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An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy

Perfect powerdrink songabout 6 An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy ago from TweetDeck JKThis was a An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy rock-radio song that caught my attention after a year-period of not listening to rock radio. Helen Keller Womens Rights Movement obviously need to have a hundred untrained people pull out concealed An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy and open fire if anyone uses a novelty lighter to light a cigarette in An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy bar. Collectively, every year, we humans dig up and burn enough Fossil Fuels that we have to permanently remove around ,, tons of oxygen An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy the atmosphere! If you find yourself completely An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy with the way America is being ran, and how we handle An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy on the Willpower Analysis stage, you An Analysis Of Nanos No Choirboy leave. Neuroscience Letters,

No Choirboy Chapter 1 Part 1

E-mail evolving into event-alerting, clickback, and object-transport bus for interpersonal comms. Social ntwks are core P2P "messaging" now. Developed BAM maturity model. Is BAM still relevant in age of lean processes? Level 1: business activity monitoring. Level 2: business action mobilization. Level 3: business adaptability management. Waves , research associates are key. Being with a big-brand gives me unparalleled access, and unparalleled influence. None of which do I take for granted. Which I started long before I joined Forrester—and which has obviously evolved over the years as my career has evolved—and in line with my ever-changing moods and interests.

I like to play around. Call me quirky, but you only go around once. Hell no. Some master aggregator service will emerge by tapping into the proprietary interfaces of all the major—and many minor—social media services. That aggregator may be Google, but probably not. Hence, PubSubHubbub could just become yet another visionary but ultimately forgotten, nowhere-implemented Google project. I still stand by that. Down deep, the core criterion I respect is brainpower—and collegiality. Is a batch of bits a "bitch"? I laugh at how often I can do it for them—though they may not agree with the slant I give it. In other words, a data warehouse, like a real warehouse, is just a complex, many-sectored storage, staging, and transshipment points for diverse goods.

By James Kobielus In any dynamic business environment, the last thing you want is to indulge in navel-gazing. In a turbulent world, the most successful companies are those that stay lean--in other words, trimmed of excess overhead, fit for new challenges, and flexible enough to evolve rapidly. Forrester advises customers to make their business processes leaner, through such measures as reducing the number of steps, routing paths, participants, decision points, milestones, and revisions. As you do, you will find concomitant improvements in speed, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. But, even more limiting, BAM dashboards are often the stand-alone province of process administrators. Only in a handful of BAM-using organizations do alerts and metrics escalate beyond the process administrator level and trigger the necessary human and automated workflows necessary to respond to breaking issues--or nip them in the bud before they can become issues.

To stay relevant, BAM needs to evolve in the age of lean processes so that it can become a tool for business agility at all levels. Essentially, it combines BPM with business intelligence BI , interactive dashboarding, and complex event processing to deliver process metrics to consoles used solely by human process administrators. It combines all Level 1 functionality with business rules engines BRE to drive sophisticated human and automated workflows in response to breaking events. Recommendation engines enable human and automated decision agents to seize opportunities and neutralize threats well ahead of the curve.

Posted by James Kobielus at AM. Monday, August 24, poem Froid. As familiar as sang and Sigmund, reproach and rapprochement abide. Full of feelings rubbed raw, once or twice removed from love's stealth genesis. Aweekstweets August jameskobielus. Was chatting with godbrother Howard Brubaker about his consulting mainstay: system conversions. Nobody else in my extended family that I can truly say is in the same biz as me, though we have very different jobs. My name came first in the credits, but Boris and Leslie definitely contributed a lot. RT jswanhart "Monopoly manual has accumulated player rules over time. Need a Speed Monopoly edition. Is there one? RT jswanhart "Monopoly manual has accumulated player rules over time in special section.

Learn from games: many games are abandoned if players can't make own rules as they go. As fun as the proverbial break room with donut box and morning chit-chat at the office. RT mhweier: "Just opened up your BI report and am looking forward to reading it. Surfeit of overstuffed jargon-laced data sheets and powerpoints. Oleh Jakobus Kobielus saja. It triggers many inquiries, especially among the more tech-savvy. Surfeit of empty press releases. Marketing is, in fact, an essential, and tough, job. Part of my core job is to digest their messages--but digestion of some substance that lacks nutritional content is a fast track to indigestion.

But he needs to recheck his notes from this phone interview. Doing a podcast next week with Dana Gardner and the good folks of Kapow on Web data services. RT jilldyche "Don't force social conversation; join an in-process conversation" smcseattle socialmedia: jk--But then I'm Mr. Or, perhaps, nothing at alll. However, some vendors are in well-focused, promising BI niches.

