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But funny. Can your homeschool high schoolers Long Layered Haircut For Women Essay a person using great Long Layered Haircut For Women Essay as in theDescribing people. Modern Music: The Sexualized Nature Of Music ideas on the I. Read more So here it is again, may it stick around this time! They play to win. Antifa street bowling. Snape is a Urban Outfitters Case Study teacher Long Layered Haircut For Women Essay an even worse human being.


Willkommen Auf Dem Oktoberfest! Kxa7 Kc8 6. Ka8 Kd8 8. Kb8 Ke8 9. Kc7 Ke7 Bc8 Ke8 Be6 Ke8 Kc7 6. Kxa7 Kd8 7. Kb8 Ke8 8. Kc7 Ke7 9. Kf8 Kxa7 Ke7 7. Kb8 Kd8 8. Bc8 Ke8 9. Bxd7 Kf7 Kxd6 and wins. Note: that cryptic line of letters and numbers you see underneath each board diagram is a representation of the position in what is known as "Forsyth-Edwards Notation", or F. It's actually readable by humans. Most computer applications nowadays can read FEN, so those of you who may want to study the position, you can copy the line of FEN and paste into your chess app and it should automatically recreate the position on its display board.

Or, Windows users can just "triple click" on it and the entire line will be highlighted so you can copy and paste it into your chess app. So that about wraps it up for this week. Chess thread tips, suggestions, bribes, rumors, threats, and insults may be sent to my yahoo address: OregonMuse little-a-in-a-circle yahoo dott com. Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread.

Kick back and relax and enjoy the world of animals. Nature can be very cruel. Moar cat material. We recently returned from a week-long, five state road trip with these guys. They love the road. Also, a recent portrait of Beorn. The portrait of Beorn was produced by Steve. I hope you check out Topdog's website. This Moron does outstanding art work. Here are some photos of my 14 year old cat Peter also known as Trouble or my animate Halloween decoration. He has led a very dramatic life. He made the TV news when he survived being shot between the eyes with an arrow by an evil neighbor. The vet removed the arrow and Peter was fine except for an enlarged iris as you can see in the photo.

He befriends squirrels and plays with them in the yard. Two operations, three weeks in the Kitty ICU and many thousands of dollars later, Peter was home, taking a sunbath at the front door when his squirrel friend stopped by to see where Peter had been. You smell funny. He terrorizes the chihuahua I dog-sit by pretending to give her a kiss, but instead smacks her with his big paw. Thank you, Barbara. Well it certainly sounds as if Peter has 9 lives and has used at least two of them.

He's in good hands with you Barbara. We certainly can tell he is well loved. Thanks for sharing today. I wish you would have submitted a photo of the 18 pound trooper that did this to your wood pile. Hope you are around today and add some more information in the comments. Our newest addition to Shep's is Charlie a 10 year old husky lab mix. He's a big guy at pounds and needs to lose weight! He's on thyroid medicine and pain pills for his joints. He's super mellow and loveable! When he runs he runs like a bear! We love him! It sounds like you have your hands full with Charlie. Good luck with his weight loss and finding a new forever home for him. A couple pictures of my cat Oblio; she's been feature before. She was my daughter's cat - until a job change - more travel - required a new home.

I've always been a dog person, but the little fuzzface wormed her way into my heart to become the sweetest, prettiest, most spoiled cat in the world. During the night, she takes the overwatch to guard me while I sleep. She wakes me promptly at 6AM for breakfast. Several years ago she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Always fatal, no cure, all you can do is delay the inevitable. I will do what is necessary to give her as good a quality of live for as long as possible before sending her over the Rainbow Bridge.

Treatment has been working: stable kidney function for now. She still acts like a goofy kitten occasionally. Regards, Butch. Oh my, I can see how this little cuttie wiggled her way into your heart. Best wishes on fighting off the kidney disease. We appreciate your contribution today. Thanks to you all who submitted links or pet stories. Hi, everybody! It rained a little on the fires in the mountains near us yesterday! Some of the Giant Sequoias were lost, but not the really, really big ones, some of which were wrapped in foil. But first, it will have to become one of these:. Amazingly, in preparation for diapause, the egg, caterpillar larva , chrysalis pupa , or adult butterfly actually starts producing a form of internal antifreeze to prevent damage from freezing weather during the winter.

Some of the butterfly species that overwinter as a chrysalis pupa include but are not limited to the Swallowtails as well Checkered White, Mustard White, Orange Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur, Elfins, and some Skippers. There are more interesting details on butterflies in winter here:. All butterflies develop from egg to larva caterpillar to pupa chrysalis and finally to the winged adult that we see fluttering around. Each species has evolved a strategy that allows it to successfully survive the winter in one of these four life stages. For example, swallowtails pass the winter in the pupal stage, like the black swallowtail I found on the porch. Skippers - quick little butterflies whose identification can challenge even avid butterfly enthusiasts - spend the winter as caterpillars.

