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The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis

Francis Duggan 14 The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis. Bill Cunningham was a notable figure in New York City until his The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis last year; a Bill Cunningham spotting was almost as exciting as having your picture The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis by him. Day 42 : Laxmi Narayan Tripathi The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis evicted from the house after facing the public vote. InMichael Apted profiled 14 children for his Granada Television special How Did England Influence The Development Of The Colonies Upviewing The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis group as The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis of England The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis large across the country's socio-economic The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis. Sunny Theme Of Guilt In Macbeth Sky The Soul Selects Her Own Society Analysis she does not like the way Amar was being touchy with the girls during the task. Mahek is also seen giving tips to Shraddha in a while and tells Shradhha that it is Juhi and Sky who are playing a double game. She instigates Pooja by giving her some examples of Juhi 's Interpersonal Communication In The Break-Up game.

Dickinson, The Soul Selects Her Own Society

It compares grief to summer, suggesting that people don't always notice the way that everything undergoes gradual change—but that nothing in life stays still, and death always lurks in the background. As with most of Dickinson's roughly poems, this one was not published during her lifetime. The poem contains all of Dickinson's most notable traits—an apparent simplicity masking rigorous and complex thought; a sense of transition; and a deep questioning of what it means to be alive. Like most of her poems, it is written in common meter and employs dashes to mark stages of thought. As imperceptibly as grief The summer lapsed away,— Too imperceptible, at last, To seem like perfidy.

A quietness distilled, As twilight long begun, Or Nature, spending with herself Sequestered afternoon. The dusk drew earlier in, The morning foreign shone,— A courteous, yet harrowing grace, As guest who would be gone. And thus, without a wing, Or service of a keel, Our summer made her light escape Into the beautiful. Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. The words are listed in the order in which they appear in the poem. Dickinson's Meter — A valuable discussion of Emily Dickinson's use of meter. Other poems — A link to numerous other Emily Dickinson poems. Educational resources — Resources for students about Emily Dickinson provided by the Dickinson museum situated in her old house. The Poem in Animation — A somewhat spooky animated version of the poem, complete with reading.

A Bird, came down the Walk. After great pain, a formal feeling comes —. A narrow Fellow in the Grass. An awful Tempest mashed the air—. Because I could not stop for Death —. Before I got my eye put out. Hope is the thing with feathers. National Geographic Magazine. The grotesque beauty of mining waste Proof The grotesque beauty of mining waste In images that could be mistaken for paintings, a photographer records how mine waste has ruined a valley near his Romanian hometown. See Photos. Latest Issues.

Magazine October Issue. Magazine September Issue. Magazine August Issue. Magazine July Issue. Magazine June Issue. See Archive. Watch This. How these s maps left some neighborhoods with fewer trees More than 50 years after redlining was banned by the Fair Housing Act of , its lingering effects leave many low-income and often communities of color with fewer trees to keep their neighborhoods cool. Now Playing. Up Next. Why a whale's world is a world of sound. The Making of a Photograph: Commitment March. Tales of the Giant. Day 21 : Raageshwari was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. One : Contestants were given masks, capes and gloves and were asked to come up with a superhero name and a super power.

Contestants were also asked to perform to the song Chammak Challo where Lakshmi Tripathi was made choreographer. Bigg Boss chose Pooja Misrra the winner of the task and awarded her with a gift hamper full of Ra. One action figures and T-shirts. Maruti Suzuki- India's most fuel efficient car : Housemates had to express who in their opinion is a more deserving candidate to win the show. Bigg Boss chose Juhi as the winner and awarded her with a gift hamper. Day 23 : A new Housemate Akashdeep Saighal entered the house as the fourth male contestant. Pooja Bedi seems to dislike Shraddha's cooking. The two argue and finally Pooja Bedi decides to make her own breakfast.

After breakfast, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar discussed Raageshwari's eviction and how the increase in fights since her exit must be affecting her. Shraddha involved herself in the conversation and a few heated words were exchanged between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha. Bored with the negativity that 10 women and three men brought to the house, Vida Samadzai shared her disappointment with Bigg Boss and said she hoped more men entered the house soon so that the contestants could engage in something other than back-biting and hypocrisy.

