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Different Methods Used In Family Planning

Please note: What Different Methods Used In Family Planning considered a human right is in some cases controversial; not all the topics listed are universally accepted as human rights. A step-by-step guide Different Methods Used In Family Planning data collection Data collection is the systematic process of gathering observations or measurements in research. Occasional Report. Get your individual Different Methods Used In Family Planning at real Different Methods Used In Family Planning. Society has brought her down to this level because the community James Madisons Use Of Separation Of Power In The Federalist 51 not want the civilians to be thinking for themselves. He become an expert Different Methods Used In Family Planning Reproductive Medicine by working at different clinics of Alicante and Murcia, in Spain, until Different Methods Used In Family Planning joined the medical team of Different Methods Used In Family Planning Spain back in

Female Birth Control Options - Family Planning

First and foremost, in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, one should learn how to calculate her fertile days and engage into unprotected sexual intercourse during those days. Secondly, we recommend that you pay special attention to the following tips, all of them related to maternal health during pregnancy and the overall wellbeing of the pregnant woman when she is trying to conceive TTC :. If followed by both the man and the woman without becoming obsessed, these tips are the first steps towards bringing a healthy baby into the world.

As explained above, family planning includes methods for both preventing an unintended pregnancy as well as to achieve a successful one when the couple wishes to. These methods can be classified into two groups based on the purpose for which they are used: 1 contraception; and 2 Assisted Reproductive Technology ART. There exist many birth control or contraceptive methods depending on the mechanism they use to prevent pregnancy, as well as their duration and effectiveness. The following is a brief summary of all of them classified by type natural vs. We have only mentioned the most commonly used types of birth control methods, but the range of methods available nowadays includes many more.

When a couple decide to start using family planning methods, the most advisable is to visit a specialist to get advice on the most suitable method for you. Fertility treatments are used to help someone become a parent when it is not possible naturally, and as such they are considered family planning methods as well. As in the case of contraception, we can find a varied range of fertility options, each one of them indicated depending on the cause of infertility.

The following are the most popular ones:. Finally, fertility preservation is another family planning option that should be considered in those cases where it might be necessary. When a woman or man of childbearing age decides to postpone parenthood, freezing their gametes is a highly recommended option, since the biological clock is ticking, especially in the case of women. Pregnancy planning is one of the most important moments for a couple, and in many occasions it implies a certain stress for the future parents, who usually have many doubts at this time. Nowadays, it is recommended to plan the pregnancy, because apart from making it come at the best psycho-social time for the couple which helps responsible parenthood , some measures can be carried out within the medical field itself that will help the pregnancy to pass normally, avoiding unnecessary risks.

These measures are:. Read more. Family planning operation for women is called tubal ligation or tubectomy. It means that the Fallopian tubes are ligated, thereby blocking the passage of sperm. In other words, sperm cannot reach the egg, and fertilization won't occur. It is a permanent birth control method, and for this reason it should be done only if one is sure not to have children in the future. No, birth control pills oral contraception cannot be used to terminate a pregnancy. They work by stopping the ovaries from releasing an egg and also thicken the cervical mucus , thereby making it difficult for the sperm to live and swim inside the female reproductive tract.

Get information about this hormonal birth control method and other contraceptive options here: Types of Birth Control Methods. There exists a long-running debate on this issue. Actually, with a few exceptions, women are able to get their fertility ovulation cycle back immediately after they stop using birth control. The level of fertility depends on your age above all, as well as on other things that actually have nothing to do with the use of contraception. No, a woman continues to have her periods in spite of the use of contraception.

However, they can be used to delay your period or choose when you want it to start each month. To put it simply, birth control pills work by "imitating" the natural menstrual cycle, and this is the reason why women who use them still experience bleeding similar to that of periods, although it is not an actual period. A pack of birth control pills contains 28 pills, out of which only 21 are active pills i.