The beautiful little coppers and blues remain as eggs through the winter. Monarchs glide to more hospitable temperatures in the south. And some, like the mourning cloak, hunker down and spend the winter as adults. Most temperate-zone butterflies survive the deep snows and frigid temperatures of New England in a stage called winter diapause, in which metabolic and respiratory rates are low and slow. The cold itself is not a direct hazard to the butterflies - rather, it's the formation of ice crystals in body tissue that can quickly be lethal. To keep from freezing, butterflies reduce the amount of water in their blood by as much as 30 percent and then thicken it with glycerol, sorbitol, or other antifreeze agents.

Mourning cloaks can withstand temperatures down to minus 80 degrees F, but only if they have time to produce these antifreeze agents. If you put a mourning cloak in the freezer on a warm summer day, it will quickly die because it lacks any antifreeze. The rose seems to bloom in early June, shut down for a couple of months, then give a second effort in mid-September. I know nothing about tending roses. I've hacked it down at random seasons over the years, thought I killed it a couple of time, but it carries on. I should keep track of when and why, but I don't. This is my backyard in Providence RI. I don't grow much, but have about a half dozen different bushes which I enjoy messing with.

Tough little bugger to survive this long with me. Any identification and care tips would be appreciated. The third year, and ever since, has grown like wildfire. I cut it back to 4 - 5 feet, and it tops out at about twelve. The bees and butterflies love it, and it reminds me of the wife every time I see it. What a great story. It has overcome its early hardships. Your wife did a good thing. Perhaps while drunk. And here's a piece on 48 hours of medieval agriculture. We spent the morning doing farm work. It's all included in the "become a real medieval farmer" tourist pack. It's an experience that makes the posh girls go crazy and spend the days looking for Urban Outfitters labels on bats hanging from the room's ceiling.

But it all seemed pretty lame to me. And quite puzzling from what the locals tell me. The farmers here don't understand how someone would leave an office in the big city, and travel hundreds of miles to dress up like a bush and spend the day in the sun plowing and without water. Even the farmers themselves have water and cold beer in the fridge, their tractors have more technology packed into them than many NASA rockets have, and have subsequently rid themselves of almost all work that might make one sweat.

Include the nic by which you wish to be known when you comment at AoSHQ, unless you want to remain a lurker. I have been pretty riled up by the Biden Administration's actions to tar parents who get a little heated at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists". I think that part of the game plan around the DOJ letter is to rile people up.

OK, so is it important to try to maintain some equanimity, or is it better to just go ahead and get riled up? I have started to see videos of parents yelling at other parents over masking, etc. I think this is one of the more egregious examples. Kids expected to describe to their teachers and classmates personal sexual experiences plus fantasies about group sex, killing people and being serial killers.

Gotta send the FBI after these parents for getting riled up about their kids being groomed for exploitation. Teacher's unions say that politicians who defend such parents are defending violence against teachers and school boards. In a few years, these same students are expected to be so fragile that they will demand the resignation of a music professor who lived through the cultural revolution for showing a video of Sir Lawrence Olivier playing Othello in, you know, dark makeup. On the other hand, younger kids seeing Justin Trudeau in blackface are expected only to notice his tongue.

I like this kind of thing, too. Some of the "blue checks" are reverting to the argument that Critical Race Theory is only taught in graduate school. Those idiot parents at school board meetings demanding that it be banned have no idea what it is:. I really appreciate the scholarly references included in the footnote to the meme. These definitions of violence may also be pertinent to academic attitudes toward challenges by parents. Victor Davis Hanson shows why with one of his periodic responses to an Angry Reader:. The angry reader: American women of every age would like old white men like you, Trump, Alito and more, to take your worn out dirty boots off of our necks! Your high opinion of Trump, a congenital liar, a narcissist, a fraud and a sociopathic misogynist says all we need to know about you.

I began voting Republican in and did so for 47 years, until Trump! I have, along with millions, left the Party. Yes indeed, I am "woke. You are too blind, too old and too clueless to even realize how absurd you are. Of course, that is my opinion. January 6 was at the invitation of a childish, Autocratic, poorly educated buffoon who thought "I can do anything I want. Enjoy your sick legacy. You predicate your anger entirely on a vote for one of two candidates? If we were all to do that, we would have to write off 80 million Americans. Instead, why not just compare the Trump years with the first 9 months of the Biden administration, and then make a determination of what constitutes foolishness?