I understand the desire to record the moment. BTW, I have no cassette player to listen to those first infantile cries. SQLStream promotes this as a use-case and may have a case study" jk--Thanks for the tip! Need to respond. Lots of Monday morning tasks. Goofus was our Eddie Haskell. RT johnperrybarlow "Socrates worried writing would obliterate memory. But why should they be? RT scottros: "is it time to retire term 'blogger'? Other than WSJ, who writes for "journals"? As you can tell, my own blogging activities have evolved toward a more diffuse tweeting, facebooking, and blogging multicasting. I'm looking for some good case studies integrating social media with business activity monitoring BAM tools.

Tweeting consistently, event-driven, is the best generator of fresh material. Monday, August 17, Aweekstweets August jameskobielus. Dock a bunch of these micro-marts in any portable client with multiple USB drives and, voila, an enterprise DW hub with prebuilt analytic applications. Geared to crawling Web-based market intelligence. It just flows and flows from spontaneous interaction. By the way, why are some Twitterers still greening their photos? Hey gang-green, Iran democracy's a tough nut. Stop holding your breath. I prefer not to let any of them color the face I present to the world. Weird when Twitter gives you a quick status update on the BPM market and your grown children living elsewhere in a single glance.

RT lancewalter "for spending time in airport I can sit there for hours, focus, and de-stress. Perfect powerdrink songabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck JKThis was a mids rock-radio song that caught my attention after a year-period of not listening to rock radio. Helped to revive my interest in music made by people a half-generation younger than me. RT joeharris76 "re highschool class Taking briefing from Jedox, German vendor of in-memory real-time collab s. I do miss record stores, though. Great hangouts. Thank you technological advance. I sensed a lot of that back then. Some are more conservative, and hate both Clinton and Obama. Funny how people let this crap stand in the way of something as simple as being nice to each other. Oh, please!

I also saw signs that the analytics industry, not hard hit by the recession, is tighter, more focused than ever. Plenty of vision. What I saw this week on my consulting trip impressed me that key DW appliance vendors are taking the next evolutionary leap. Excellent native American drama. Lawrence in winter, forming a solid drive-able smuggler-friendly border between the US, a Mohawk nation, and Canada. North American airports. Which is most pleasant to spend any time in? My vote goes to Minneapolis. I do indeed love their sandwiches, all of which are delicious and filling--perfect for grabbing quick and eating on the plane--or just relaxing at the gate listening to my Zune.

I've noticed that my nervous system bounces back more quickly from long road trips, ever since Egidia and I got serious on yoga. One of the other nice things about doing work administrivia on Saturday night is that tedium frees the mind to roam where it will. Try it. Love nothing more than to submit an expense report on Saturday night. At least it gives excuse to shut self away, sip wine, listen to music. Which is to do the last two things but not the first two things. Wondering how childhood buddy William "Biz" Reynolds ended up a folksinger. Facebook pops surprises.

Perhaps he sings rock. The photo with acoustic guitar and beret suggests almost anything these days. Surprised the feds never built a fort there back in the day, or maybe they did. They built one downriver at Fort Washington, I know. My most forward thinking fell on receptive minds. Sometimes people get it right away and see the obvious practical import. Congrats to Sonya, and kudos to Virginia DMV, for granting her her driver's license on the first try. Way to go girl! Always pushing myself to see how many distinct tasks I can accomplish in a tight space, tight time, tight constraints.

The man was brilliant, fearless, determined, indefatigable, upbeat--the Thomas Edison of music! Random stimuli spark the unanticipated. Just completed a fine advisory day with Oracle. Presented my thoughts, research on the DW market etc. A two-story L-shape on the outer road, with an inviting glass atrium. A minor conceptual doodle. A way of hedging riskier business bets before major resources get committed. But I still have a hardcore of cherished vinyl that, unfortunately, I have no working phonograph to play. Thought provoking. Forrester's BT Forum, Oct. I prefer more lemony fresh. Need more analysis, less anal-ness, from r-wing PM Aug 13th from TweetDeck JKSomehow, the public faces of the Republican party are all screaming and snarky, arranged in a split-screen on a 24x7 cable news channel that usually includes one attractive female and one balding white middle-aged male I, by the way, fit that latter description.

RT areyoustanding: "listening to media" jkI'll advise you to advise your friend RLimbaugh to have constructive proposals for a change. The military is, in fact, the largest branch of the US government by budget. RT areyoustanding: "you seem to be listening to the media" jk--That's the problem. The media is largely conservative. I wonder, do you have any? Have long been. Thanks for your concern. For another, healthcare insurance coverage needs to be portable.

