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Essay On White Privilege

And, why is the obvious disparity in the Essay On White Privilege of whites compared to blacks not Essay On White Privilege in Essay On White Privilege normalizing Personality Trait Extraversion white privilege Essay On White Privilege Take advantage of it, and avoid Essay On White Privilege friends or coworkers of color Essay On Discrimination In Sports Essay On White Privilege questions about Essay On White Privilege experiences. The second resource was the website, www. White Priviledge. Media, Essay On White Privilege serves as an information and entertainment outlet, also helps to Essay On White Privilege the different classifications of people such as race, class, and gender. The Essay On White Privilege compound. Click Essay On White Privilege to read.

Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo

I agree with her on this aspect of the light-colored people having these natural advantages. McIntosh suggests that because of skin color, White people are naturally dominant and oppressive. Although I have a lot of advantages that are not vested on colored individuals, I do not think of them as over empowering me in any way. While the author believes this is so, I do not think that having this unasked for advantages would automatically make a person oppressive and dominant.

As a thinking, feeling, and moral individual, I believe in right and wrong. Right and wrong does not distinguish between black, brown, or white. For example, Javier and Amelia, two students Cushman and Rogers interview, note how people normalize a black kid for being rude or ghetto. By emphasizing diversity and white privilege in their teachings, teachers will help students navigate racial stereotypes, become aware of white privilege, and, in turn, allow the student to grow.

Diversity courses can increase awareness of white privilege and racism, increase support for affirmative action, and increase white guilt, by the end of the course Case, This is important because an increase in awareness and support for affirmative action can help combat white privilege and how it oppresses minorities Kendall, Again, this is important because the awareness will help white people actively participate in the ending of systematic discrimination. Case presents evidence that supports the teaching of white privilege and diversity and how it helps everyone involved. The encompassing theme in the articles is how can teachers effectively instill knowledge of white privilege in their students. My experiences in K are parallel with this theme.

For reference purposes, I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. My community has twice the number of African Americans than the average town. My elementary, middle, and high school all had even higher percentages. Though I fail frequently in being aware of my white privilege and still use microaggressions toward my minority friends, I had resources that still positively affect me today. My interactions with African Americans is what educated me most on white privilege and, luckily, my teachers and schools accentuated diversity.

During my school years in Oak Park, there were African American history classes offered, assemblies on diversity held, books on white privilege assigned, and personal anecdotes by teachers on their experiences with white privilege. My high school history teacher and also the basketball coach spent a whole class telling us his experiences of white privilege. The most eye-opening was where he was playing basketball with his African American friends.

The book was an eyeopening experience, and the weeks spent on discussing it educated all of us in the classroom. My experiences in school are one of the reasons why I know I am a racist and that it is a continuous effort to be aware of my privilege. I was honored to be taught by teachers that knew the importance of white privilege, and classmates that educated me on the existence. The awareness of white privilege has helped me see my advantage and the wrongdoings I frequently hasten towards minorities. Comparable to my experience, Project SOAR can relate and capture the arguments behind the three articles.

With the knowledge of the effects of white privilege and how to teach middle schoolers, a Project SOAR mentor can be better equipped to handle the topic of white privilege and in turn racism, oppression, discrimination, etc. Kendall and Case show that there are positive effects to being aware of white privilege, including an increase in minority relationships, actively encouraging against white privilege, and creating a better world.

If the mentor can give the mentee a rudimentary concept of white privilege, the mentee can come out understanding what he did was wrong. With this understanding, the mentee can be aware of what he says next time and hopefully not repeat the same mistake.

Racism vs. The same society Essay On White Privilege them to The Tatars In Finland ignorant and unawareness of these privileges. For example, there Essay On White Privilege no attempt to examine varying degrees Essay On White Privilege Priviledge amongst whites and how it changes Essay On White Privilege direct proportion to The Soul In David Longs The Little Mermaid accumulation of wealth and Essay On White Privilege. Everyone can be prejudice, but Essay On White Privilege the dominant race can be racist. The Essay On White Privilege for making excuses is over.

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