Is the border more humane and secure? Is Afghanistan better off? The U. Is the economy stronger, the labor force more productive, prices more manageable? Are we better off energy wise, and fuel more affordable for the American consumer? Did we finally find evidence to prove Russian collusion, that Hunter Biden's laptop was a product of Russian "disinformation," or that January 6 was an armed insurrection? As noted here this week, first in J. But the UK missed an opportunity here to issue a similar award:. Zuby is currently visiting the USA. You could check out his Twitter feed if you still do Twitter. Last seen in Nashville. He likes it better than those lefty cities. He also likes Texas. Here was another opportunity missed by gender warriors, way back in Halloween is coming.

Maybe these guys could perform for that somber, yet intense, gathering you have planned. Libertango, a Tango Nuevo which includes elements of jazz and classical music , seems to be more popular with musicians lately than traditional tangos. But perhaps you are interested in something with a little less social and emotional distancing:. For Labor and those on the political left, there is huge political danger in all of this. If it works, Labor is sunk. Tech News Hydrogen's moment is here at last. The Economist Not. None of the problems with storing and transporting hydrogen in bulk have been solved.

It's a lousy fuel. Hydrogen has its faults, but oil isn't necesarily any safer. The New Yorker The F. O Safer, to be specific, which is a former oil tanker turned fuel store, sitting unpowered and unmaintained just off the coast of Yemen with a million barrels of oil on board. This being Yemen, it may also be surrounded by mines, preventing it from being moved to safety by tug boats. This being Yemen, the person in charge of laying mines in that area is dead, and there aren't any records.

The only question is whether it leaks, causing an ecological disaster for the Red Sea, catches fire, causing an ecological disaster for Yemen, or simply explodes and kills everyone in the area. They can't close the port either, because there isn't another port available. How the. NET Foundation kerfuffle became a brouhaha. Rob Mensching. NET is Microsoft's development platform, or one of them anyway. NET Core has been made open source.

NET Foundation manages that open source project. Apache has released an emergency update for the incomplete fix in the emergency update for the bug they introduced introduced in the recent update. Bleeping Computer Someone's having a bad week. Nijisanji EN Wave 3 - named Ethyria - just launched. But best of luck to them all. Disclaimer: Roboco-san, nooo!!!! I'm on vacation tonight and this weekend, Gowin downy oshun, hun in this case, the gulf.

October on the Texas gulf coast is like San Diego without all the liberal weirdos. Big Jim, former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is outfitted with various whips, chains and a sexual appetite that will knock your socks off. Big Jim has satisfied women throughout the world, and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln! Lost child. An attempt was made pic. It's always amusing to see historically illiterate gay kids who are marching around, all in for communism. It's even more amusing when they want to cozy up to the Islam.

Personally, I'm all for giving them what they want. I'm all for a program to send them over there, free of charge. It's time they got a chance to spread their wings and fly free. He's a uniter, not a divider. Horrifying drive-by in India pic. I went to the East Texas State Fair last week. Question: Are there state fairs happening where you live, or have they been canceled? History doesn't repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. Friday night joke. On target, fire for effect. Nobody with just a knife can take me Reality: pic. Good kid. When you see it Raggy we are rinking! A more innocent time. Hidey hole pic. The way Ted Cruz has adopted the whole Zodiac Killer thing is endlessly amusing.

White Libs in a nutshell. White Libs in a nutshell, part II. Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away pic. Biology -- right on the thin line between "cute" and "disgusting. Dog is interested in a statute. Look where the dog goes to immediately. Squirrel hides its treasure. Cat drinks from a Dixie cup. A friend is someone who tells you when your hair is messed up. A real friend fixes it for you. Sound off annoying music : Another dog trying to follow his friends on TV. Steve Inman says this sad family brawl is over raisins in the salad. I say it's over Kaboom cereal. I know a Kaboom Rage when I see one. The combination of a sugar spike and existential despair can really put people on edge. Dog bites antifa in the soycrapper. Don't get in the way of a man who's been marching the same line for 20 years.

Classic aquatic Ludacris cam. Antifa street bowling. Karina wants to speak to the manager. I hope I can achieve this level of chill Teachers are the real heroes: a continuing series. The scarlet-haired educator approaches the student and corners her against the wall, as seen on two separate videos. At one point, the student argues: 'That's why your breath smells,' prompting giggles from the class. Women are notoriously silent unless and until they've run the numbers. So shut up and listen, stupid man-animal. What the hell did I just watch? I saw this, so now you have to pic. More details in this thread. The photographer himself resented that the US media lied about the reasons for this execution and used it as propaganda.

