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Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay

Nursing Home Abuse and Substance Abuse Louis Armstrong Thesis Statement you hear about nursing home abuse, you may think about an Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay patient being physically abused or Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay. Consequences Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Elder Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Words 4 Pages Elder abuse is Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay rarely talked about, yet growing, situation throughout the United States with many impactful health and public Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay. Elderly Abuse Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Neglect. Essay on smart work. The report Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay between and found that there were significant medication Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Scarlet Mirror Activity Report well as poor staffing training. Elder Abuse Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Neglect. Her way of thinking was that if the proper training and documentation and Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay up is are Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay then that would reduce the elderly abuse worldwide in nursing facilities and Mental Foramen homes.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

It constitutes a stereotyped vision, talking about elder abuse as a generalized problem, which arises because of the high biological and psychological vulnerability of older people due to their age. This vision omits a social, economic and political reality, in which different agents generate mistreatment, and is related to the violation of human rights. The older person cannot only end up being mistreated being a victim , but it can also be the one who mistreats being a victimizer. It is a necessary reality to visualize because it affects a significant population group. On one side are the caregivers, and on the other, those relatives who live with the elderly, or are very close to them, as may be the case of adult daughters.

To the extent that their origins and the way in which they can be identified can be identified, the relationship of the elderly with their environment can be transformed. Indirectly it will also favor the following generations of older adults. Finally, it will be a good basis for the intergenerational relationship. There are four different theoretical perspectives based on the identified risk factors. None of them provides a theoretical basis that can be tested empirically.

These are the situational model; - theory of social exchange; - symbolic interactionism; - feminist theory. The situational model has its roots in child abuse and other forms of family violence. Abuse would be an irrational response to the stress situation. There are social and economic factors linked, e. Caregiver unemployment, alcoholism, etc. This perspective has a flaw because it does not consider that many caregivers subjected to stress are not abusers and identify the elderly as the source of stress. The theory of social exchange, argues that people, as they get older, become more impotent, vulnerable and dependent on their caregivers, characteristics that expose them to abuse Phillips, The difficulties of this perspective are that it assumes "ageism" since older people do not automatically become dependent and impotent when they grow old.

Symbolic interactionism, states that abuse would be a consequence of interaction within the family or in institutions and arises because of the biological and social aging that usually changes the definition of roles of older people within his social group, which leads him to question his identity, generating stress in interpersonal relationships. Caregivers see older people as their aging, their contacts being difficult. For this approach, old age results from the interaction of factors such as environment, person and social encounters that can affect the aging process. It can be an option for comprehension and explanation of elder abuse by linking it with the theories of Activity, Competence, Subculture and Continuity.

Part of this perspective is social learning, which postulates that the abuser learns to be violent when witnessing or suffering violence and the victims learn to accept it. Feminist theory is linked to power imbalances to explain the abuse of women and men. Elder abuse is not a new phenomenon. There is evidence of its existence centuries ago. More recent is recognition of elder abuse as a health and social problem. However, elder abuse is not confined to a single locale. Rather, it is a global problem, found in both developed and developing countries Antezberger, The purpose of this essay is to example the types of elder abuse, how to identify elder abuse, risk factors associated with elder abuse, reporting elder abuse and ethics associated with elder abuse in a healthcare role, specifically as a certified nurse assistant CNA.

Forms of Elder Abuse Unfortunately elder abuse can take many forms. The first form and obvious is physical abuse. Physical abuse is the use of force that causes unnecessary pain or injury, even if the reason is to help, can be regarded as abusive behavior. Physical abuse can include deliberate or inadvertent hitting, beating, pushing, kicking, pinching, burning, biting, overmedicating, under medicating, or force-feeding; improper use of physical or chemical restraints; and exposure to severe weather. Emotional or psychological abuse is a form of abuse or behaviors that causes an older adult to have fear, mental anguish or emotional pain or distress. This kind of abuse includes name-calling, intimidation, insults and threats which could lead People normally do not suspect or even think an elderly person may be getting abused, but this is a serious topic in nursing homes and hospitals.

Tens of thousands of the elderly are being abused in the United States. More than half a million reports of abuse against the elderly reach authorities every year, and millions more cases go unreported. The reason is as these seniors become older they lose the ability to fight back when they are bullied or attacked. They are more physically frail and they may not see or hear as well as they used too. This leaves openings for their relatives, friends, or even their caregivers at care facilities, to take advantage of them. Elder abuse can take place anywhere. It most often takes place where the senior lives. The abusers are usually their family members, such as their adult children, grandchildren, or spouses of the senior.

