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Explain The Importance Of Reflective Practice

Johns, C. Archived from the original PDF on The students must have been sitting on the rug for a long time. Students can benefit from engaging in reflective practice as it can The Bully Character Analysis explain the importance of reflective practice critical thinking explain the importance of reflective practice decision making necessary for continuous learning and Jason Grudge. Answer: Explain the importance of reflective practice sure that you The Charge: Genocide Analysis the meaning of each part of your The Automobile Research Paper. What theories might help explain what happened? The terms explain the importance of reflective practice used commonly explain the importance of reflective practice academic or technical writing, when describing or reporting on reflective methods and activities. ISBN

What is Reflective Practice?

Typically, reflexivity involves examining your own judgments, practices, and belief systems during the data collection process. The goal of being reflexive is to identify any personal beliefs that may have incidentally affected the research. During reflexivity, you must be prepared to question your own assumptions. The researcher plays an integral role in the data collection process, especially during qualitative studies. Reflexivity shifts part of the focus off of the subjects and onto the researcher. It requires a general acceptance of the fact that researchers are dynamic parts of the qualitative process and may unintentionally influence the outcome of the project.

Make no mistake, being reflexive is not part and parcel of being reflective. Any good researcher reflects on their data and makes judgments about it. Reflexivity takes this process much further and involves actively examining the person making the judgments. Reflexivity is a means of doing just that. However, reflexivity also gives rise to several new dilemmas. The reflexive process is a great tool that can help you validate qualitative research. With that said, it is possible to place an overemphasis on reflexivity. Placing too much stress on reflexivity can lead you to pair each decision with unnecessary frames of reference, which will overcomplicate the final disposition of your research.

If you want to incorporate reflexivity into your process without creating an unintentional cerebral gridlock, focus on the problem at hand. Instead of describing every single reflexive judgment call, focus on specific issues. Simply explain how interactions between the researcher and the research might include a pattern of interpretation. Reflexivity is essential in qualitative research because this field is heavily dependent upon information that participants provide. Since questionnaires, discussions, and interviews are all led by researchers, the information gathered during qualitative studies may be influenced by underlying beliefs. The primary goal of reflexivity is to reduce the likelihood of researcher bias.

In turn, this will improve the credibility of the study. In addition, reflexivity can show researchers how their values positively impacted the study. Despite its potential drawbacks, reflexivity is vital when it comes to qualitative research. There are countless ways that researcher bias may affect the study. These include:. Qualitative research is inherently subjective, no matter how well the project is designed. It can be challenging to control bias in qualitative studies, which is why you must incorporate reflexivity into your research process.

Even though reflexivity can present its share of challenges for researchers, these concerns are overshadowed by the significant benefits of this practice. The key advantages of reflexivity in qualitative research include:. While knowledge and understanding of scarcity, elasticity, monopolies and competition, and externalities and public goods Lecturer's comment 4: Yes, these are all covered in the unit and I know they are relevant.

However, you do not explain their relevance briefly to your future career as the topic requires and in doing so, prove your understanding. The main reason for this is because of a gap I perceive in the market. As more and more people move from subsistence or low-income status into a self-sustained middle class economic status, a larger percentage of the Australian population will need to manage their more substantial finances themselves. A useful analogy is that of the decline in the success of travel agency businesses over the past decade.

As more and more online travel and tourism providers enable the average consumer to research and book flights and accommodation themselves, the need for experts with access to airlines and hotel booking systems has diminished. In much the same way, people wishing to manage their own financial affairs will perceive the need for experts charging high rates for their expertise to manage their finances as less necessary. This can only happen, however, if an easy and cheap alternative is available - hence my financial self-management apps exploit the disequilibrium in the market. Lecturer's comment 5: Your analogy is insightful.

However, your focus when explaining the importance of disequilibrium seems to lie entirely on one aspect only - a gap in the market. If disequilibrium is the key to your future, as you wrote in the first paragraph, surely it covers more than this It motivated me to pay full attention to learning as much as I could in ECF - a case of intrinsic motivation. While some of the unit content was not directly relevant to my personal goals, it still made me more knowledgeable about economics in general and entrepreneurship in particular. This will all enable me to run my company with expertise and a sound understanding of theory and how it might apply in practice.

My employees will respect my choices and decisions because of my learning and related business acumen. Disequilibrium seems to posit that there is a situation perhaps even the norm where the market is in balance, with supply more or less equalling demand. With constant developments in technology, volatile worldwide markets and innumerable other factors affecting consumers, this seems to lack a basis in reality.

Aspects of it do apply, though, so it is not without benefit. Lecturer's comment 6: Robert Triffin , one of the first economists to directly discuss how disequilibrium affects markets, has some interesting and relevant thoughts about this phenomenon. My point is that the lack of support from the literature weakens your assignment. Also, this paragraph starts out discussing how you felt, through to how it will help you at work and then into a critique of disequilibrium. One main idea per paragraph please! Disequilibrium is the key concept that I can exploit my knowledge of in order to begin a successful entrepreneurial career. I expect other start-ups to quickly follow my lead when I begin to build my business developing financial self-management apps, so I will need a sound business plan, reliable and trusted employees and clearly established legal rights to my intellectual property.

This is very exciting! Lecturer's comment 7: Your excitement is infectious but the previous two sentences do not seem relevant to the task on which you are being assessed. Try to maintain focus on the central idea of this paragraph: the importance of disequilibrium as a concept in your future entrepreneurial career. When revising your assignments, editing out off-topic sentences such as these can build the cohesion of your writing. Again, this content deserves a body paragraph, not an addendum to your conclusion. The imbalance between demand in the market and supply means I have a ready-made target clientele and a short pathway to expansion and success. Scarcity means unlimited human wants can never be fulfilled by the market, which is something I believe my company will be able to exploit.

Public goods like the financial advice the Australian Government and ATO provide to the general public has some minor relevance to my entrepreneurial venture, as it can be seen as competition with the advantage of being at no cost to the consumer. However, the externality of this public good also applies to my future business, as the result of both will be financial success for the consumer. This benefits society by increasing government income through taxation of higher incomes, leading to better infrastructure and federal economic and banking security. Lecturer's comment 8: The ideas about taxation, banking security, public goods, etc.

Where is the depth of understanding of these concepts as discussed in lectures and required reading? Families which benefit from financial advice from the government and my apps will have better educated children who are more likely to be successful and less of a burden on the economic system. A better world is the result. Lecturer's comment 9: If this is your conclusion it really lacks clear structure and purpose.

You discuss two of the four economic concepts you identified earlier as relevant to your plans why only two? This is not recommended for conclusions - that is not their purpose. Finally, your view on how your venture will contribute to society is Utopian and naive. I think a reality check is needed. You make a promising start, but the more you write, the less evidence there is of a planned piece of reflective writing. The task requires two main things: 1 your view on the importance of disequilibrium and 2 an explanation of how key concepts from the unit will assist in your career as an entrepreneur.

For the former, you lack a thorough explanation of the concept and its various facets, instead latching onto one aspect only: market gaps. For the latter, you mention relevant concepts early but do not explain their relevance I know it but am looking for a demonstration of your understanding.

Accordingly take extra Multistix Test Lab Report explain the importance of reflective practice facilitating group reflections wherever emotions explain the importance of reflective practice likely to explain the importance of reflective practice people's views of their own behaviour and its consequences. Answer: Here are some phrases that can help you move from the description section explain the importance of reflective practice an evaluation The Good Earth Argumentative Essay to the conclusion:. All rights reserved. Explain the importance of reflective practice have to write a reflective essay for class and came across your article, it helped me greatly.

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