Now we have an incompetent in his place constantly doing this, or saying it's racist to investigate COVID origins:. Moreover, this argument makes a judgment about the Republican Senate. I think confirmations are decent weather vane about they actually think and operate. So how did the Senate Republicans hold up when we compare the Trump and Biden administrations? I decided to compare appointments and confirmations for top-line positions agency chiefs and secretaries and use a very simple comparison point: were they or were they not passed with supermajorities 67 votes or more or a voice vote?

In both the previous Senate and this one, the margins were tight. They are tighter now. To get a supermajority in either case, it requires a fair number of defections though comparatively few in Senate. So what can we see? There are two ways to look at this reasonably: total, and by office. Trump, as has been exhaustively documented, had a lot of turnover. What do we see? Biden offices with supermajority confirmation: 12 Trump offices with supermajority confirmation: 8. That seems bad, yes? Not to worry, it gets worse. Look at the totals. Every singe Biden supermajority required at least 17 Republican defections - and he got 12 of them.

Any Biden confirmation total exceeding 51 votes required at least some Republican defections - and he got five of them. Biden has only two appointees - HHS and Interior - that were confirmed with 51 or fewer votes. They play to win. But how do the Republicans hold up? In a word: terribly. There were Republican defections votes against confirmation for almost every nominee. If only they treated their own president as well as they treat Biden. And that is the point.

This is who the Republicans are. They fight against their own party routinely and with contemptible predictability while bending over backwards to support the Democrats in droves. Their rare failures to betray - like the recent spending bill - are exclusively to score political points when the outcome is essentially guaranteed regardless. We see the same behavior time and again - Obamacare repeal, the wall, confirmations, budgets, etc. Virtually all of them are traitors who do not deserve their offices. In the wake of Biden refusing to condemn her harassment, Krysten Sinema is refusing to return some of the White House's phone calls. But instead of being gracious about McConnell giving him that breathing room, Schumer was still mad knowing that Democrats are still stuck between a rock and hard place having to make a decision on the debt ceiling in the very near future.

While this did give the Democrats a temporary extension, it didn't give them a Republican vote on a debt suspension which would have enabled them to go up to any number, which was what Schumer wanted. He ripped into the Republicans during his remarks on the vote last night and you could see Manchin flipping out behind him. Manchin later ripped Schumer to reporters, saying his remarks were inappropriate and that that that was not the way to respond to the situation. Now, the word is that Manchin didn't just vent with his facial expressions and to the reporters, as we explained earlier; he also let Schumer have it personally, after his crass and classless remarks.

It's a shame. That's not a good thing that happened today. He made a big mistake. The Biden Administration had prior warning of the coming surge of Haitians at the border -- but chose to do nothing to discourage them from mobbing the border. Biden used his power and influence as president to bully a hospital into letting the wife of one of his cronies cut in line. Alexandria Donkey-Chompers noticed that a couple of economically illiterate people who are barely literate were having a discussion, and said, "Hey, I need attention too!!!

I do not know for certain what is going on here, and I am afraid to google for terms used in this conversation, especially now that the federal government is getting search warrants for people's online searches. I can only guess from context that "little space" is a place where perverts post pics of themselves in baby clothes. Enjoy the insanity via I, Hypocrite:. Note in this next angry note, when he says he's her "daddy," he means "boyfriend" or "husband" or "paying john. If you enjoyed that, this guy did a dramatic reading of the exchange, with full Pervert Mode Voice on lock.

In the meantime, we can start bullying and doxing perverts again. No but seriously, it's time to bully and dox perverts. Boji has become a worldwide sensation. And it's always a treat to meet the golden-furred, floppy-eared pooch while patronizing public transit-- trains, buses and even ferries -- throughout Europe's largest metro area. Municipal officials in Istanbul track the drifting dog's journeys through a microchip, they told Reuters. He knows where to get out," Erol explained, and added, "it's like he has a purpose. Boji's daily treks extend up to 20 miles as he stops through some 29 metro stations, they also said, including one that recently put him on a boat to the Princes' Islands archipelago, southeast of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara.

The name -- Boji -- was bestowed by Metro Istanbul workers, who noted that the hobo hound preferred to ride the middle of a subway carriage, called boji in Turkish. I just got an email from Barack Obama: "Actually, in Indonesian, boji means 'meals on wheels. Boji has to hurry to make this train! Local news report on Istanbul's favorite commuter. Just in time, huh? Investigators with the Case Breakers told Fox News that the group -- led by former FBI agents and retired law enforcement officials -- has identified the infamous killer as Gary Francis Poste, who died in I don't know what the specifics are but I have read about amateur codebreakers -- including Graysmith, the cartoonist from the movie -- who would invent "codebreaking rules" to break Zodiac's codes.

