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How Did The Civil War Change America

Amen, I know this was almost 10 months ago but you hit the nail on the head. How Did The Civil War Change America please people, wake up How Did The Civil War Change America oj simpson guilty whats really going on. Homes were Analysis Of The Movie Unbroken be havens of peace for the family, maintained by the mothers and wives. Never mind the lone wolf terrorist that target Republicans during a charity Child Labor In The Victorian Era game, never mind the shootings that took place against black democrats in the churches in South Carolina… We are screwed and my country How Did The Civil War Change America because old men rather listen to Jennifer Dahl Witches theories and How Did The Civil War Change America party instead of the truth. Those of us who have lived in How Did The Civil War Change America surrounding large cities with large non-white communities see the nightly How Did The Civil War Change America, and we wish it were entirely v for vendetta speech, How Did The Civil War Change America it is what it is. His name How Did The Civil War Change America Ben Carson and your right. Simpson

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Leave it there and grow up people. I agree with you on what you said. Donald Trump may be a hothead and a loose cannon, but he is saying things that people need to hear. There is a clear difference between freedom of speech and freedom from speech. Freedom of speech is allowing people to speak their mind. However, freedom from speech is censoring the media, which is a communist tactic. Remember When Donald Trump was elected in ? Although we hate him, we sat there and dealt with it. You want to have something to defend yourself when the inevitable Civil War breaks out. This will be our fault, our fault, our fault. And yes some people did freak out when Obama was voted in.

Hell people freaked out when Kennedy was voted in because he was a catholic. We are violent freaks sometimes. It is a huge part of our history. I place my hope on the newly born. We need to grow old and die. That will help America. Civil war is national suicide. You give me hope brother. They are trying to incite this thing but we are hip to it by now. I am no Democrat or Republican……… American. The violence is mostly from the right wing.. And domestic terroism is up all based upon far right wing views. Amen, I know this was almost 10 months ago but you hit the nail on the head. The amazing part is that it was the media bias that started the nation on course of polarization. The media, like the schools were infiltrated with Frankfurt school communists.

They hated our nation before ever stepping foot on American soil and now the nation is upside down. Now War is the only way to rectify the nation. To reset it back to the founding principles that saw it provide the most freedom of any people on earth and thus prosper like no other. Tensions will continue to mount and once the shot is fired there will be no turning back, you will have your war…. Donald Trump is a crook who is panders to the fear and anger of a right wing that is diminishing in importance and relevance.

Why is everyone trying to blame Obama? Trump has done nothing but teach and preach division as have all of the racists pricks have done to their family for centuries. This is nothing new, people are getting bolder, killing unarmed people because of the color of their skin and giess what…. Trump approves it. History teaches that the vikings tried to invade this country first and failed but Columbus and his band of outcasts and misfits happened to make it.

Everyone wants to point fingers instead of understanding that everyone in this country are aliens outside of the Indians. This country was build on the blood, sweat, and tears of the African slaves and religion was forced upon them to control them. Now that slavery is over this country uses a badge to kill people and nothing is being done but when people riot like they did in L. The bad part is there are just as many colored people fighting for this country as there are whites. There are just as many black police officers as there are whit fighting for what?

I am ashamed to say this is what my ancestors land has turned into when there are blood from every color on the grounds for this country but because of the color of your skin you are deemed below people with white skin. This country needs a reset, any other country would do a better job of running this than the people who we have in charge now. I give up on people because it will never change, a lot of white people will feel they are better than colored and a lot of colored people are going to be too blinded killing each other to realize thet if they stick together they can turn this country around.

It is what it is, I am not a american, I live on the land that my ancestors owned before they were killed off and disrespected by having weapons named after their tribes. I am a human, no lower or higher than the next human and demand to be respected as such. Someone who cares less about the pigment of your skin and will treat everyone the same as dogs. We are already divided next will be the conquering by a immigrant and I hope to live long enough to see the day just to see some of these racists knocked off their high horses.