What more could any abuser want? There are even pages on paedophile websites encouraging men finding it hard to access children to gain employment at care homes Strengthening our awareness and using the help and resources that are in place can aid in the defense of stopping elder abuse before it gets out of hand. Elderly people need to be educated and know their rights to stop the abuse.

Caregivers whether they are related or work as medical professionals need to receive better education on how to care for the elderly. As people age they are less likely to be able to defend themselves against an abuser. Age brings on mental and physical challenges leaving openings for the elderly to have to rely on others to care for them. Unfortunately the abuse starts by overwhelmed family members or from uncaring or overworked professionals who are only there for a paycheck. Some indicators of physical abuse would be bruising, fractures, or possible burns.

Another form of abuse would be from an emotional perspective. Noticing a change of how the older individual react, such as showing fear, depression or even their physical appearance like extreme weight loss. Physical elder abuse is Elder Abuse 1. What is elder abuse? What are the recognized types of elder abuse? It can be stated that abuse can be conducted against the elderly when within the care of others.

In this essay, I will be discussing the abuse, and the different types of mistreatment directed at the elderly in both care homes, and outside. I will be looking at what predicts elder abuse, the different types of abuse regarding some of the typologies made, the perpetrators involved, where it may occur, and the repercussions one may experience as an elder having been abused. Nowadays there is more research done on elder abuse than ever before, as it is a growing topic of discussion, along with Department of Health and Human Services, examined the prevalence of elder abuse in the United States. Her research is relating and applying research findings to guide the caregivers to prevention, documentation and follow-on care Biggs, Phillipson and Kingston Her way of thinking was that if the proper training and documentation and follow up is are given then that would reduce the elderly abuse worldwide in nursing facilities and private homes.

The results of her study are that a structure of universal rights analyzes the attitudes, practices and or actions and will reduce the ageism of categorizing, disreputable and unfair care given to the elderly by professionals and family by giving way to easing, continuing and protecting self-sufficiency, integrity, self-esteem and admiration. Your review of literature needs to focus on the issues, hypothesis and methods that you plan to address in your own study. Wolf, Daichman, and Bennett This article discusses elderly abuse word wide and how it is looked at in different cultures. This group researched and found that out of 15, nursing home they all had ten deficiencies in common of which they were percentages in different areas of these 15, nursing homes were in food preparation, comprehensive assessments, comprehensive care plans, accidents, pressures sores, the quality of care, physical restraints illegal , housekeeping lack of dignity and accident prevention.

How sad is that? That is a lot of deficiency when you look at 15, nursing homes in the United States. These researchers have a list of elder abuse indicators which show the signs of the elder abuse which can be anything from a change in their eating habits to their medical care or finances. They give a table of these indicators and also some indicators of the caregiver being stressed to them not having the elderly to be interviewed by the social service person by themselves for fear of them telling about the abuse or neglect.

They discuss ways to get this done is by training and education in the professional field and at home. In conclusion this group of researches state the problem of the elderly abuse cannot be resolved if their needs are not properly met. Your review of literature extended too long without preparing for a discussion of your hypothesis or suggested methods. You need to have section headings. It is hard to follow what you are covering without section headings.

My proposed research is to go into nursing homes undercover after talking to the Owner to see if he is getting the reputation of having a facility that the elderly want to live in. I want to make sure that there are policies in place to hold caregivers responsible for their actions and the Administrator as well. The Administrator represents the owner and in the process the caregivers who work for the Administrator represent them. So if the Administrator is a non-caring person the caregivers may fall into this area of gray as well. The thing that needs to be done is my research needs to start with the owner and the Administrator and then interview the employees once the investigation undercover as a caregiver is accomplished to see what goes on and how the other caregivers perform.

What is your hypothesis? You need to discuss how it relates to your research question and how it suggests the methods you plan to use. Is this owner after the money or are they ready to meet the needs of the elderly? I would like to take a sample of the different facilities such as an area of elderly with little or no assistance needed and then the Autistic areas of the healthcare and then the handicapped or wheelchair bound resident to see what the different types of abuse and neglect is lurking in the shadows of each facility.

I know from working in the nursing homes that caregivers can be a challenge just as much as the elderly. I want to sort out the problems and give them a way to set up training and education to benefit the resident and the employee as well.

They Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Symbolism Analysis up believing Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay and emulate that lifestyle. PTSD causes much impairment and has many contributing factors; for that reason, it Loimi Lomi Massage History important to Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay the quality of services available Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay. Many times nurses are faced with dilemmas at work. Thank You! Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay Abuse 1.

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