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Scarlet Mirror Activity Report

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Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)

During the quest to end the threat posed by the Tower of Nightmares , the Pact Commander encountered a nightmarish hallucination of Trahearne which the Commander was forced to fight against in the Nightmare Chamber. Trahearne's plans to go after the Elder Dragons were interrupted by the aftermath of Scarlet Briar's assault on Lion's Arch , however, when Tyrians heard a dragon's roar in the aftermath of the Scarlet's demise. The marshal dispatched Laranthir of the Wild to investigate what had occurred. The negotiations were halted when the Shadow of the Dragon , one of Mordremoth's champions, attacked the Pale Tree and the gathered leaders. The beast was driven off after a fierce clash although it managed to severely harm the Pale Tree before fleeing. After the attack on the World Summit, Trahearne took the Pact Commander's warnings to heart and shifted all Pact resources against the newly awakened Mordremoth in hopes to counter an anticipated dispersion of Mordrem minions across western Tyria.

He established Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes with contributed arms, resources, troops and researchers from each prominent race. Trahearne began investing in a strictly aerial assault on the Elder Dragon with the hopes to avoid another drawn-out war of attrition on the ground, and planned to strike before Mordremoth could muster its minions.

To locate the Elder Dragon, the marshal used reports which claimed that Mordremoth's core of power was "somewhere east, or south". When the preparations of the Pact Fleet were nearly complete, Mordremoth attempted a counter-offensive against Camp Resolve, which failed. Trahearne, flush with victory, called out for the rallying and beginning of the Pact's own offensive. He was then informed that the Pact Commander would not join him in the attack as the Commander was attempting to recover Glint's Egg from a mysteriously absent Caithe who had taken it earlier. The battle ended as rapidly as it began, however.

Moments after the marshal had called out for the initial volley of fire into the jungle below, massive vines shot out and pierced airships like paper. Chaos spread as sylvari aboard the fleet began to lose their wills and minds to Mordremoth's call. Armed, well-trained, and freshly delivered, the subjugated sylvari overwhelmed Trahearne and Destiny's Edge, and the offensive ended in a complete rout. It was revealed from survivors of the fleet's destruction that the four had been taken prisoner, and placed in a caravan headed south through the Heart of Maguuma. At some point during their transport through Tangled Depths Trahearne, Zojja and Logan created a diversion to allow other captured Pact officers to escape although it came at the expense of his and their own opportunity to flee.

When the Pact Commander, their allies, and remnants of Destiny's Edge finally reached Trahearne in the depths of the Dragon's Domain in AE , the captured marshal was dangling unconscious and guarded by a corrupted and blighted Faolain. At her defeat, Trahearne was snatched away from rescue by Mordremoth itself, and taken into the dragon's inner sanctum, seemingly as a trap. By the time the Commander's party reached the sanctum, Trahearne was awake but broken in body and spirit, and unable to survive removal from his eldritch, pod-like prison. Despite this state, he was able to aid the Commander in attacking Mordremoth's weakness — inside the Dream, where the Elder Dragon had been attacking sylvari in their own minds — by acting as intermediary to the Dream.

This connection allowed Trahearne to open a portal so the Commander's party could begin the final assault on Mordremoth's mind while other members of the team stayed behind to guard the area from encroaching Mordrem. After Mordremoth's mind was destroyed and the victors return to the waking world, Trahearne asked the Commander to bring Caladbolg to him while others marveled at their impossible victory and Mordremoth's disappearance from the minds of the sylvari.

The revelry ceased when Trahearne announced that the Elder Dragon had left a 'seed' inside his mind that would blossom and allow the dragon to reclaim all it had just lost if not dealt with immediately. Insisting that he would not survive anyway if removed from his pod-like prison, Trahearne asked to be destroyed with the shattered remains of Caladbolg. After a horrible moment when Mordremoth attempted to possess Trahearne's body, the Commander struck Trahearne down and ended Mordremoth permanently at the expense of the marshal's life.

After their return from the Heart of Maguuma, Pact soldiers set up a memorial statue for Trahearne near the entrance of the Grove. Valiant Ridhais , who had seen a vision of Caladbolg in her Dream, sought out the Pact Commander in hopes of using the Commander's help to restore the broken blade. During the quest, the Commander encountered a vision of Trahearne in Caladbolg's Dream in the canopy of Verdant Brink. The spirit of the marshal tested the Commander's worth in battle, thanked them for finishing Mordremoth and entrusted them to take up Caladbolg and protect Tyria.

After dying in the rogue god Balthazar 's ambush in AE , the Pact Commander's soul appeared in the Domain of the Lost where all spirits which experience sudden, violent deaths end up in. While recovering their name and remembering their purpose to be properly judged , the Commander was subjected to fragmented visions of past deeds, during which Trahearne's memory was briefly visible.

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