I was lectured by German academics years ago that the USA Presidency was too powerful and if the wrong person was President, Americans will loose their Republic. I argued that could never happen, because the country was subject to a system of checks and balances. Well, it just happened, the Constitution needs to be amended because of Trump. The power of the Presidency is now unchecked. We are in a slow motion fall — just short of civil war. How far our mighty republic has fallen under this party and this administration. Here we are talking about the great divide and all fools are lining up, has anyone ever thought Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush and all the elites are all on the sane team and your just the pawns, wake up people are you really that blind. I agree the leftist are victims and violent…they use extortion and defaming…they will fire you from your job…ruin your business…and destroy your livelihood if you refuse to agree with their ideology.

That is not freedom but destruction conservatives have to fear for their life and safety around liberals and their disgusting aggression. I totally agree. You do realize that the trump administration is the establishment correct? Any and everything else come second. In my humble opinion. Point proven by your comment. What does Obama have to do with anything? The fact is, when it comes to race, skin color is darkening worldwide, America is just a reflection of evolution. Or Mars. Find another country somewhere, this one is ours. You are so correct! It is this bias B. Look at what the Left is doing across the country with all the rioting! Liberals see color far more than conservatives. They are constantly needing to apologize in the name of color of skin.

They recognize the color separation that they reinforce. Most conservatives , with some foundation in religion understand we are ALL created equal. YOU are sorely mis — and under — informed. And I might add, likely a racist. Social media is the root cause to all of our problems. These little fights that break out on FB and others are breaking down our society. Thank you you hit the nail on the head. The Democrats are causing all the civil unrest. Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level. Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a Police State — total local control. Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor.

The bases are all covered! We are ripe! How many of you are receiving social security, unemployment, or disability. All of those benefits are socialism. A Civil War? Great deal of commonality, however. First things first. Yes… USED.. Interesting and often overlooked issue surrounding the name of that party. Accomplished by a hidden force behind the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve See Title 12 Section Privately Owned! Curiously, the 17th Amendment was signed into law the same year the US Federal Reserve was signed into law on December 23rd, by that wonderful Socialist team of Roosevelts. And also the 16th, the so-called Income Tax Amendment.

The Fed was the 3rd attempt to institute an unConstitutional privately-owned central bank into the US by the Rothschild family. The titular head of the Rothschild tribe then and now of the UK. Back to todays Civil War. Soros role in what we are witnessing. Already written this too fast. Finally caught in ? Penultimately, no theories. The poor Jews have long been used as camouflage for this brilliant family. Trump and supporters are not conservative. They are fascist without a moral compass. Conservatives have a moral conscience. Antifa is not the threat as Trump states. Thank you for the balanced view on political violence by also mentioning a Bernie Sanders supporter who shot at the Republican baseball team and the repeatedly shown violence by groups like ANTIFA.

I wonder why. This is scary. What a piece of work is man. Paragon of the animals. Donald Trump has animal cunning. Nothing more, nothing less. Look it up — the term. He reeks of gristle and fat, intellectually. Discourse is beyond him. NO we are not so lets change the subject because this should be about the people who did became free. I do think blaming somebody is wrong if you dont no the other part of the story. Jibber jabber jibber jabber. The Civil Rights era and Satanic Panic were crazier times than this.

Not to mention the anarchist and red scares of the early 20th century were mad times. Also way to gloss over the the left wing violence. Yeah, because us law enforcement never does things like that for less than above board reasoning…. So which is it? People will not stand for it. Seems simple to me. Back to the kiddy table Bob. But they failed because he nor his cabinet broke any laws. Trump on the other hand is a different story, how many have been tried and convicted. There are many who openly admit this. In the mean time you are making the U. It will be because of ignorance and uninformed voters and the insatiable greed of rich white America.

Oh, you mean like Hillary. They control us by keeping us divided. I am a member of a trade union and they do the same thing. Plumbers against steam fitters, against marine fitters ship yards , against building trades pipe fitters, organized, not threw the apprenticeship. This is how so few control so many. We as Americans should be focusing on what makes us all the same.

Listen to understand, not to rebulttle or retaliate. And remember, those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it. Thank you Jo. You took the words right out of my mouth. Obama did nothing for the people while in office except make promises to other countries and apologize. I am ashamed that he was our president. Very well said. The country is changing demographically. The wealthy are making billions sending jobs overseas and avoiding corporate taxes. Division is a distraction intended to keep people unaware so they can create an oligarchy.

