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Dulce Rosa Character Analysis

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In the end, when she dies, he finds that he must suffer for the rest of his days at her loss, unable to ever be truly happy again. Both of these characters rise high and then are brought low from having the same shared, traumatic experience which ultimately causes a lifetime of unhappiness and sorrow. The flowers are her talisman and the phantom of her father is the entity that helps her finally achieve vengeance upon him. The mood that this style of narration presents a certain level of detachment from the life outside the narrative. The Duration of the story is a mere 5 pages spanning 30 years.

The reach of the story extends another 40 years or more. During this time, the rape is mentioned frequently along with the symbols of the flowers, dress, and the blood. The effect of this story is ethical. Despite this, can Dulce Rosa be seen as a better, more moral figure? A Literature Major. The notes, musings, and writings of an English Literature Major. American Literature. Critical Theory. Word of the Day. Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies. English Literature. Allende confirmed that she had no direct involvement with developing the opera.

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