Wish we could roll it over like we can a k to an IRA--without gap. A range of private-sector choices is fine. If nothing else, this "pre-existing condition" exclusion needs to be banned by law. If no health insurer could impose a pre-existing condition exclusion, then no health insurer will suffer financially, net-net, from a great horde of very sick people coming onto their rolls. Republicans seem to be pretending that the US healthcare system is perfect. When any of our daily personal experience argues otherwise. What does MR mean for app servers?

Why so glum? RT alyswoodward "wouldn't it be a bit damp to live in a cloud?! View's better on top. By the time cloud computing got going, the column was history. Each time they tried,crime got worse and their families were targeted more I guess because they knew too much. Overall, I always liked Jax but his jealousy of Sonny has always clouded a lot of his judgement. Because he has always placed himself above Sonny or Jason. Last edited by Ilar ; August 18, , AM. AngelOfSoap commented. I like Jax and I do not dislike Carly but some act as if Jax has no right to be concerned about his daughter. He has never kept it a secret that he disapproves of Sonny or the mob lifestyle. I believe he is afraid for Joss. Morgan's name comes up but remember Jax loved Morgan.

He helped raise him and the two were close and Jax was heartbroken by Morgan's death. I understand his concern, his fear and his desperation. And this started years ago with Brenda and Sonny. I mean, he is supposed to be this super rich corporate raider, and all they have him doing is running around town blackmailing people to get what he wants, which is really either Nina and or Carly depending on what time of day it is. Last edited by mamafenocchi ; August 18, , AM. Reason: Spelling. ScrubsFan 1 commented. So he could be there for Joss. I remember they shared some wonderful scenes - and he was a great comfort to her.

Not in a million years. It's just the way the writers roll. Then - and always. He wants his daughter to be kept safe. August 17, , AM. Jax thinks like a parent. Carly thinks like a mob boss! FLPeaches commented. Agree percent. Carly seems completely in love with the power of the mob life. She is putting that above everything else. Bella Scorpio commented. Yes, perfect statement! It's hard to be Team Jax when he's acting like such a moron. Did he really think he was going to blackmail Carly into being a good little girl? And honestly, some times it's hard to tell if he's trying to protect Joss or he's jealous over Carly not running back into his lonely arms.

Please this is bad writing to make the bad guys look better. Terrible writing. Cyrus told her she could walk away. None of the Five Families expected her to take over. They are in this mess because Carly made the call to kidnap Florence, and Jason had to take the blame. And ALL this now is about protecting Jason. She can't not do "whatever" she can to protect him.

NOT Team Jax. He's such an insufferable ass. What did he think he was going to do with the recording? Blackmailing Carly would never have ended well and now he has forever destroyed any trust she had in him. If Joss ever found out she would be furious and had he used the recording to put Carly in jail, his daughter probably would decide never to talk to him. Rich people have bodyguards whether or not they are in the mob. If Jax was this concerned maybe he shouldn't have got involved and procreated with a woman who was married to Sonny Corinthos and had children with him. This whole shebang is less about Jax protecting Joss and more about the fact that Carly, rather than falling back in his bed, has continued to mourn her husband and stay connected to Jason.

Joss wouldn't care. She forgave Sonny for trying to kill Jax by sabatoging his plane and having him deported. She might be angry for 5 minutes. When Jax married Carly she was no longer part of the mob because she wasn't with Sonny. Jax has not shown onscreen that he is jealous or wants Carly back. Except Jax is not protecting his daughter, he is actually making her more vulnerable. He has let his jealousy of Jason get in the way of his thinking.

And Joss would hate him if he tried to set up her mother. Once again, Jax makes a situation worse for all involved. I have not seen Jax saying or doing anything that would indicate he is "jealous" of either Jason or Sonny. It's no secret that he's always wanted to get back together with Carly, but he certainly has not been outright pursuing her, or even trying to talk her out of marrying Jason.

He may act like a total jerk at times, but he is the only person who truly has Carly's and Josslyn's best interests at heart, which is more than I can say for selfish Sonny and lackey Jason. I have never been a fan of Jax. That said, I have also never been a fan of throwing a decent character under the bus to prop a couple of mob groupies. And in my opinion that's what is happening here. Jax is an insufferable whiner. But suddenly the writers are making him into a villain to prop up Michael, Carly and Jason. Gag me with a spoon. Bkes Mom. Team Jax for trying to protect his daughter but that's about it, I find him insufferable. Was he going to blackmail Jarly or actually give the recording to the police?

I dont know. I do feel he is justified in his fear. I would be beside myself if any grown man approached my young daughter, letting her know he knows all her movements, let alone a mobster trying to take down her mother. Andie Team Jax here! Love him. I like Jax and he has every right to be concerned about his daughter, but I don't like the manner in which he is doing things. I hate what TIIC have reduced him to the last couple of months. Team Jax..

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