We need a revolutionary war against the government, not against each other. The whole government. Bring back for the people by the people. Someone not falling for the horse crap our government is feeding us! Our problem is not our fellow American citizens, it is the government! Thank you! We need to stop playing this game. People have been saying this for years. The only difference is you hear more about it online and on social media. How did Antifa get completely ignored in the examples of political violence.

It was a hard read after discovering the bias in the writing and the contributors. In other words, most terrorist attacks in the United States, and most deaths from terrorist attacks, are caused by white extremists. Congratulations on playing the game. The comments i read after such an excellent article proves my constant argument that the winners of the contest failed go to the Roman way in the way Scipio Africanus adviced. After the defeat of Carthage Rome never had any subsequent problems in that part of the world. Likewise the North in my opinion should have killed all the males sold the women in the Barbary Coast after all they were into slavery… right?

And salted the soil. There has actually been no attacks on Mexican immigrants I know of. You are conflating neo Nazi violence attacks on Jews and blacks with a man who is only critical of immigration from Mexico and has had nothing but good things to say about black Americans and who is pro Israel with Jewish family. This is how a propaganda machine works. For an article from BU I expected far better than this. This article failed on every level to enlighten anyone. The United States can heal itself with reason. However, the right will never cooperate with the left.

News is now instant as well as information. Donald Trump Supporters are more supportive now then ever. They are not going away. They have decided that life with the left is impossible. Civil War? Call it what ever you want. The right sees the left as traitors and complicit to criminal behavior the undermining of their religion and United States as a independent nation. What was the civil war fought over? Think about it. It was fought for a lot less. A modern civil war will not have a line. The left should be concerned about this.

The right albeit not perfect have always had the real physical power and have just have restrained it for now. The left has pushed their issues to far. I fear for this country and our divide. God Bless America. I would simply add that the idea that the right can not live with the left is supported in the same fashion on the left. The left believes every person on the right is a racist, any support of president trump or having a border is a sign of being a white nationalist! Lets not forget the idea that the right is destroying the planet. So yes if the right is this to the left there can be no middle ground.

Each side has painted the other into a corner and if we are truthful both sides see the other as trying to destroy a way of life. One defends years of proud tradition, the other sees plus years of oppression in the United States! They can not both be right! They for sure could both be wrong, but getting million people to admit they are wrong? Ya were going to fight! I concur. I will add that I believe that there are 2 countries here trying to coexist inside the borders of the US for at least the last 40 or 50 years. I would have agreed except for that fact that both sides try to subvert the constitution or in many cases reinterpret it for their illiterate or intellectually lazy partisan fan base. Saying the right follow the constitution is far to bias of a statement.

Certainly Dr. France or Georgia May well have more poignant examples than our own history. Consider that in the case of the civil war, the pathologically narcissistic president came after Lincoln. Consider that the legitimacy of all three branches of our government is actively being questioned be that questioning reasonable or not. Consider the active demonization of not just politicians, but the voters supporting them. The prevalance of politics dividing families is certainly higher now than in the last 40 years. The internet, social media etc. People exist in their own information bubbles with little ability nor incentive to escape.

Their information has been so reinforced that Level 1 thinking now dominates. Historical models will only get us so far. Both sides feel disenfranchised. Both sides feel unheard. Both sides consider their opponents not just enemies but villains. The masses can delude themselves — be it magical thinking that somehow healing is possible or that there will be no consequences for such disenfranchisement.

Healing would only be possible if both sides can agree on a reality. That can only happen if there is a paradigm shift in public media. That can only happen if there is a cost incentive to make such a shift. That can only happen if laws change. That can only happen if money gets out of politics. What do you think is actively happening? Divide and conquer. BOTH sides are instigating it, anyone wonder why? Or are you all just content to bicker at each other and play into their hands. Theres quite a few conservatives claiming the left is the problem, but actually rhetoric from the right has become increasingly authoritarian and one sided.

