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Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me

Alexie, Sherman Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me 11, China Culture Analysis Thompson Martin Bernal Michelle T. This article was very Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me provoking Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me me. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This suggests that he saw himself in Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me and that he, too, could overcome his battles, such as the Indian stereotypes that label him. It showed how Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me he was and how he Huckleberry Finn Ending Analysis refused to give up. Retrieved June 21,

The Joy Of Reading: Superman and Me

Much like that rest of his essay, he continues the use of repetition to emphasize the separation between himself and the other Indians. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky.. Although the second type fits into the Indian stereotype, Alexie refuses to let that define them. Home Contact US. Superman and Me. March 4, Poems. Best services for writing your paper according to Trustpilot. Premium Partner. This anecdote evokes sympathy and amazement from the reader. These emotions are inspired by the anecdote because he becomes successful despite his depressing situation. He does not have any of the educational resources that white children have when they are learning to read, but he uses his minimal resources and becomes a successful writer.

His depressing situation causes people to feel sympathy for him. The irony in the fact that he used a comic book to learn how to read and then he became a successful writer amazes the reader and the reader develops a deeper respect for him. Alexie's effective use of anecdotes inspires me to use them in my own writing. I would use them to supplement my writing in the same way that Alexie does; I would use them if I wanted to connect with my reader and evoke certain emotions from them. Anecdotes are a very simple, efficient way to elicit a variety emotions from your audience.

I was arrogant. I was lucky. I was trying to save my life. Later in the story he goes to a Native American reservation and attempts to make a breakthrough with the students. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives. Alexie's use of repetition effectively shows the recurring theme of his desire for success. Alexie introduces and reintroduces this phrase at very two critical moments in the story. I think that he placed the phrase correctly at two points in the story because both points in the story discuss the same central idea of succeeding and Alexie's motivation for success. The difference, however, is that at the first point in the story Alexie is talking about success in his own life.

At the second point in the story Alexie is talking about success in the lives of the Native American children. I would use repetition in my writing. I would only use it, however, if there was a recurring theme that needed to be connected throughout the story. As a reader, this repetition clearly shows the connection between the two points in the story. Alexie's repetition also evokes emotion from the reader. The reader becomes immediately interested in Alexie's life and they see to see him succeed. When Alexie uses the same phrase that he used to relate to his life to talk about the Native American children the reader feels that same desire for them to succeed that they felt for Alexie.

In "Superman and Me", Sherman Alexie uses personal anecdotes and repetition as two very strong writing tools. His use of each leaves a lasting impact on his audience. Both writing tools are very different in nature but, Alexie uses them to create similar responses from his audience. Personal anecdotes and repetition can be used to evoke emotions from his audience.

The fact that Alexie uses both Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me tools to Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me this shows the impact he wanted to leave on his audience. College level writing. He has never given up on me and henceforth encouraged me to An Analysis Of Disneys Blockbuster Maleficent Comparing Sherman Alexies Superman And Me good prototypical the maids playwright

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