A task was announced in the house where contestants were given masks, capes and gloves and were asked to come up with a superhero name and a super power. Contestants were also asked to perform to a song where Lakshmi Tripathi was made choreographer. While the song was playing and the contestants were performing, Sky aka Akashdeep Saighal entered the house in a superhero costume. When Sky entered, he danced seductively with Lakshmi and she pulled off his mask. After everyone had greeted him, the song continued and Sky also continued to dance with Lakshmi. It seems that the newcomer got his first friend in the house. Lakshmi took Sky into a room and made him aware about the catfights going on in the house and warned him to stay away from the controversies.

Sky, in turn, told her about what is going on in the outside world. Another fight broke out between Pooja Bedi and Shraddha when the latter called her aunty. Pooja Bedi asked Shakti to support her on this but he completely ignored her which caused her to lose her temper and share her woes with Amar Upadhyay. Shakti had decided not to talk to any woman in the house therefore he didn't reply to Pooja Bedi but Pooja Bedi believes that Shakti doesn't respect her and their year-old friendship. Shonali Nagrani tried to calm Pooja Bedi down but she yelled at her too and tried to portray Shakti negatively. Day 25 : The day started with Siddhart flirting with Shonali.

He tried to make Shonali laugh by passing some silly jokes. Lakshmi observing this called Siddharth and teased him. Followed by this, contestants received Diwali gifts from their loved ones. These gifts were specially delivered inside the house to lighten the overall tense atmosphere. Everyone, except Pooja Misrra, became really emotional upon seeing their gifts. Pooja Misrra seemed uninterested in the gifts sent to her by her friends. Adding to the joyous feeling in the house, captaincy nominations were held. Contestants were asked to choose between renominating Shonali as the captain or electing a new captain. The poll was completed a new captain for an upcoming week was finalized.

Pooja Bedi and Mahek were upset about who was chosen the captain for the coming week. The duo was also stunned at Lakshmi's votes and confronted her about it. For the coming week, Shraddha and Siddharth were given the task of dish washing and the cooking team, consisting of Juhi and Pooja Bedi, expressed dissatisfaction with their work. Juhi was disappointed with Shraddha's work because she felt Shraddha was not doing a good job at cleaning the dishes and they were still dirty. Juhi then asked the captain to take the issue up with dishwashing team and ensure they did their job well. Irritated about the way she was being treated, Shraddha approached everyone in the house at different times and spoke ill about Pooja Bedi.

In the evening, the housemates were provided a few items along with the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in order to conduct a small Lakshmi Puja to celebrate Diwali. All the housemates were overjoyed at this and begun preparations for a Puja. Soon after the puja, a task was announced for the contestants. For the task, they had to give their opinions about who was the best and most efficient person in the house. To add to the Diwali celebrations, Bigg Boss sent in a special big dark chocolate cake and many fireworks. Contestants lit the fireworks and celebrated diwali by wishing their families, friends and Bigg Boss.

They thanked Bigg Boss for making them feel special while they were spending time away from family. Day 26 : The day starts with yet another fight as Pooja Misrra and Vida Samadzai get into an argument over a waist band which is supposedly Vida's. Vida claims that it had fallen down a couple of days back which Pooja Misrra had picked up conveniently and kept it with her. This really upsets Vida and she goes and talks to Mahek about it.

They feel that fighting with people is like an addiction for her, and that she literally cannot survive without arguing with someone or the other. They come to an agreement that something needs to be done as she is crossing all limits and being a burden instead of a buddy to everyone. Amar taunts her back. Lakshmi intervenes and cracks a few jokes about Pooja Misra. Shraddha Sharma and Siddharth are washing the dishes as Sky walks in and offers to help. Shradhha gives him her job and walks away coolly. Later Sky realises that what he thought was a two-minute job is actually a major job. After sometime, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates to the living room to make an announcement.

The punishment is that all three shall be handcuffed until the next announcement, and only one of the three can sit at one time. Pooja Misrra and Pooja Bedi start blaming Vida for the punishment as they claimed that she is the sole reason why people feel the need to speak in English. The boys of the house have a little gossip session of their ownabout who will be evicted next. They decide that Pooja Bedi has the highest chances of getting evicted. Shraddha and Amar talk about the coming week's nominations and plan as to between whom they can create a fight for their personal benefit. An emotional Pooja Bedi starts crying to Bigg Boss and expresses that she is being used, abused and insulted time and again throughout the show.

