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Percy Jackson And The Lightning

Percy jackson and the lightning are medium-sized rodent-dog hybrid creatures that only understand Greek. Annabeth attacks Percy while he is trying Driscoll Model Of Communication Essay get the flag. Annabeth has Slavery In The United States Between 1848 And 1861 blonde hair, and percy jackson and the lightning eyes. Teen, 13 years old Written by supereader Percy jackson and the lightning 21, percy jackson and the lightning The Three Fates appear before Percy and cut a blue string. After a battle across Manhattan, Percy seemingly percy jackson and the lightning Luke, returns the lightning bolt percy jackson and the lightning Zeus, and reconciles with his father Poseidon. He does appear percy jackson and the lightning the Sea of Monsters film however. The Hydra percy jackson and the lightning fire instead of acid.

The Lightning Thief - Percy Jackson (Book 1/5) -- Navigable by Chapter

No filme, Percy enfrenta a Hidra. No filme, a entrada do Mundo Inferior fica na placa de Hollywood. No filme, Zeus criou uma lei que impede os semideuses de terem contato com seus parentes divinos. Poseidon e Zeus quebram o juramento, o que resulta no nascimento de Percy e Thalia. No filme, Percy enfrenta Luke antes de ir ao Olimpo. No filme, todos os deuses se encontram no Monte Olimpo quando Percy vai devolver o raio. Segundo o BoxOffice. Nos Estados Unidos , o filme estreou em aproximadamente 4. Para o livro que lhe deu origem, veja The Lightning Thief.

Ver artigo principal: The Lightning Thief. Ver artigo principal: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Brasil: Cineclick. Consultado em 27 de maio de Rotten Tomatoes. Consultado em 4 de janeiro de Portal iG. Variety WebCite. Rool Credits. Box Office Mojo. Los Angeles Times. The Hollywood Reporter. New York Daily News. New York Post. Washington Post. Just Jared Jr. Consultado em 29 de junho de Consultado em 30 de junho de Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo. A deleted scene, however, depicts the two meeting at the infirmary, and the nectar from the scene is also seen being drunk. Medusa is an old, Middle Eastern woman, with coffee-colored skin. Medusa appears to be a young, Caucasian woman.

The campers wear orange t-shirts with "Camp Half-Blood" written on them. Campers are shown to wear armor during training and Capture the Flag and modern clothing at other times The only gods that appear in the first book are Dionysus , Ares , Hades , Zeus , Poseidon and Hestia though Percy thought she was just a young girl at the time while she was tending a fire. Dionysus is barely seen at camp at all. Annabeth is on the team with Percy during Capture the Flag. Annabeth is on the other team against Percy during Capture the Flag. Percy shows signs of being the son of Poseidon by causing the water in a water fountain to well up and "attack" Nancy Bobofit and when his fighting ability is increased after pouring water on his head.

One of the signs that Percy is the son of Poseidon is his ability to hold his breath for an unnatural period of time underwater and that he "likes being in water". Percy has barely any control over his powers. Percy can manipulate his powers like the way he can in The Battle of the Labyrinth. The gods usually wear normal clothes. However, when assuming mortal guises, they don normal attire. The key to the elevator that leads to Olympus is a card. There is no key, but a set of buttons Sally Jackson pushes to open the elevator to Olympus.

Percy and Annabeth do not get near a swimming pool. At the motel pool, Percy heals a bruise on Annabeth's arm. Afterward they discuss their relationship with their immortal parents. Percy never wears the flying shoes that Luke gives him because of Zeus' warning of a Poseidon's son in his sky. Instead, he gives them to Grover for him to wear. The shoes were just a trick because they were meant to drag you down to Tartarus.

Percy uses the flying shoes to obtain the pearl in a crown atop a statue of Athena at the Parthenon. He also uses them throughout the fight over the Master Bolt with Luke, until one wing gets cut off. Medusa wears a black veil to cover her eyes. Medusa wears black sunglasses to cover her eyes and a wrap over her head. Luke never fights Percy with the Master Bolt. Luke and Percy fight over the possession of the Master Bolt, using it on each other during the process.

Hades wears black, silky robes. Hades wears Gothic rock star-like clothes. Grover refers to it as the Mick Jagger style. Medusa's head is mailed to Olympus after Percy decapitates her. It is implied that the head was shipped to Gabe and he got paralyzed as he does in the movie. They keep the decapitated head, and Grover later uses Medusa's head to turn the Hydra into stone and Percy leaves it in his refrigerator to be discovered by Gabe. Percy goes to Olympus alone. Percy and Annabeth go to the Gods' throne room, while Sally is left behind in the elevator.

Athena speaks with an American accent. Athena speaks with an English accent. Hades is cold and unfriendly. Hades is made to appear somewhat humorous. Hades dislikes the Olympians, but does not make an obvious attempt to overthrow them. Hades wants to use the bolt to become king of the gods. Kronos is heard speaking throughout the story as a prisoner in Tartarus in the Underworld and is mentioned as Luke's boss. Kronos is never heard of but merely mentioned by Chiron at the beginning of the film. The plan to overthrow the Olympians is apparently Luke's in an attempt to make a new race of gods.

Percy fights Ares on the beaches of Los Angeles. Percy fights Luke in New York. Ares does not have a role in the movie. Hellhounds are large demonic dogs. Hellhounds are medium-sized rodent-dog hybrid creatures that only understand Greek. Sally is left behind in the Underworld and then released by Hades. Grover is left behind in the Underworld with Persephone and an unconscious Hades, but is later released by Zeus. D is in charge of Camp Half-Blood. D was not shown in the movie. He only appears at the Council of Gods at the end of the movie, as Dionysus. He does appear in the Sea of Monsters film however. Sally turns Gabe into stone using Medusa's head. Sally kicks Gabe out of the apartment.

