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Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders

Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders is Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders just standing on the Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders and cheering. Competition is extremely stressful, From Ethos And Logos Analysis amazing at the same Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders. Business Courses and Business Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders Sports improve the overall health of children and even adults, making them always fit. Typically each main point will have its own body paragraph. Cheerleading Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders be considered a sport globally. Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders women athletes drop out of sport Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders than continue being subjected to the constant harassment and Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders. Evidence supporting your argument: Facts or examples Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders les mis eponine Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders your main points.

Persuasive Speech- Competitive Cheerleading should be consi

While some people say competitive cheerleading is too unmethodical and muddled to be considered a sport, it actually meets all the criteria to be considered one. Competitive cheerleading is physically demanding, competitive, and regulated. Although competitive cheerleading meets all the components of a sport, some people still see it as merely an athletic activity. It is more a sport because cheerleading fits the definition of a sport, cheerleading is competitive and it involves training and practice.

Cheerleading is mostly based on stunting. But cheer has more physical exertion and has practice unlike most activities and more like a sport. She will testify that she worked with the plaintiff as a cheerleader on the high school team her sophomore and junior years as well as working with her on the GCA team and when she worked for GCA. She considered the plaintiff to be a skilled back spot, probably the best on the team. She was a great cheerleader, which is why Marella had made her a captain. Marella will also testify regarding her skill, training, experience as a coach, certifications and related course work. Cheerleading is a sport Is cheerleading really a sport,I believe that cheerleading is a sport.

But when people say that that cheering is not a sport I say I would like to see all them do the flips that we do and how many times we do it in a row. In addition to colleges recognizing cheerleading as a sport, 22 states now recognize high school cheer as a sport, including Arizona. Many orthopedic experts consider cheerleading a sport and encourage other associations to do so as well. By accepting cheerleading as a sport, the athletes would be given more money for mats, increasing the safety. Doctors believe that if more people gave cheerleading had greater recognition, many injuries could be prevented with the purchase of mats. A failure can be a downward spiral or a setback turning into a benefit.

When athletes experience head trauma, they only recover a little, which might end their career early or other times people never recover. In the case of my four month concussion, there are residual mental and physical problems. For me, this challenge helped me develop as a person than will work harder and strive for the best in my academics. So my seven class mates and I learned it, then performed several pieces at the time, and moved on to what we called the cool instruments. My friend Jacob and I were the only fourth graders who were taking the snare at the time and we both loved it, we took solo and ensemble together and both got first on our solos. What is Cheerleading? Cheerleading includes all those easy and pretty factors, but it is also a sport that you stunt, tumble, and jump.

What is really the secret to perfecting all these major components in cheerleading? Nothing could be done in cheerleading without the use of physics. This year I was honored to be the captain of the cheerleading team in Zapata High School. We started since June in the summer to try to perfect the simple stunts needed to know before we got to the more challenging and difficult ones. This was not easy for us, we failed and failed until the th time, we would finally stick the stunt. I would blame this entirely on the fact that not all the cheerleaders have taken physics in high school with Mrs. Same thing went to play as we tried to jump and tumble, it was all so hard for us. Show More. Cheerleading Accomplishments Words 3 Pages I was even able to make the SACS Varsity cheer team, which is an unforgettable experience knowing that they are one of the best in town.

Read More. After hearing girls scream in joy while you are smiling and waving because you cannot believe it happened either made me realize we all had the same passion; Cheerleading. These few instances of my life made my world spin. My desire for success was at such an all-time high, and I realize now that I pushed myself both mentally and physically over my. I joined marching band in ninth grade as my ongoing love for music waxed. When my instructor placed the 30 lb. During practices, I always attempted to ease the discomfort as the sousaphone cut through my collar bone, but eventually my shoulder started to agonize and bleed under the pressure.

My endurance and my effort to play the best show without complaining about the weight paid off when I received the award for "Rookie of the Year. Then later in my senior year, I tore my meniscus as well. This injury took me out of two competitions of our season and I was out for a month. It is hard to bounce back quickly from injuries and it is even harder to have to watch from the sidelines. Obviously, I will always have fears of being reinjured but thankfully, I feel confident in my body and my own strength. My hobbies include choreographing, teaching, babysitting, reading, cooking, and being active.

The kids jumped all over me, would not pay attention for more than three motions, and repeatedly asked me random questions about the things I liked. That two hour practice was one of the most hectic and frustrating moments I have experienced, but, at the same time, it was new, exciting, and entertaining. The past years of coaching have allowed me to form strong relationships with these girls to the point where I see them as my little sisters.

Being their coach involves more than just teaching them cheers and dances, sometimes I have to settle their differences, comfort them, and let them have fun. When the girls reached sixth grade, the team started to go through drama. It has been a continuous struggle that has affected me, even in my sports, but my attitude and determination have persisted. It has also affected me when I was on the high school cheerleading squad. I received awards in elementary school and junior high for the best effort in classes such as Math. All throughout school I have felt determined to get out of the resource center.

I had cheered at American Elite from 4Th grade all the way to my freshman year in high school. I quit because I wanted to be able to get involved in my high school and doing competitive cheer was hard and very time consuming. Meanwhile in high school I got involved in Varsity Football, Basketball and competitive cheer and was also apart of Latin club and young life. I had to accept the fact that it happened and make sure now that I followed the correct steps to make sure I was able to play sports again and some how still be able to play while I was in High School. During spring break instead of going out and having fun like everyone else, I had knee surgery. I was in severe pain, and my surgeon Dr. Konic said the surgery was successful and after a few days of rest and letting my stitches heal, I would be ready for physical therapy.

I could never imagine someone else or one of my team mates going through what I was dealing with. At times I would be in a great mood and excited and happy that I was fresh and my knee was new but then in a matter of seconds I would be in tears and fearful that I would not be able to play the sports I wanted to in High School. Practicing is the most important aspect in cheerleading. Many teams practice almost every day of the week for two to three hours to create the perfect routine.

These competitive teams train for countless hour to pull off a two minute and thirty second routine filled with high-flying stunts, powerful tumbling, and impressive teamwork. In 7th grade, I tried out for the middle school cheerleading team because one of my friends was trying out as well, but unfortunately did not make it. Even though I did not make the team, I still continued tumbling classes.

In 8th grade I tried out for the team again, and after many private tumbling lessons and working on motions with my neighbor who was a high school cheerleader, I made the team. Ever since 8th grade, I have been in love with cheerleading.

Social Science Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders At just the age of 14, a young girl desperate to fit in began to basically starve herself. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Actno part maybe reproduced, copied, scanned, stored Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders a retrieval system, recorded or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders of the publisher. Cheerleading is a great way to meet new friends Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders building teamwork, Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders, and also self-esteem. Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders and Mathematics Courses Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders Read More. For being a good citizen years of my life I was a competitive cheerleader for Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders all star Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders gym, which is completely different Persuasive Essay On Cheerleaders sideline cheerleading.

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