After a while, just before the lights go off Bigg Boss relieves the punished from the handcuffs and all are tired and go to sleep. Mahek Nominated by Shonali Pooja B. While leaving Shakti was asked to nominate two housemates for eviction on Week 5 according to the power giving to him as Bigg Bomb. Shakti chose Pooja M. Siddharth Bhardwaj was locked into the jail for 24 hours according to the power given to Raageshwari while exiting.

Day 28 : Shakti Kapoor was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. Housemates had to cover ft hiking on a 20 feet wall created in the Activity area inside the house. Day 29 : Akashdeep kept on trying to take up a fight with Pooja Misrra. He even challenged Misrra by saying, "Just wait and watch you will be soon eliminated from Bigg Boss. During a conversation, Amar Upadhyay said Mandeep Bevli is the smartest player in the house and will make it to the end.

Pooja Bedi added, "Even I feel the same. We totally forget her at the time of nominations. Mandeep even told Laxmi Narayan that her 'son' Amar plans to nominate her. Akashdeep aka Sky overreacted on this as well and made Amar apologize to everyone. Sky even suggested Amar to take his suggestions regarding nominations and not play dirty games. Repercussions of this entire spat were visible on the nomination process too. After being saved by the audience several times, Mahek has become really confident now. After her name was announced she said, "Many housemates think that I am a strong player and they keep on nominating me.

However, I will be saved again and this will be like a slap on their faces. The duo had fought mainly because both were blaming each other for playing a double game. After a while, Mahek is seen washing the dishes with Sky by her side. The topic of conversation was Shonali and Mahek was busy explaining to Sky as to how slyly Shonali has been trying to be in every single housemate's good books. An emotionally drained Vida breaks down completely as Juhi sits by and consoles her. An understanding Juhi hugs her and manages to calm her down. The letter basically explains the weekly task which has been assigned to the housemates.

The task is pretty demanding in terms of physical endurance. She instigates Pooja by giving her some examples of Juhi 's double game. Day 31 : Bigg Boss assigned Pooja Misrra the task of selecting two people as candidates for captainship. After much deliberation and discussion with other contestants, Pooja M. In the evening, an argument breaks out between Shraddha Sharma and Sky Akashdeep. When Sky asks Shraddha who she would elect as the captain for the coming week, Shraddha tells him that her decision was only for Bigg Boss to know. This cheeky response irritates him because he feels he has asked a very simple question.

Shraddha, however, ignores him and says that she was suffering from a stomach ache and doesn't want to talk about the captaincy nominations. Shraddha shares her conversation with Sky with the other housemates, who are impressed by her maturity in handling the situation without losing her cool. Post his argument with Shraddha, Sky approaches Amar with the same question. Amar, too, has no interest in disclosing his choice or continuing the conversation. Near dinner time, a huge misunderstanding takes place which adds to the troubled atmosphere prevalent inside the Bigg Boss 5 house. Mahek is talking about Sky's personality to the housemates, which he happens to overhear.

He tries to confront Mahek and the fight takes a turn for the worse. An enraged Sky starts pulling out the skeletons from Mahek's closet and provokes her to fight with him. Mahek loses her cool and lashes out at him. However, after a while, she breaks down and everyone helps her to her bedroom. Realising his folly, Sky apologises to Mahek but Mahek she is in no mood to listen. As if the huge fight between Sky and Mahek was not enough, another misunderstanding takes place between Siddharth and Vida which leaves the housemates wondering whether fights would be the order of the day going forward. During the fights Amar hits Pooja M. Pooja confronts Amar about the pain giving rise to yet another fight. Day 32 : The day starts with Siddharth swimming in the pool early in the morning and Mahek passes by.

Siddharth tells her to bring it on and accuses her of being very unreasonable. The day has yet another fight with Siddharth bursting out at Vida as she had accused him of being immature. Vida had told him to stay away from her the previous night when Mahek was very emotional about her outburst with Sky. A stubborn Siddharth still went ahead and brought the topic of Vida accusing him of eating too much 'dal'. Vida shooed him away from the scene by telling him that her friend's emotions are more important rather than his stupid childish behavior.

