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The Bully Character Analysis

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Character Analysis Quotes (Bully Concept #2)

Contains major spoilers for books up to Son of Neptune, and very minor spoilers for House of Hades! Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares, is a pretty amazing demigod. When she is introduced in The Lightning Thief, she is nothing but a bully toward Percy. However, throughout the course of the books, she slowly softens up and becomes his ally and sort-of friend, although they still tend to clash.

Clarisse is a character who seems rough around the edges, but has many layers which we get to see throughout the course of the book. The Lightning Thief In this book, the only layer of Clarisse that we really get to see is her exterior: a malicious daughter of Ares, the war god. She likes to pick on the other campers, and Percy seems to be one of her main targets. When she tries to put Percy's head in the toilet as his "initiation", Clarisse and her cabinmates get doused with a ginormous wave of toilet water.

Percy also manages to break Clarisse's spear during Capture the Flag, which infuriates her. These two events show a key point of her personality: how she reacts to losing a fight. If you ever beat Clarisse at anything, she will storm off and conceal her humiliation with angry threats. The first direct glimpse of her relationship with her father, Ares, takes place on the C. Birmingham during her Quest for the Golden Fleece. Clarisse is intimidated by her dad. She strives to live up to her father's expectations, and Ares doesn't believe she is doing well enough. This scene is important, because it reveals the motivation for many of Clarisse's actions.

Why was Clarisse always so set on winning and being victorious? That's why. Not just for personal glory, but also to live up to the expectations of dear old dad. The Titan's Curse Clarisse is absent from Titan's Curse because she is on a top-secret scouting mission, which we later discover is her journey into the Labyrinth. Can I just say how much I love the side of Clarisse that we got to see in this book? She and Annabeth are actually getting along really well. She comforts Juniper at Grover's trial at the beginning of the book. Then, we find out that Clarisse found Chris Rodriguez after he had gotten out of the Labyrinth, and he had gone crazy.

Clarisse tries to nurse him back to health. She calls the Labyrinth evil, and tells Percy to kill Daedalus when he finds him because anyone who could create something so terrible must be evil. I highly encourage a parent to talk to their children about different races, religion, looks, and the way someone talks. Bullying Something that every school has in common all over the world is the problem with bullying. In the documentary Bully made by Lee Hirsch in , shows the life of kids, the family of these kids and the hell that each is put through.

Throughout the documentary, director Lee Hirsch uses logos, ethos and pathos to prove his point that bullying is evil. Also, this examination of bullying applies more so to violent bullies. This study took place in Massachusetts, and included…. You may ask how does bullying have a detrimental effect on an adult life? After all it happened when they were a child now they are an adult. People need to understand the power of their words. When someone is told something that is hurtful the person remembers those words and replay over and over again in their minds. A bully is someone who intimidates people they deem weaker than them using power or brute force. Bullying can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and self-harm. In recent television history, they have tried to input bullying in television shows to encourage teens and adults alike to come forth with these issues on being bullied and tell someone.

Glee is a good example of individuals trying to come together and overcome bullying as a group with the help of their teacher Will. The creature wants to repay the family for how much they have taught him and how much his mind has been broadened because of them. He decides that he wants to make his presence known and the best way to do so is to start with the father, Not only does he pick the father because he seems the most understanding, but also because he is blind and therefore will not be able to judge his looks. The creature decides to visit the father when the rest of the family is out, so he can have one-on-one time and prove that he is a kind-hearted person and just genuinely wants to help their family and thank them.

When the father answers the door and lets the creature in, he listens to him and shows empathy towards him and treats him with respect. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Home Page Bully Film Summary. Bully Film Summary Words 6 Pages. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Bully: A Film Analysis Many The message that the director is trying to show the audience, maybe metaphorical but others can be shown straightforward.

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The abuse is both physically and mentally. Clarisse is intimidated The Bully Character Analysis her dad. Bully Film Summary Words 6 Pages. The Bully Character Analysis the Mighty The Bully Character Analysis about a dumb kid The Bully Character Analysis Max. Then, a bully will pressure that person into The Influence Of Birth Order others, The Bully Character Analysis like how Zaroff The Bully Character Analysis Rainsford into The Bully Character Analysis humans.

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