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Family Stereotypes

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Family Guy Stereotypes

Hispanic domestics are a sample of depictions of American families. One example is the comedy show that a lot of people watch a lot, Family Guy. Family Guy is a show based on a white family with different skills and a way of speaking about others and making fun of their cultures or ethnicities. An example of the picture above shows G. He spoke with a Hispanic accent. Other physical features such as his body shape making the character look fat, and also have a moustache with long sideburns, also a black hairy belly and black hairy arms and last making them have one skin color too.

According to Aristotle, the family is the first step towards state formation. Now it has only one role: it registers marriages and divorces. No matter how trite it may sound, but in any case, a good beginning is half the battle. Both children and parents should be given the opportunity to study family issues. In controversial situations, every family should have a chance to contact a family psychologist. In conflict situations, various state bodies should be obliged to consider issues objectively, and not to take the side of the person who can pay more.

Do all your family members have equal rights to make decisions? Everyone has equal rights. My husband Valerii is better versed in technology, so choosing a laptop for the eldest son or a tablet for the youngest son is still better to discuss with him. Both mom and dad can go and change tires on our car. It depends on who has free time at the moment. I consider we live with a person not only for his or her good personal characters but rather because we can tolerate his or her shortcomings. It is no longer relevant to distribute household duties this way: women clean up the house while men are breadwinners. Both can work, both can clean up or pay for cleaning company service. Anyway, everything works differently in each family. We have completed all stages of our family formation together: experienced two financial crises, have evolved from an ordinary specialist to a leading manager, from a leading manager to an unskilled worker, worked in public institutions and started a private business.

Finally, we realized that no one owes anyone. Any issue could be discussed and sorted out. Do you have to make them perform their duties or your sons are enthusiastic and eager to offer assistance? Of course, children have their own duties: for example, only men at our place clean our apartment: the youngest son Oleksandr picks up his toys and all things from the floor, my husband and my eldest son Viktor hoover and mop the floors. Everyone works there, even those who do not want to. Since quarantine started, we stayed in the countryside for almost two months. As this lockdown fell on spring months, Viktor dug gardens, cut down old trees, chopped wood, planted potatoes.

He worked in the garden in between breaks in his homework. This year he is graduating from school and has to prepare for External Independent Evaluation. Oleksandr helped to plant new trees, onions, carried firewood. Of course, we did everything together, under the strict guidance of grandma and grandpa, but no one turned work down. This has not always been like this previously. But we had relaxing evenings and cooked on the barbecue. Nobody assigned duties — everyone worked as something had to be done. But no one highlighted that you need to listen to yourself — this is as a component of self-love, acceptance of yourself, self-discovery, stand out from the masses, understanding of your own desires, ability to prioritize. Only knowing and loving yourself for who you are, only if you are honest with yourself, you can respect the feelings of others and love your close ones with sincere honest love.

Imagine that my family blamed me for this, while I could, for instance, fly a plane. Much like the Duphys, the dominant ideology enforced about men having more power is seen in the Prichett family. Not only does Modern Family enforce the hegemony society has adopted about women in the Prichett household, it also further enforces racial stereotypes against Hispanics. Do not get me wrong, I love this show and everything about it. It is hilarious. However, is really does nothing to improve the views of Latinos in the mainstream American ideology.

If anything it further embellishes Latinos. The Prichett-Tuckers have stereotypical masculine and feminine traits because they are a gay couple. However, they take those stereotypical traits and serve them up in various ways that do not allow for either to become a label. For example, Cameron fits the feminine roles better then Mitchell since he is more outgoing and colorful. He is more likely to stand up for what he believes in, and he is also the more athletic of the two and is a better handy man.

Mitchell looks and fits the characteristics of the breadwinner in a family. Yet he is very non-athletic, worries about everything and is very dependent on Cam, characteristics that one would associate with a feminine character. It would have been easy to make each character stereotypically homosexual with no depth in their portrayal. Instead Modern Family did a great job in mixing and matching masculine and feminine traits within the couple.

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