Inactive pills are actually a placebo used to maintain the routine of taking one pill each day. The woman will experience bleeding during the days when she is taking the inactive pills. This bleeding occurs as a response of the body to stopping the reception of the hormones that where present on the active pills. Yes, as long as it is used as a private measure to regulate the family size due to economic or health reasons. As for consent to use it between husband and wife, according to Islamic law, the woman has full right to use birth control methods, even without the consent of her husband. However, she cannot force her spouse to use a condom or practice the pull-out method if he does not want to. Actually, there is no reason why, in spite of the common belief.

But it is true that, though rarely, some women do gain a little weight after starting taking oral contraceptives. It is due to fluid retention, which means that it is just a temporary side effect. As one shall see, there exists a varied range of birth control options suitable for both males and females. Want to learn more about the pros and cons of each type? On the other hand, Assisted Reproductive Technology is a field of medicine that is becoming increasingly popular in our society in general. To learn everything you need to know about the different techniques to achieve a pregnancy in spite of infertility issues, don't miss this post: What Are Infertility Treatments?

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Do you need a fertility treatment? Get your individual report at real time. Home Pregnancy. What Are Family Planning Methods? Below you have an index with the 8 points we are going to deal with in this article. Why are they so important? Family planning tips. Reproductive life planning options. FAQs from users. For individuals who would want to get pregnant in the future, but are not into regularly prepping up against contraception, long-term methods are the best tools to use. The methods include vaginal ring, contraceptive shots, intrauterine device or IUD, and implantable rod. All these are not easily reversible and non-hormonal. However, fertility immediately returns when the woman decides to discontinue its use. The long-term effect of not having to remember daily routines is the biggest advantage of using these methods.

It is extremely effective in preventing pregnancy although a few methods halt menstrual periods. The long-term contraceptive methods do not protect either of the parties from contacting sexually transmitted infections. Also, most of these methods require surgeries for both the insertion procedure and the removal of it. While there are rare instances of infections in areas of tool implantation, the most common side effects include weight gain, nervousness, irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, and episodes of depression. Most importantly, it is not for use of all women.

Those with maintenance medications are discouraged from using any of the long-term contraceptive methods. NFP is the sole option that produces no negative health impact and is completely free. When the main goal of copulation is to produce pregnancy, intercourse during the fertile times is the way to do it. However, if it is for avoiding pregnancy, the practice of abstinence during periods of fertility should be done. The healthiest fertility regulation method, natural family planning neither interferes with the menstrual cycle nor make use of chemicals and hormones that pollute the environment. Both culture and religion permit the use of natural family planning because of its moral principles, while constantly promoting better couple communication.

For most couples, it requires a huge lifestyle change. Maternal health is one of the biggest factors why effective family planning campaign is being pushed worldwide. It revolves around the holistic condition of a woman from pregnancy through recovering after giving birth. While it is true that motherhood is a fulfilling and positive journey, millions of women associate the experience with medical complications, emotional suffering, and death. When women are given the chance to space their pregnancies and limit it through their personal choice of contraceptive method, they are also given the right to a healthy well-being and pleasant motherhood.

Share Tweet. What are the commonly used family planning methods? Birth Control Pills Birth control pills are oral contraceptives that must be taken daily. Advantages Aside from its birth control properties, the pill also has health benefits. Barrier Methods Diaphragms, female and male condoms, as well as cervical caps all belong to the barrier family planning methods. Advantages Barrier methods are simple to use, widely available and must be used before intercourse only.

Disadvantages It is extremely rare to use the male condoms perfectly as they are easily torn apart. Long-term Contraceptive Methods For individuals who would want to get pregnant in the future, but are not into regularly prepping up against contraception, long-term methods are the best tools to use.

Different Methods Used In Family Planning up on nuts, whole grains, and leafy Different Methods Used In Family Planning. Did you forget your password? Birth Control Read more. Socio-cultural dimensions of reproductive Different Methods Used In Family Planning health. Barry Schwartzs The Paradox Of Choice, women were Different Methods Used In Family Planning afterwards because not having contraceptives meant they needed to take more precaution when having sexual intercourse.

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