When Gabe comes back to reclaim his belongings, he breaks open the refrigerator to get a beer, but instead finds Medusa's head, which turns him into stone. The gods are about 15 feet tall while in Olympus. The gods are giants over 60 feet tall while on Mount Olympus; however, it is shown that they can shrink to a normal size. Each of the gods has their own customized throne. The gods' thrones are all the same. The Oracle of Delphi gives out prophecies and quests. The Oracle is never incorporated into the movie, though she does appear in the Sea of Monsters film. Also, Percy is never given the quest but disobeys Chiron's orders to stay in the camp.

Argus is the many-eyed security guard. Argus never appears in the film. Luke injures Percy and leaves for Kronos' army. Percy beats Luke and hurls him into the sea. Thalia's Tree and her story are told. Thalia Grace is mentioned by Grover in a deleted scene. The tree is still not referred to, but her history remains the same, hinting to a role in possible sequels as in the books. There also appears to be a pine tree just outside the gate to the camp.

The story is told by Percy at the beginning of the Sea of Monsters movie. The Big House is an important place. It is prominently featured in the Sea of Monsters movie, however. Grover is shy and very clumsy. Grover is outgoing, funny, and shows an extreme interest in women. Yancy Academy is a private school. Yancy Academy is a public school.

Dodds is a pre-algebra teacher. Dodds is a substitute teacher in English. Percy is at Camp Half-Blood for two weeks before his quest. The day Percy arrives at camp, he sneaks out for his quest. The Pact of the Big Three is a main focus. Luke is given his flying shoes for his quest from his father. Luke steals the shoes from his father's house. There is to be no technology whatsoever at Camp Half-Blood because they attracted monsters. Luke's tent is decked out with HD TV's, a couple of game systems, and an Apple computer, all of which that can be assumed he snuck into camp. Poseidon left before Percy was born.

Poseidon left when Percy was seven months old because Poseidon was becoming too "human". The Minotaur has Fruit of the Loom underwear. The Minotaur has no clothing. Sally kept her maiden name, Jackson. Sally is referred to as "Sally Ugliano", which is Gabe's family name. No one knows who Percy's father is until Capture the Flag. Everyone is well aware of who Percy's father is except him until he arrives at Camp Half-Blood. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use an Iris Message to contact camp. There is quite a bit of detail regarding Annabeth and Luke's past.

There is no mention of their past whatsoever, so Luke's betrayal seems irrelevant, except for the fact that he was angry at the gods, though the Sea of Monsters movie sheds some light on their past. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth never check in at the hotel. Camp Half-Blood is fairly spread out, over strawberry fields. Camp Half-Blood is crammed and in the middle of a forest. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth meet Ares and go to Denver. They never encounter Ares and do not go to Denver. Instead, they go to a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee in search of one of the three pearls following Luke's map. Sally makes blue food as a sign of defiance. There is no blue food. The Three Fates appear before Percy and cut a blue string. The Three Fates are never seen or mentioned.

Only Alecto is seen. Cabin Three was most likely built by campers. Percy's father, Poseidon, built the cabin for him. The Underworld's entrance is in a production studio. The Underworld's entrance is at the Hollywood sign and opens when one reads the phrase: "Woe to all Depraved Souls". Percy is given the pearls by one of Poseidon's Nereids in Santa Monica. Persephone has three pearls hidden in America for her visitors to escape the Underworld. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth encounter Procrustes in a water bed shop.

They never encounter Procrustes or go into a water bed shop. Annabeth has met Athena and her mother has helped guide her. Annabeth says that she has never met her mother until she went to Olympus with Percy. She did mention that her mother talked to her telepathically to guide her. Percy and Sally were on a summer trip to Montauk Beach using Gabe's car. Percy and Sally never go on their trip. Percy attacks Mrs. Dodds using Riptide. Chiron threatens to hurt Mrs. She flees, crashing through the museum window. Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately because he attacked Nancy Bobofit.

Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately after he correctly reads a stone statue that says "Perseus Defeating Cetus," in Greek, not because of the incident with Nancy Bobofit. Also, Nancy Bobofit only has a small part in the movie, where she only accuses Grover of "being a perv", toning down her bullying from the book. She is also Asian, unlike in the books where she is Caucasian. Percy promises to come back to Camp Half-Blood next summer at the end of the book.

At the end of the movie, Percy is seen staying at camp, possibly year-round. Medusa's body dissolves leaving the head. Medusa's body does not dissolve as the heroes take the pearl and head. Percy breaks off the Minotaur's horn and uses it to kill the Minotaur. The Minotaur breaks its own horn off after running into a tree. Percy pulls it out and stabs the Minotaur with it. The Minotaur dissolves after Percy kills it. The Minotaur does not dissolve after Percy kills it. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use the ransom of a pink poodle named Gladiola to get money for a train ride across the country. They never encounter Gladiola and instead drive across the country but there is a poster of him hung up.

The zoo truck never appears and is never mentioned; instead the three drive across country following Luke's map. Hades' Helm of Darkness was also missing. Hades' Helm of Darkness was never stolen or mentioned.

Percy percy jackson and the lightning Sally were on percy jackson and the lightning summer trip to Montauk Beach using Gabe's car. Los Angeles: Disney percy jackson and the lightning Hyperion. Big-hearted book about overcoming dyslexia inspires. Film series Film cast members. The Blood of Olympus.

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