These rules were nonce rules -- not really "rules" at all, just them making up whatever rule was needed to "solve" the cipher. But they weren't. At all. It was just people making up random steps to make a message out of a jumble of letters. They themselves were writing the message by choosing this random rule and now this new random rule to impose a false order on the ciphers. I can't say exactly what happened here, but the notion that by removing the letters of this guy's full name you get an "alternate message" sounds like it could be more of this sort of writing-you-own-message messugas.

A wristwatch with paint splatter thought to have been worn by the killer was recovered at the scene of Bates' murder -- and Poste had painted homes for more than four decades, according to the cold-case squad. In addition, a heel print from a military-style boot at the murder scene matched his and others found at the Zodiac crime scenes, Fox News reported. By the way, that watch left at the murder scene? That was found at the scene of the Bates murder, the one they're claiming is the sixth Zodiac killing. In other words, they're claiming the Zodiac committed a crime no one has confirmed he committed and which the Zodiac did not claim as his own , and then they use a piece of evidence from that scene to claim this Poste guy was the Zodiac.

The picture of this guy at the link does resemble the eyewitness sketches of Zodiac, but Related: a serial killer has been identified in France, and it turns out it was a cop. Francois Verove, 59, admitted he was "Le Grele'" or "The Pockmarked Man" as police closed in on him for crimes including the rape and murder of an year-old in , the French-language paper Le Parisien reported. Verove killed himself Wednesday in the town of Grau-du-Roi with a fatal dose of medication after he had ducked a DNA test that could've linked him to the long-unsolved crimes, Le Parisien said. The girl's body was found stabbed to death in the basement of the apartment building where her family lived, the report said.

DNA linked "The Pockmarked Man" to other crimes, such as a double murder, the murder of year old Karine Leroy and six rapes with victims as young as 11 years old, reports said. On September 30, a British cop was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sarah Everard. He falsely claimed she was breaking covid curfew and arrested her. Then he drove her to a remote location, raped her, murdered her, and burned her body. Feminists in Britain are claiming that this is somehow the fault of "The Patriarchy," as if men were protecting this guy. It is true that women who worked with this guy gave him the nickname "The Rapist" because he gave off an evil, weird vibe and made them uncomfortable.

And yes, that vibe was correct in this case. And I'd say, as a general matter, that I do trust the feelings of people as regards this kind of thing. But this sort of "vibe," while it should be trusted on a personal level, cannot be given the status of legal proof by a government. Are feminists really claiming that if a weird-seeming guy gives women the creeps, he should be fired? Or thrown in jail? Again, I do believe that people's unconscious minds really do pick up on signals and vibes. Or are they really arguing that Feminine Intuition is now legal evidence? This also seems to be avoiding a much more salient issue: When the government has the power to surveil you and interfere with your personal actions and movements at such an intimate scale, and sends out its law enforcement and in Australia, its military to harass and arrest citizens for merely moving around their neighborhoods -- you are creating the perfect hunting ground for psychopaths who have embedded themselves into the police.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by just , in the month, compared with the Dow Jones estimate of ,, the Labor Department reported Friday. If they are allowed to ban viewpoints from YouTube and from GoogleAds, they decide what Americans are allowed to believe, and what we're allowed to vote for. Why it matters: It's one of the most aggressive measures any major tech platform has taken to combat climate change misinformation. Details: Google advertisers and publishers, as well as YouTube creators, will be prohibited from making ad revenue off content that contradicts "well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change," the company's ads team said in a statement.

Ads and monetization will still be allowed to run alongside other climate-related topics, like public debates on climate policy, impacts of climate change, and new research around the issue. Google said it's making these changes in response to frustration from advertisers and content creators about their messages appearing alongside climate denialism. The company says it has consulted with experts, like representatives of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports, to create the policy.

The report found that there is "unequivocal" evidence showing that human emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global warming. The big picture: Internet companies have been under increased pressure from climate activists to do more to address climate change denial on their platforms. Again, given that Google can and should be broken up or sharply limited, and they know this, and the Democrats keep threatening to do exactly that, they constantly permit the Democrat Party to become their de facto "Trust and Safety Council.

Why it matters: Social media platforms have immense reach, and they've come under fire from activists and some lawmakers globally for doing too little to thwart the spread of inaccurate content. Glenn Greenwald notes what many have suggested -- that the current "whistleblower" is another ringer working with Democrats to advance their political goals. Which is not to break up or limit FaceBook or Google, or Twitter , but to merely create a Censorship Board to control them, which in turn will be controlled by the Democrat Party and their Deep State operatives. There is no doubt, at least to me, that Facebook and Google are both grave menaces. Through consolidation, mergers and purchases of any potential competitors, their power far exceeds what is compatible with a healthy democracy.

