to secrecy about the matter, which she did not keep. While waiting for the other party to show up, the Queen sadly glances, near tears, at the place where Daniel died. Once Snow White arrives, the Queen leads her to a grave and reveals Daniel did not run away all those years ago, but that Cora killed him because she couldn't keep a secret.

Snow White hopes for a truce since since Daniel is dead, but so is King Leopold, who Regina killed, and thus both of them have suffered enough. The Queen disagrees and instead offers Snow White a poisoned apple, stating she should comply in order to ensure Prince Charming's safety, to which the princess willingly takes a bite of the forbidden fruit. As her nemesis collapses to the ground under the influence of the Sleeping Curse, the Queen smiles smugly. After the Evil Queen learns that the Huntsman allowed Prince Charming to escape her castle, she uses magic to force him up against the wall in preparation for punishment. She decides against it once the Magic Mirror shows her Prince Charming currently busy escaping through the woods.

Furious at Snow White's plans to take back the kingdom, the Queen sets out to stop her. While Snow White is trying to rally villagers into fighting alongside her to regain the throne, Regina makes a surprise appearance, sending all the peasants fleeing. Snow White and Prince Charming go for their swords, but Regina insists she isn't looking for a fight. Immobilizing Prince Charming, Regina then offers her stepdaughter mercy if she gives up her claim on the throne.

Having spent years trying to kill or curse her, the Queen considers that having true power means sparing Snow White's life and gaining everything that was supposed to be hers. After easily avoiding Snow White's blade, the Queen gives her until sundown tomorrow to revoke the throne, and for everyday she refuses, one of her loyal subjects will perish. Before taking her leave, Regina belittles Snow White for denying who she really is, a princess, but never a queen.

The next day, Regina shows up, fully expecting her stepdaughter will submit to her, but Snow White stands her ground, refusing to give up the throne. True to her prior threats, the Queen begins suffocating Grumpy as retribution for Snow White's defiance, and she throws back the other dwarves when they attempt to help him. With encouragement from Prince Charming, Snow White charges at the Queen, who magically dissipates and reappears from behind, just in time for Snow White's blade to cut into her cheek. No longer afraid to stand up to the Queen, Snow White boldly declares that she has stopped denying who she is, and then professes the kingdom is hers. The Queen hisses that they will meet again on the battlefield, and after Snow White responds with just as much confidence, Regina teleports away.

Receiving news that Snow White is hiding in a hut within a village , Regina drops by, relishing the idea of finally ripping out her stepdaughter's heart. Her father Henry opposes the killing because it'll make Regina unfavorable in the eyes of her subjects, and he suggests sparing the girl to show mercy. Regina ignores his advice and goes into the hut, but finds a decoy dummy in place of Snow, whose location she suspects the villagers know. She attempts to make the forfeit their loyalty to Snow, insisting that the princess doesn't care or love them, but she does.

Tinker Bell refutes these claims by recalling how Regina threw away her second chance at love and tries to make her see that it's still not too late to find the man with the lion tattoo if she is open to the possibility of happiness. Regina declines, stating she is happy the way she is now, though Tinker Bell boldly points out that her reluctance is because she doesn't believe herself deserving of love.

Despite being angered at the ex-fairy's analysis of her, Regina declares she is sparing Tinker Bell's life as proof she is merciful, but she warns Tinker Bell to not to cross her again or she will end her for good. Unknown to Regina, Tinker Bell gives Henry information about Cupid's arrow, which can lead his daughter to the person she loves most: the man with the lion tattoo. Henry then tricks Regina into believing he can help her by using a map from one of Cora's spell books that'll bring them to an item to locate Snow. At the doorway of the supposed item, Regina senses light magic coming from it, to which Henry comes clean about what Tinker Bell told him. Inside, he shows her Cupid's arrow, but Regina instead uses a reverse spell on the arrow so it will guide her to the person she hates most: Snow.

Unexpectedly, however, Regina follows the arrow back to her palace and to a cabinet mirror, proving the person she hates most is actually herself. Enraged and disgusted at the truth, she smashes the mirror to pieces. During the war with Snow White, the Queen pays a visit to a village, where her terrified subjects await her with birthday gifts. A girl presents her with a blueberry pie, which Regina deems subpar since it's not apple pie.

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