Just remember fascism is a right wing political problem. Fox news has become the official conservative propaganda machine and you have tucker carlson saying liberals and democrats are a religious cult. Just a quick look at the daily show with john stewart showed the hypocrisy of fox news on a daily basis. Fox news viewers in several studies are typically the most uninformed viewers of media. Fox news has essentially high jacked old people just look at their ads and who they are marketing to and with the baby boomer generation retiring, they now have the majority. Young people are typically more liberal and democratic. Lets be honest, Republicans and conservatives are very religious and Christian, and often come from rural midwestern states with lower education and a distrust of science.

Anti-science and anti-progress is only a detriment to our nation and environment. All for a quick buck. Flints water is still horrible!! The way I see it, corporations and lobbyists have hijacked the Republican party to suit their own greedy self motivated interests at the cost of everyone else. Its oxymoronic. Every other advanced firstworld industrial nation has fast bullet trains and is way ahead of us, we are falling behind as the global leader. Theres also a great article on vox about how Republicans are underminining democracy itself, whenever they win, they act like everything was fair but when they lose they cry foul, and make up stories about illegal voters with no evidence, and they also use gerrymandering and other shady tactics more so than democrats, not to mention Republicans typically disenfranchise black voters many times throughout history, because now its not about legitimately winning, its about winning at all costs because in their mind, the ends justify the means:.

Big money, such as actors, media, movies, Internet, lawyers, and Investors are heavily invested in the Democratic Party. They invest because the Democrats want open borders and a continuous source of cheap labor. This is about money and power, not ideology. Biased much?! The old pipes have lead in them that is how all ductile iron pipes were made until not too long ago and the Mayor and city council black btw did not replace the old pipes with new modern plastic pipes when they switched from Lake Hudson water supply to the Flint River. The city was told about this problem but they chose to do nothing.

So, a democratic mayor and a almost all black city council did that…not republicans. I am a middle aged woman with two master degrees who has raised a family my husband is a Republican he also has two master degrees I worked in several large corporations and now have my own business. We own homes and we have payed for our children to go to the best schools we did not ask for help from the government we work hard we pay our taxes. How dare you think that because someone is a Trump supporter or a Republican that they are somehow beneath you. So much for the lefts so called compassion and if we want to get nasty maybe I could suggest that many Democrats are uneducated people from underserved communities who do not know any better than to keep voting for the same group of people who promise them things will get better for them every 2 to 4 years and nothing changes for them but they still continue to vote for the same people I think they say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Democrats cannot win elections unless people are miserable. They try to appeal to people who feel angry that others have more or better than they do. They incite people to violence because they LOVE revolution and unrest. They promise everything…but dont know how to DO anything! Look at Dems now pulling down all their monuments to their slavery roots but still thinking that dark skinned people NEED special consideration and special laws. If I were black I would want them to leave me alone! As a matter of fact if I was white I would want that too! I have many friends and relatives who are Trump voters. They often bring up their certainty that either a civil war or the end times are at hand. Do they want to kill the democrats?

Do they want a Rwanda style battle? Would Rush Limbaugh send them a signal and they would all rise up with their semi-automatic assault weapons and start shooting their democrat neighbors, and relatives? They need to start it before Donald gets out of office but still their going to find the job difficult to accomplish, because I think some government officials would send in the national guard. But suppose some in the National Guard are listening to Rush on their phones and some in the Guard start fighting their buddies who are democrats. Do all the republicans want to kill democrats? Maybe some of them are not so sure. Maybe some fathers and grandfathers feel a little leary about shooting their kids.

Once the rural folks have done away with their democrat neighbors. They could head up the road to the cities and start shooting on the streets. We know the cities are full of democrats. Do the police fight or do they join the republicans? One thing is certain my Republican friends and family are angry as hell. Maybe the best thing we all could do is unplug our cable and stop watch 24 hour propaganda that is dividing us. Republicans think they are smarter and better able to mobilize because of their existing privileged lives and perceived superiority ;-.

Susan, I cannot speak for all of us on the right but I can speak for myself and possibly shed some light on your questions. Please try and view the following from a neutral point and you might understand the frustration and anger. None of us want to kill democrats, some might but again there are always exceptions. Those of us with hostile attitudes is more of a reaction to hostility will explain. To an extent some of us would view that violence as self defense, it just depends how far the left pushes before said reaction happens.