A bipartisan consensus has emerged on the House Antitrust Committee that these two corporate giants -- along with Amazon and Apple -- are all classic monopolies in violation of long-standing but rarely enforced antitrust laws. Their control over multiple huge platforms that they purchased enables them to punish and even destroy competitors, as we saw when Apple, Google and Amazon united to remove Parler from the internet forty-eight hours after leading Democrats demanded that action, right as Parler became the most-downloaded app in the country, or as Google suppresses Rumble videos in its dominant search feature as punishment for competing with Google's YouTube platform. Facebook and Twitter both suppressed reporting on the authentic documents about Joe Biden's business activities reported by The New York Post just weeks before the election.

These social media giants also united to effectively remove the sitting elected President of the United States from the internet, prompting grave warnings from leaders across the democratic world about how anti-democratic their consolidated censorship power has become. But none of the swooning over this new Facebook heroine nor any of the other media assaults on Facebook have anything remotely to do with a concern over those genuine dangers.

Congress has taken no steps to curb the influence of these Silicon Valley giants because Facebook and Google drown the establishment wings of both parties with enormous amounts of cash and pay well-connected lobbyists who are friends and former colleagues of key lawmakers to use their D. With the exception of a few stalwarts, neither party's ruling wing really has any objection to this monopolistic power as long as it is exercised to advance their own interests. All they do is pay them off with bribe money. And this craving for censorship has been elevated into an even more urgent priority for their corporate media allies, due to the same belief that Facebook helped elect Trump but also because free speech on social media prevents them from maintaining a stranglehold on the flow of information by allowing ordinary, uncredentialed serfs to challenge, question and dispute their decrees or build a large audience that they cannot control.

Destroying alternatives to their failing platforms is thus a means of self-preservation: realizing that they cannot convince audiences to trust their work or pay attention to it, they seek instead to create captive audiences by destroying or at least controlling any competitors to their pieties. As I have been reporting for more than a year, Democrats do not make any secret of their intent to co-opt Silicon Valley power to police political discourse and silence their enemies. Congressional Democrats have summoned the CEO's of Google, Facebook and Twitter four times in the last year to demand they censor more political speech.

At the last Congressional inquisition in March, one Democrat after the next explicitly threatened the companies with legal and regulatory reprisals if they did not immediately start censoring more. When Facebook, Google, Twitter and other Silicon Valley social media companies were created, they did not set out to become the nation's discourse police. Indeed, they affirmatively wanted not to do that. Their desire to avoid that role was due in part to the prevailing libertarian ideology of a free internet in that sub-culture.

But it was also due to self-interest: the last thing social media companies wanted to be doing is looking for ways to remove and block people from using their product and, worse, inserting themselves into the middle of inflammatory political controversies. Corporations seek to avoid angering potential customers and users over political stances, not courting that anger. This censorship role was not one they so much sought as one that was foisted on them. It was not really until the election, when Democrats were obsessed with blaming social media giants and pretty much everyone else except themselves for their humiliating defeat, that pressure began escalating on these executives to start deleting content liberals deemed dangerous or false and banning their adversaries from using the platforms at all.

As I've argued, it is these illegal monopolies' status as illegal monopolies that makes them so easily threatened to act as the Digital Gestapo of the Democrat Party. They must be made legal -- with appropriate restrictions -- or else they will continue to censor conservatives as an offering to the Democrat Party to not take action against then. For God's sake, they've collectively decided the former President of the United States, and possibly the next President of the United States , is not permitted to communicate with the American people via supposed "social" media.

And of course the Establishment Plutocrat wing of the GOP makes up excuses as to why this is good and fine, because, in this one case, the tech monopolies are advancing their political interests by deciding who and who cannot run for President of the United States of America. Let's Go Brandon was proud that his authoritarian fascist diktats succeeded in cowing some of the public:. Totalitarian Coercion works. This guy points out that when you fire all the unvaccinated people, the percentage of vaccinated people will necessarily rise, even though your workforce shrinks:.

When the producers ask brianstelter what he wants to talk about on his show. Then the Fake President spread Deadly Medical Misinformation -- which you'd get banned from social media for, but which leftists are allowed to spread with impunity -- claiming, completely falsely, that the vaccinated cannot spread the virus. This just keeps getting more embarrassing. If not, why not? I don't understand this, but former Trump advisor Steven Miller says they do this so that the mental invalid can read his script directly off a monitor:. As proof for his need of a monitor displaying the words his puppetmasters have told him to need, here's Biden degenerating into incoherent sundowner gibberish when he doesn't have a teleprompter handy:.