Sky explains to Shonali that she needs to stop mediating as that lands her in trouble without her noticing. In sometime, an agitated Mahek lashes out at Sky for the embarrassment that he had caused her last night. She is extremely furious and abuses and accuses him of being totally inhuman. She is very aggressive and warns him by saying that she will stay and ensure that she teaches him a lesson for his misbehavior. Sky fights back and accuses her further and calls her a dustbin and walks off the situation. She sits on the dining table with Sky, Mandeep etc. A while later, Sky and Siddharth are sitting in the verandah and discussing the post effects of the fight. Sky expresses that he hates Lakshmi Tripathi. Sky tells Siddharth that Lakshmi is purely a two faced woman and she just pretends to be fair all the time to gain everyone's attention.

Also, he accuses Amar of being a sissy and staying out of the entire scene. Looks like the men in the house are no lesser in gossiping amongst themselves. Nominated by Shonali Amar 6 votes Mandeep 5 votes Mahek 5 votes. While Leaving, Mandeep was asked to save one housemate from next week's nomination. Mandeep chose Siddharth and made him immune from Week 6 eviction. Day 35 : Mandeep Bevli was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. Shraddha Ki Riyaasat : Shraddha will be treated as a queen and the rest will be her attendants. Day 36 : The day starts with Sky and Siddharth feeling bad about Mandeep's eviction. The boys and most of the girls in the house are seen upset post her exit.

After sometime, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to assemble in the living area for the weekly nominations. The nominations take place and four unexpected names crop up in the nominations. Then, Siddharth and Pooja Misrra gang up against Shraddha, who's the captain of the house. They lash out at her for being an unfair captain. Sky instigates Pooja Misrra to fight with Shonali and Vida, before it gets too late.

He explains to her that if she doesn't fight with either of them, then her chances of elimination would increase. He is apparently plotting this plan to eventually blame Shraddha and get her into a vulnerable state. After a while, Pooja Misrra is seen going crazy and shouting her lungs out at Vida. She yells at her for not giving her equal opportunity to use the kitchen when required. The fight gets really ugly and the housemates have to intervene and stop the fight. The day ends with Sky expressing his happiness, as his plan succeeds to some extent.

Day 37 : The day started on a very positive note and everyone around was happy in the house on the eve of Eid. Sanjay Dutt sends special Eid greetings and sweets to the contestants and all the contestants are dressed up for this very special day. On the day of Eid , Vida wishes to be with her family and cries inconsolably throughout the day. All the contestants tried hard to stop her tears, but it seemed like nothing could stop them.

Slowly as the day passes, Sky and Lakshmi had a small argument over playing unfair games and they soon patched up too. The day took another surprising turn when Mahek and Sky discussed the issues that had happened a week ago and promised each other to forget everything and patch up. A very hilarious weekly task is then assigned by Bigg Boss to the housemates. Shraddha being the captain of the house orders Pooja Misrra to do a particular task which flares Pooja Misrra up and in turn she retaliates and refuses to do the task.

This results in a small tiff between the two. Day 38 : Swami Agnivesh entered the house as a Houseguest. She is seen in a very funny looking avatar which gets all the housemates amused. She also explains the reason behind her act. Amar and Vida are seen discussing Pooja Misrra's measure to attract attention. In a while, Bigg Boss calls Shraddha to the confession room and assigns her a secret task.

Pooja Misrra who was upset with the captain initially in the day, walks into her room and clears her difference with Shraddha. Shraddha makes an effort to patch up with her and explains that she has no hard feelings for anyone. After sometime, the housemates finally experience yet another crazy fight. The fight was over a negligible issue but for Pooja it was a big deal and Laxmi blew it out of proportion. The fight was amusing for the rest of the housemates as this behavior was more or less a routine.

Some peace was resolved as the housemates calm a furious Lakshmi down. Day 39 : The housemate behaved well in Swami's presence, smiled a lot, forgot the differences among themselves, worked harder and tried to impress Swami with their behavior. The activity of searching Garnier products hidden in the pool area and climbing the pole to drop tubes was conducted in good spirit with Team Amar winning outright. They work without hesitation and do not yell. PB and Juhi look too delighted and willingly contribute extra bit on orders of Shraddha. Shonali remained stuck to Swami. Sidharth chose to wear Swami's clothes.