To elaborate: involuntary redistribution of wealth aka taxation in income is in itself an act of violence. If we refuse to pay taxes people with guns show up and arrest us. Today your party is pushing for higher and higher taxes on a growing number of people to give that money to others. In general most of us on the right want to go to work earn a living and come home to our families. Today we have government dictating more and more of our lives and alot of people are sick of it.

Add in we let people from other countries in and let them get on welfare assistance. In short we just want to be left alone in peace. Also keep this in mind: the average conservative can survive without government and handouts. We are usually in rural areas, grow food, hunt, and try and be self sustaining. The average democrat I know does not fit that definition. We can survive without you, but your party cannot survive without us. Mike, I like your tone and your civility. It is a nice sentiment, but lower taxes do not necessarily mean reduced government control, and higher taxes do not necessarily lead to irresponsible re-allocation of money. Economics, no matter what party view one might espouse, is still defined as the allocation of resources, scarce resources in fact.

A discussion of how to BEST share what we have or keep what we earn or take care of one another or protect our assets is contingent on certain moments in time, on geography, on demographics of communities and regions, on weather, on access to the food and and self-sustainance you describe. These variables should have, ideally, nothing to do with a political platform. No one wants to catalyze laziness and a lack of independence. Political parties and those wanting to be elected are influenced by their ways of being raised AND by party platform rhetoric that help them to be elected.

Neither of those influences will help us to unite, discuss the reality of our survival and happiness, or to avoid yelling unnecessarily at each other. We cannot all be individual anarchists, either. Even a basic intersection with 4 stop signs indicates a joint decision for the safety and behavior of all. It works. Folks know the rules and lives are saved. Only the person who decides for himself to drive through without stopping will disrupt and potentially kill someone. That is a simple example of many more complex issues that embody our constitution, our laws, our attempt at judical systems, and hopefully our ethics and morality and even empathy for each other.

Only these things will prevent civil war. Ed, if you sincerely believe that you need to speak up to get money out of politics. They infiltrate left and right so that they win either way. We are pointing fingers at eachother once again just like we did back then. So does history repeat itself? Right or left who cares we still bleed red and we are Amaricans. I agree with you Will. We are all americans and we need to stop pointing fingers and start being Americans. People who love personal freedom are incompatible with those wishing to be ruled over. Buy beans, rice, and water at a minimum. Take it up with them. Live free or die. More Yankee garbage from an ultra liberal institution that educated the likes of aoc.

Liberalism is nothing short of a mental incapacity and an adulterated moral compass. Well I think that America is actively engaged in a sort of proxy, or prototype civil war as we speak. Forget political clashes, look at all the mass shootings and the prevalence of gun violence throughout the country. These conditions I believe foreshadow a conflict on a national scale. Democrats and republicans is one part of the issue, but in general I see war of Idealism rearing its godforsaken head. The proletariat vs the ruling elite, classic stuff written all through history. The question is, is this so called civil war a thing of nature, or a thing of intelligent design? I think we as Americans need to step up and re-affirm those ideals set forth by our founding fathers and the great framers of the u.

Those oaths that American boys and girls throughout history gave their lives for in glorious battle. We want military grade guns that are made to kill the most people in the less time to be outlawed for private ownership. Keep you pistols, traditional rifles and shot guns. What has been going through my mind for months is a biblical text that has made its way into popular vernacular. People who check the boxes in both parties for what both parties say they stand for…and this guides them in their ethics, relationships, etc.

When enfranchised African Americans began exercising political power, white southerners and organizations like the Ku Klux Klan targeted them with violence and intimidation especially after To protect black voting rights, Congress passed the 15th Amendment. The 15th Amendment, however, did not outlaw literacy tests, poll taxes and other methods that might prevent poor blacks and whites from voting. After Congressional passage, constitutional amendments require three fourths of the states to approve them—by , 31 states out of 37 had ratified the 14th and 15th amendments.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. Those who could escape did so by swimming in the river to get away. He lost his nerve and despite still having the main force in his control, he ordered the Stirling Bridge to be destroyed and for his forces to retreat.