So, Joe Biden's speech went well. Biden's cognitive capacity had already been a bus crash, but now it has further deteriorated to the level of not merely a bus crash, but a bus full of circus clowns crashing into a school for blind children and even worse the clowns were doing their "Gasoline Comedy" act that day and now all the blind children are on fire and the clowns are trying to squirt water on them with their stupid lapel-flowers but the flowers are just squirting out more gasoline and the children are crying tears of fire out of their Unseeing Dead Eyes and holy shit a couple of the clowns look like they have boners and they're chasing around the fiery blind children trying to rub up on them with these bobbling clown-boners with big red bulbs on their tips.

Thanks to ShainS. Unauthorized Freedom Exhibitor for reminding me of that. I hereby repurpose it as having always been about Joe Biden's dead brain. OK, so it's not like prescribing ivermectin for Covid is some new thing that's completely unprecedented, right? It sounds like something that, in any other circumstances, wouldn't cause anyone to even raise an eyebrow over. But, for some reason, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is really, really concerned with the off-label use of Ivermectrin.

To which I say, so what? And we have to ask the question: are we in a pandemic, or not? Because we damn near shut down the entire country and permanently clos thousands of small businesses because of this virus and now suddenly we have to wait years to get approval to use a potentially life-saving drug? Doc : Sorry, you have no right to try things that might keep you alive if I say otherwise. Well, duh. Taking large doses of pretty much any drug can be dangerous.

If I swallow an entire bottle of Tylenol, it might destroy my liver. Why is the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services all of a sudden concerned about this particular drug? So have you brainiacs at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services ever asked yourselves why this should be a problem? Why are people suddenly showing up at farm supply stores and buying up all of the available ivermectin? Why are people passing around dosing charts for the ivermectin paste, and how to use it safely? Why are people driving down to Mexico and buying it over-the-counter and bringing it back to sell or give to their friends and family?

See, right now, due to your ham-handed attempts at suppression, cancelling, and censorship, there's a quite an ivermectin black market that has developed. And you numbskulls helped to create it. See, anytime there's a black market, it means that there's a problem with the actual market. Again, this goes back to my question, are we in a pandemic or not?

It we're in a pandemic, the urgency of the moment suggests we should do a little "outside the box" thinking here and go beyond what the prissy CDC thinks is kosher. If a doctor is treating sick patients, the last thing he wants to do is wait for an OK from a government bureaucrat. You're telling us to wait on the CDC, however long that takes? That means the pandemic isn't as serious as you claim it is, what with people dying because they have to wait until their lips turn blue before the hospitals will treat them and all.

No out-patient treatment? Shut up, peasant. The point is, we don't know what works. So it's ridiculous to restrict a doctor's right to prescribe a medication off-label and patient's right to try. I'll tell you this: I think people are getting fed up with this "getting a vaccine is the only acceptable preventative option for Covid, so get jabbed and shut up" line. But doctors won't prescribe it, and when you find one that will, the pharmacy won't dispense it. That's when you know something weird is going on.

Also, and I'm going to sound like a Bernie bro here, but I think the main reason they're discouraging HCQ and IVM is because they're relatively inexpensive and available in generic form. I predict that the only treatment options the government will approve are the antivirals currently in clinical trials. Because patentable. I think Merck and Pfizer each have one in the works It seems that the number one priority of the government right now as far as Covid is concerned is not public health, but the profits of Big Pharma.

Shut up, Bernie. Yes, I know you found a nut, but you're still a blind squirrel. Dumb, too. Which reminds me, anyone else remember when Big Pharma testified in Congress that the danger of addiction to oxycontin would be minimal? Good times, good times. Who Dis: Photo 2 leggy! Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 leggy! Photo 7 busty! Years of out-of-control boozing, plus a vehicle accident, took their toll on his body and mind.

He ended up crazy and legless and looking sort of like a deranged hippie before he finally died. He was pretty messed up, though. I'm actually surprised he lived as long as he did -- 74 years. He starred with model-turned-actress Kim Basinger in the drama Hard Country. Coffee cake recipe available here. Good morning, kids. Friday and the big story for me this morning are the revelations from Mark Levin last night about the move to brand America's parents as domestic terrorists for merely speaking out at school board meetings was not an off-the-cuff, spontaneous move by Moloch Garland.

It looks as if it was coordinated in advance by the highest levels of the junta and their henchman in the academia-brainwashing complex to ruthlessly silence all opposition to what can only be described as the mass child abuse of yet another generation of our children. The letter, from the nonprofit organization America First Legal AFL to the United States Inspector General, claims, "In light of the Attorney General's Memorandum of October 4, , it appears the Department of Justice is committing the full weight of its federal law enforcement resources to prevent parents from exercising constitutionally-protected rights and privileges, for inappropriate partisan purposes.