He does not realize that behaviors and habits can't be changed by wearing clothes of saints. Swami's views about gender inequality were challenged by Laxmi who felt that the bias of all was towards the ladies and trans genders did not get due respect and attention. Pooja Misrra was encouraged by Swami when he told her that she was right in her beliefs.

Swami was not true in his comments. He told Sky that he was right in what he did and must keep it up. This was like fuelling him further to light up the house with his temper. Siddharth was also appreciated for his behavior in the house. Akashdeep Nominated by Shraddha Pooja M. While Leaving, Laxmi was asked to save one housemate from next week's nomination. Laxmi chose Mahek and made her immune from Week 7 eviction. Amar and Vida were jailed by Shraddha for not following the rules of the weekly task and upsetting her.

Siddharth was immune from eviction, according to the power given to Mandeep while exiting, hence Housemates were unable to cast their nominations against him. Day 41 : Swami Agnivesh was asked to leave the house by the Bigg Boss after a visit of three days. Day 42 : Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. Raajneeti : Housemates have to act like politicians and form two parties under two leaders who will have to convince members of the opposing party to form alliance with theirs. Day 43 : On the night of Day 42, Pooja Misrra locked herself up inside the bathroom for close to three hours.

This stuns the entire house. Since Sky is the captain of the house, he takes up the responsibility of approaching Pooja Misrra and questioning her about her act. Pooja Misrra tells him to get lost. That night, the entire house goes to sleep fearful that Pooja Misrra has been possessed by a ghost. She tells him that Pooja Misrra is angry with him.

Sky puts his ego aside and walks up to Pooja Misrra and tries to clarify their differences. A stubborn Pooja Misrra walks away and says that she is not interested in talking to him. After sometime, Pooja Misrra is seen speaking about how people in the house are hypnotising her and turning her innocent soul into a violent one to get everyone against her. Pooja Misrra explains to Amar Upadhyay that she was only doing pranayam breathing exercises in the loo, but everyone misunderstood her and thought she is practising black magic. Siddharth Bhardwaj tries to reason with Pooja Misrra about her behaviour, but he just ends up feeling so frustrated that he yells at her that he will make sure nobody in the house talks to her.

Weekly nominations take place. Captain Sky's special nomination turns out to be a surprise nomination for the entire house. Post the nominations the non-nominated contestants are seen bonding with each other and celebrating their victory of relief for the week. After a while, Siddharth goes to the smoking room where he finds Pooja Misrra.

He tries to enter the room but Pooja Misrra slams the door really hard on his face. Siddharth loses his temper and runs in to the house to tell everyone what happened. He warns everybody to stay away from him as he is going to get back at her. The two get into a very nasty fight, so much so that Siddharth almost kicks her. The housemates intervene and with great difficulty calm Siddharth down. Post this violent outburst, Pooja M. Mahek comes to offer her support. She consoles Pooja M.

After that, Vida informs the green room inhabitants that Pooja Misrra is changing her room. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The day ends and all the housemates go to sleep but restless and tense. Day 44 : It is a new morning and a fresh start in the Bigg Boss house and as the day begins, Pooja Misrra is seen starting on a new note about yesterday's fight.

Pooja Misrra sits along with Pooja Bedi and vents out her anger about yesterday's fight with Sidharth. She points out how Sidharth misbehaved with her first and abused her family to which Pooja Bedi replied that it was partly Pooja Misrra's fault too that Sidharth's anger aggravated. As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces a weekly task for which the entire house is seen working in unison. The contestants are then seen preparing for their weekly task and await further announcements from Bigg Boss to carry out the task.

Pooja Bedi, Sky and Juhi are seen bonding with each other during the afternoon and talk of how the weekly task can be a great way of breaking Amar down. Shonali is seen upset ever since the nominations. She finds a consoling shoulder in Sidharth and tells him how Sky has been playing double and unfair games. She expresses her grief to Sidharth and soon Vida is seen joining the two and consoling Shonali. Shonali tells Sidharth that ever since day one, she knew what games Sky has been playing and that all her predictions for Sky have been coming true. Sidharth asks Shonali to go and talk to Sky about all of this. Sidharth asks Shonali not to feel so bad about the nominations. Shonali also confronts Sidharth and asks him, why he did not stop Sky from nominating for her name.