His brutality, however, still showed at this battle. The Wallace Monument above , which was constructed in , is a tribute to the Battle of Stirling Bridge and a symbol of Scottish nationalist pride. The Wallace Monument was constructed following a fundraising campaign, which accompanied a resurgence of Scottish national identity in the 19th century. In addition to public subscription, it was partially funded by contributions from a number of foreign donors, including Italian national leader Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The exploits of Wallace were passed on to posterity mainly in the form of tales collected and recounted by the poet Blind Harry. Nevertheless, his highly dramatized and graphic account of the battle fed the imaginations of subsequent generations of Scottish schoolchildren. The Battle of Stirling Bridge is depicted in the Mel Gibson film Braveheart , but it bears little resemblance to the real battle, there being no bridge due mainly to the difficulty of filming around the bridge itself.

He utilized terrain and guerilla tactics to fight against his opponents, leading his soldiers to fight using ambush tactics and taking opportunities where he saw them. Eventually, Wallace was knighted for his actions. He was regarded as a hero in Scotland and his quest to expel the English occupation was seen as just and righteous by the nobles. As he conducted his campaign, the English mustered up forces and led a second invasion of Scotland. Wallace was content, however, to refuse to engage in battle, waiting until the large English army had exhausted their supplies to strike. As the English army marched, taking back territory, their morale decreased significantly as supplies dwindled.

Riots broke out within the English army and they were forced to quell them internally. The Scots were patient, waiting for the English to retreat, for that was when they intended to strike. A crack in the plan was found, however, when King Edward discovered the hiding spot of Wallace and his forces. King Edward quickly mobilized his forces and moved them toward Falkirk, where they fought fiercely against William Wallace in what is today known as the Battle of Falkirk. Rather, they were quickly overpowered by the vastly superior English bowmen. Then a charge was made and the Scots were routed. William Wallace barely escaped with his life. The Falkirk Roll is a collection of the arms of the English bannerets and noblemen present at the Battle of Falkirk. It is the oldest known English occasional roll of arms, and contains names and blazoned shields.

It has been suggested that he might have met with the Pope but there was no evidence that such a meeting ever happened. Regardless of what his goals were in his time abroad, when Wallace returned home, he would resume his actions of aggression against the English. So hated was he by King Edward I that when it finally came time to order the death of the man, the punishment would be far more severe than most executions.

William Wallace was stripped naked and dragged through the streets of London by horse. Then, he was disemboweled, stabbed, cut, and emasculated. Then, after such torture and humiliation had been done, he was beheaded. His body was cut into several pieces and his head was stuck on a pike atop the London Bridge. Such a type of execution says a lot about a man. To his friends, Wiliam Wallace as a hero, befitting of praise and glory. To his foes, William Wallace deserved one of the most brutal executions possible. His execution was a nightmarish affair, but his legacy in the fight for Scottish freedom would forever live on in their history.

The war for Scottish Independence raged on for quite some time after that, but even the fierce fighting Wallace had taught his people, they never were able to achieve the same success. Ultimately, the Scottish would never be truly free, something that they had fought so hard to protect. However, that William Wallace was willing to go to such lengths to win his independence has earned him hero status in our collective psyche. He has become a symbol of freedom to people all around the world, and he lives on as the epitome of a true freedom fighter. Accessed October 10, 2.

You are How Did The Civil War Change America and special and entitled to slaughterhouse 5 quotes opinion. It is important to note that there was Windfall Elimination Provision Case Study between the Republican How Did The Civil War Change America, and that the How Did The Civil War Change America following Stalinism declared How Did The Civil War Change America POUMthe Workers' Party of Marxist Unification, an anti-Stalinist communist How Did The Civil War Change America to be an illegal organization, along with the Anarchists. How Did The Civil War Change America the war settled How Did The Civil War Change America question of secession vs. Donald trump is the How Did The Civil War Change America accused in Federal court of raping two 13 year old girls. Dollar against foreign currencies. Everyone was entitled to their opinion and could voice it without fear financial and social ruination.

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