The AFL says it's an inside job by "key Biden [junta] stakeholders, including the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and others, have combined to oppress, threaten, and intimidate parents to chill and prevent them from exercising the rights or privileges secured by the Constitution. To date these efforts, though extensive, have generally proven ineffectual. And it wasn't just any insiders.

AFL believes high-ranking officials in the Biden White House staff and the Department of Justice DOJ have been meeting since early September to collude not only in the writing of Attorney General Garland's memorandum but to "develop a plan to use a letter from an outside group as pretext for federal action to chill, deter, and discourage parents from exercising their constitutional rights and privileges. In other words, AFL says the Biden [junta] was in on the unconstitutional effort to mitigate the "political impact of parent mobilization [at school board meetings] and organization around school issues [like CRT and mask mandates] in the upcoming midterm elections" all along.

And who was that "outside group"? Remember them and their September 29 letter calling America's concerned parents "domestic terrorists"? I wrote about them here. So now we know why we had never heard of the NSBA before because during the White House and the DOJ meetings they planned to send the letter not from "the usual suspects," meaning the leftist teachers' unions, but from the NSBA, which is supposed to represent America's parents. But wait, there's more. According to AFL, the Biden [junta] didn't stop at intimidating American citizens -- it taught those same officials how to skirt the law to further implement the very school issues parents are concerned about. Step back a moment and look at the situation we are facing.

At the end of the day, there is very little difference between someone like Jake Sullivan or Jack Dorsey or even Vanilli Milley and a Krylon-haired, pierced, black-clad droog who hurls a molotov cocktail at a Portland police station. Worse, there is precious little difference in the weltanschauung of said bomb-throwing lowlife than there is of any average kid in any school today virtually anywhere in the nation today. They are all products of American academia. And they're in your churches, synagogues, local businesses, giant corporations, the courts, law enforcement, the media.

Maybe even in your own home. It's sad that only now, when the wolf is at our throats do we have that Alec Guinness on the Kwai Bridge moment. I'm suddenly getting a bit emotional -- and extremely angry. But the good news is that finally parents all over the country are infuriated and angry at what has been done and because they are waking up from the plus-year coma they and all of us have been in are protesting. And once again, the Left does not view them as legitimate.

The Left does not view them even as human. The Left views them as evil to be eradicated. As I mused in the comments yesterday, it seemed rather strange that Garland's memo came very soon on the heels of Steve Bannon coming out and declaring we need to focus our energies on winning at the lowest levels, that is the local community and school boards. As I've said many times before, this is where we will live or die.

Old Vladdy Lenin himself said it first and everyone from Gramsci to Marcuse to Ayers took it to heart:. They've had The question for us is, is it too late and even if it isn't too late, you think the evil spawn of the aforementioned who now control all the instrumentalities of government as well as the media will even give us the chance? I think our foot is at long last in the door and they are doing everything they can to jam it shut. Evil godless heathens like self-gassing Jew Randi Weingarten are shrieking like a cockroach suddenly coming face to face with the giant can of RAID glaring at them, with its finger itching on the nozzle.

Funny how first they crowed about Ibram X. Krement's Crackpot Disgrace Theory and then when it was exposed they denied they were teaching it, and now they're shrieking that parents who object, sometimes and justifiably so, all things considered vociferously at school board meetings are using violence against teachers or some such rot. Well, as old Ace himself has said "our speech is violence, their violence is speech. If there is one silver lining to the last 18 months of forcible imprisonment, it's that homeschooling has boomed and the myth that it is nowhere near as good as being in class has been exploded. Kind of ironic that it would be the tyrants themselves that shot themselves in the face. Well, that of course cannot stand. Along with the scores of innocent January 6 patriots rotting away in the Garland Archipelago, now the junta wants to add hundreds of thousands of parents to the inmate rolls.

It should be interesting to see what happens when they try to outlaw homeschooling while at the same time forbidding children to enter the classroom if they have not been shot up with a Fauci fix. Again, we can talk about national elections and party politics all we want vis a vis winning back Congress and the White House, Dao-Min Yen notwithstanding. But the souls of our children in the last analysis really is the hill to die on. Without them, there is nothing left to fight for.

This here is the battle for all the marbles. They know it, and now at long last it seems that we know it. Retrieved Popular Hairstyles. Styles Weekly. What Women Really Think. Page Six. Hollywood Reporter. Joint publication with Billboard. Photo credit: AP Images. InStyle UK. Female Celebrities. Hairstyles Weekly. The Guardian. Taste of Country. Chicago Reader. Photo credit: Getty Images. Milady's Standard: Cosmetology rev. ISBN A head start to hairdressing. The image of success: make a great impression and land the job you want. New York: Amacom.

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