Bigg Boss then gives out the Code of Conduct letter to the housemates re-iterating the rules of the house. The code of conduct letter is given to the house to tell the housemates that apart from these rules, they need to come up with 10 more rules which would be followed by the entire house. The entire house is seen enthusiastic about the task and everyone is seen working peacefully in their teams for the task.

The entire house is in the task mode and are seen enjoying the task and are seen enjoying the team work. Pooja Misrra almost gets jailed as she defies a captain's rule made by Sky. Sky asks Pooja Misrra to go in the jail, but soon rethinks his decisions and thinks it would be best if he does not mess with her anymore. After dinner, Shonali is seen crying again over the nominations issue. She is still unable to digest the fact that Sky has nominated her name for next week's evictions.

This shows that Shonali really wants to be a part of the Bigg Boss house and cannot see herself out of the house within a few weeks of coming in. Day 45 : The day starts with the routine wake up song and all the housemates are up and awake. Pooja Misrra is picked on by Sky and Siddharth especially for consuming too many eggs on a regular basis. Sky being the house captain tells Pooja Misrra that if she doesn't stop this bad habit then he would send her to jail. An angry Pooja Misrra retaliates by announcing to the rest of the housemates that she will be on 'maun vrath' the entire day in order to stop being everyone's target.

Vida approaches Amar and tells him that she wants to clarify a few things regarding her nomination. While the both get into an intense conversation, the bad boys aka Siddharth and Sky interfere and start instigating Amar against Vida. The duo has some success as Vida gets a little emotional. Post their departure Amar manages to convince Vida a little bit. After sometime, Sky and Shonali are seen chilling in the captain's room and discussing the happenings of the house.

While both are at it, Pooja Misra storms into the captain's room and barges into the restroom without his permission. An angry Sky comes out and tells the rest of the housemates that going into the captain's restroom without prior permission is against the Bigg Boss house rules. So he walks back into his room, enters the restroom and forcefully gets her out and tells her that her behavior is just not accepted. An angry Pooja Misrra walks out and complains to Amar that her elbow was hurt when Sky forcefully opened the door on her. Amar intervenes and tells her that she needs to take the captain's permission for using his loo.

Pooja creates a big scene as usual and shouts out saying that she will make everyone suffer for this brutal behavior against her. An agitated Sky being the captain sends her to jail as a punishment for her obnoxious behavior. In a bit, Bigg Boss calls the phone assigned in the house for the "Rajneeti" task. Coincidentally Sky receives the phone call and figures that he needs to send one of his party members to the other party. In sometime, Pooja Misrra is released from the jail. The daily task is introduced in the house and all the housemates get excited to perform the task.

Post the task, Siddharth and Mahek get into a very ugly fight. Mahek instigates Siddharth by saying a few nasty things about his family and that gets Siddharth extremely angry. The housemates intervene and calm things down. The diplomatic duo seems to keep everyone in their control. Bigg Boss asked Sky to bring along a member of his choice to the confession room. Sky chose Siddharth to assist him in deciding the four names to place against the public vote.

As a result, the four names decided with their consensus were as below: Shraddha Pooja M. Vida Shonali. While leaving Vida was asked to nominate two housemates for eviction on Week 8 according to the power giving to her as Bigg Bomb. Vida chose Shraddha and Siddharth adding 1 vote for each of them in the upcoming nomination. Day 45 : Pooja M. Day 46 : Mahek and Siddharth were jailed by Sky and Amar respectively for shouting and abusing each other which was against the rules laid down by their parties in accordance with the weekly task. Mahek was immune from eviction, according to the power given to Laxmi while exiting, hence Housemates were unable to cast their nominations against her. Day 49 : Vida Samadzai was evicted from the house after facing the public vote.

Haseena teri Misaal kahan : Titles are given to the beauties of the house with the three boys as their mentors. The title holders have to enact the title for the week. Both the men enter into an argument when Mahek comes and pulls Amar away and asks him not to stoop down to Sky's level and have an unnecessary argument with Sky. Juhi comments on this act of Mahek saying she is the one who is seen fighting and pouncing in the house half the times and she acting like a peace-maker now looks just so contradictory. In the evening we see beautiful Sunny entering the Bigg Boss house in a grand manner. She is seen dancing on a Bollywood number and is wearing a fine traditional Indian outfit. The housemates are extremely excited as they think she is their 'New Vida' and think her to be the perfect replacement for Vida.

