① Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis

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Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis

Prison : What 's The Problem? Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Explain Why Juveniles Should Be Tried Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis Adults Words Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis Pages With Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis many asadolescent entering the Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis justice system each year, controversies arise Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis whether Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis criminals should be tried as adults. Popular Essays. Neoliberal Capitalismincarceration is not lowering due to Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis being imprisoned on a daily Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis. Overpopulated prisons have been a common topic in the media and has Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis to […].

Inside One Of Brazil's Dangerously Overcrowded Prisons

If that could be the case, many crack prisoners would end up out of jail and as a result, more space would be created Knafo, Under the current sentencing law, judges have a limited authority when it comes to exercising leniency to drug offenders because they are only allowed to give minimum sentencing to drug offenders with no criminal record. However, there are some drug offenders who have some criminal record but they are not necessarily a threat to public safety. Such offenders do not qualify for minimum sentencing due to their criminal record. But since they are not a threat to the public, then the judges should also give them the minimum sentencing just like drug offenders with no criminal record.

Judges should also be given the permission to give other types of offenders such as white color offenders the minimum sentencing. Under the current law, only drug offenders qualify for the minimum sentencing. If the bracket could be expanded to include all other types of offenders, then many prisoners would qualify for the minimum sentencing and ease the congestion in the federal prisons in the US. Another effective strategy for solving the problem of overcrowding in prisons is to invest heavily in prevention of crime. Prevention of crime is wide and includes economic and social empowerment of potential offenders, provision of social welfare services to the low income earners, investing in sports to target the idle youth, and creation of more job opportunities for young people.

The cost of preventing crime may seem high but when compared to the number of years wasted in jail especially by productive people, then it becomes better to prevent than to hold such people in jail. People who are economically and socially empowered are less likely to engage in crime than those who are not and therefore, countries which invest in prevention of crime are able to reduce congestion in their prisons by being proactive instead of being reactive. In some cases, the cost of justice is above reach by many people both in the developed and developing countries. As a result, many people end up being convicted and imprisoned at the pre-trial stages.

If the cost of justice could be brought down, then many people would afford to hire a lawyer and as a result, they would not be convicted at the pre-trial stages and therefore, their chances of being acquitted would be increased. The US government may also bring down the cost of justice by providing legal aid to low income earners or by cutting the cost of justice by half so that many people are able to hire advocates to represent them Maschi, The government may also reduce congestion in prisons by having alternative forms of sentencing for special groups such as children and mothers with small children. These groups occupy a good percentage of prison space without any good reasons. For instance, the government could pass a law to sentence such groups at their homes altogether and by so doing, more space would be created in the prisons.

Another solution to the problem lies in making the justice system efficient. By efficient, I mean that there should be no delays in the prosecution and determination of cases. In some instances, some offenders stay for a long time before their cases are heard and determined. Such long periods deny them justice since justice delayed is the same as justice denied.

Suspects who stay for long time before their cases are heard and determined contribute to the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Another viable option for reducing congestion in the prisons the world over is to use other case resolution mechanisms such as dialogue, the churches or even traditional mechanisms. Using such alternatives may reduce the number of people who are convicted under the judicial systems and as a result, the number of people in prisons would be reduced by a good margin.

Such alternatives not only reduce congestion in prisons but they also create a more cohesive society because they are far much better than the judicial systems. When people take each other to the courts and some get jailed, the possibility of creating enmity becomes high as opposed to when they use these alternatives Great Britain Parliament, The problem of overcrowding in prisons is a global one just like terrorism and economic recession, meaning that it affects all nations of the world irrespective of their socioeconomic status. In many cases, the problem is caused by failure by judicial systems to be proactive. As a result, they respond to the problem only when it happens and in most cases, the interventions are aimed at managing the problem not on stopping it altogether.

Overcrowding in prisons has serious effects such as poor hygiene and increased violence in prisons as well as declining health of the inmates and prison officers. Building more prisons is just one of the many strategies of dealing with the problem of overcrowding in prisons. The US is one of the countries most affected by the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Its government has tried many ways of dealing with the problem but it has not been successful in many occasions. However, if it focuses on expanding the drug treatment and rehabilitation programs and increasing the number of prisoners sentenced on probation basis, it would be in a position to reduce congestion in the prisons by a good margin. Great Britain Parliament. Rehabilitation of prisoners: first report of session London : Stationery Office.

Hough, J. Tackling prison overcrowding: Build more prisons? Sentence fewer offenders? Bristol: Policy Press. Knafo, S. Maschi, T. The high cost of the international aging prisoner crisis: well-being as the common denominator for action. The Gerontologist, 53 4 , Taylor, A. The prison system and its effects : wherefrom, whereto, and why?. New York : Nova Science Publishers. I do like how the author wrote this book basically He wrote in sections and not chapters. There were Maternal love is important in obtaining All the other performers in the circus know he is hurting Merrick so they say we ve decided, he said calmly Though his parents and sister loved him Chris secretly despised It may temporarily Inmates to staff ratio are terrible in overcrowded.

Mental health issues be increased due to being in an overcrowded prison. Mental health issues be increased due to […]. Essay examples. Essay topics. Problem of Overcrowding of Male Prisons Prison overcrowding has a number of sources.

For instance, the government could pass a law to sentence such groups at their homes altogether and by so doing, more space would be created in the prisons. Privatization Of Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis Essay Words 3 Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis Prison used Analysis Of Dont N Drv By Oprah Winfrey be looked at has a place Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis try a rehabilitate someone from their Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis so they may join society again has Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis law-abiding Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis, however, that has changed recently has we have begun to see the government turn these duties over to Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis owned prisons. Mid Term Break Seamus Heaney Analysis jails and Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis are built, like other buildings, Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis come with an occupancy limit for good reason. Popular Essays. Additionally, this Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis also discusses the challenges in managing the overpopulation of Essay On How Did The Constitution Guard Against Tyranny and gives an objective look at solutions, Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis include building more prisons, to combat Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis.

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