Sky does not miss his chance of luring Sunny to be a part of his room, when the entire house was still just trying to know her well. The housemates are seen quite happy with their new fellow contestant and are seen bonding with her really well. Early in the morning as the day begins, Sky and Shonali have a huge argument. Sky thinks that Shonali is upset with him as he had nominated her the previous week for evictions where as Shonali says that she has forgotten it all long back. Sky is generally irritated with Shonali and has been behaving upset ever since the 'Rajneeti' task ended.

Sky does not leave a chance to mock at her and calls her dumb and keeps repeating that she has an image of changing her rooms and forgetting all the wrong that she has done in the past. Sunny tries interfering and stopping the two, but nothing works. Sky goes on to tell Shonali that she is doing nothing but aping Mahek. Shonali could not listen to all that Sky was saying about her and broke down. Amar, Mahek and Siddharth manage to console her and calm her down. As the day ends, we see Siddharth chatting with Pooja Misrra and Sunny and telling them how he does not like anything going wrong around him. While Sidharth is seen saying this outside, Sky bitches to Pooja Bedi and Juhi telling them that Siddharth has changed all of a sudden.

When Juhi tells him that it's all because of the game, Sky says that it is not because of the game, but it is generally how Sidharth. He also tells them how Sidharth had made a plan against Juhi and Pooja Bedi and Sky was the one who stopped him and told him he does not want to listen to any of it. However, things take a turn for the worse a little later. Sky starts taunting Amar by saying nasty things about his failed career before the show. Amar does not react. Sky then tells him that he will still continue to suffer once he gets out of Bigg Boss 5. Amar still does not react. Sky then mocks the way Mahek speaks.

He then insinuates that Amar is having an affair with Shraddha Sharma. Amar finally loses his cool and yells that all the girls in the house are just his friends. Sky then announces that Amar is also seeing Vida as the two were very friendly. Later in the day, Sky, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sunny Leone are seen hanging out near the bathroom area. Later in the day, Sky talks to Amar in the captain's room. Sky fakes an apology for his earlier behaviour and starts bitching about Siddharth to him. Sky goes on to call Siddharth's behavior childish and says his immaturity in dealing with girls is visible.

Both Amar and Sky discuss how Siddharth has been switching his loyalties among different groups without realising its consequences. Meanwhile, Sunny, Juhi, Pooja Bedi and Siddharth are seen chilling in the garden area, discussing Sunny and her good looks. Juhi comments that Sunny is perfect for Bollywood as she has a charming face, she is cute and innocent and brings much-needed freshness with her. Everyone agrees with Juhi. Sunny smiles and explains that she would love to work in Bollywood, but she knows it is not easy. The others encourage her by saying that she will learn everything on the job and there is no need for her to worry.

Sunny and Siddharth mop the floor. Bigg Boss announces the weekly task to the housemates. The housemates have a hearty laugh and move on. The day ends on a happy note, where Sunny is admired and complimented by Juhi and Sky for winning all their hearts. Sky assures her that none of them will vote for her nominations because she is really cute. She brings up Kim Kardashian 's topic and asks Pooja if she knows her real claim to fame. Pooja Bedi gives a witty smile as she responds by saying she knows what Sunny is talking about.

Sunny slyly asks her if the Indian audience would accept such a celebrity who is also from an Indian origin. Pooja Bedi tells her that the Indian audience is very conservative and may not support such an act. Sky taunts Pooja Misrra by asking her to apologize for the mistakes she had made in the past. Pooja Misrra says she has already apologized whenever she needed to and tells Sky that even he needs to apologize for calling her a dumb woman etc. Pooja Bedi intervenes and tells both of them to calm down and say sorry to each other. The duos agree, say sorry and make up. Mahek is seen gossiping with Sunny in the pink room. Mahek makes Sunny understand that she is not like the others and doesn't feel the need to force her to get her vote for captaincy.

She still requests Sunny to feel free and vote for her only if she feels Mahek deserves to be the captain. Meanwhile, in the green room a different game was being played where Siddharth was being assaulted by Sky, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar.

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