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Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer

A longtime friend of mine, Tim, came in to the bar a short time Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer. The determination and strength that they have is beyond words. When I Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer a Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer laddy I loved soccer more than anything in the world. The Gift After what seemed like an eternity of rigorous tests and Government Essay: Why Government Is Necessary? with the painful Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer of wanting to hold a precious baby of my own in my arms, it Parliamentary Sovereignty my dreams at long last came true. We scored;therefore, I Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer and cheered for our team. Next we passed through Milwaukee, Wisconsin and finally Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer hours later, with Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer eyes wide Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer, we entered Greenbay.

GoPro - A Day In The Life Of A Division 1 Soccer Player

If they aren't doing something directly involved with football then they're studying, or at least they should be. October 20, , began as a normal Sunday. However, did I know that my life would be changed in a matter of seconds. I was so excited about practicing soccer with my travel team, in Oxford, that day. I could not wait to get to Oxford to see my teammates and coach since I had not seen them in a few weeks, due to not having practiced in the past weeks. When I got to the fields, I quickly jumped out of the car and hurried over to the field so I could meet up with my team to begin practice.

Knute had not even planned on playing football in college. That decision would have resulted i Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes a winning team. This was when the entire backfield would move all to oneside of the ball before the ball was snapped. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. We all knew inside ourselves that this would be our last chance to be titled champions. Times were changing and so were people. Some of my best friends in the team would be moving away soon, going to a far away university where I could no longer play football alongside them. This was what it all boiled down to. Ten years of football together as a team had led us to the British National Final of under There would never be another opportunity like this again, especially together.

The current situation made my stomach churn. I was battling for every tackle, every pass and every header just to keep us in the game. My team mates were also giving every drop of energy they had. As I looked around the crowded mud stained pitch, it was almost like a battlefield. Everyone was feeling the immense pressure that was upon us. He lay in a bundle in the water-logged centre circle like a wounded soldier as the heavy rain fell upon him. A wave of blue players went to see that he Every single player on our team sprinted towards the hero jumping on him, as the crowd rushed on to the pitch in complete and utter amazement at the event that had just occurred.

Unconcerned by the other teams misery; we celebrated with an astonishing feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of that emphatic victory was incredible, I find it hard to gather the words in to a sentence to express just how amazing it felt and still feels to be a part of. Like I said, that would be the last time we would all ever play together and sure enough it was. I will never forget my friends that day, it was the end of an era and those memories I will never lose. Get Access. Good Essays. Football Narrative Words 4 Pages. Football Narrative.

Read More. Satisfactory Essays. Formal Paper 1 Words 3 Pages. Formal Paper 1. My Fascination with Human Beings. Powerful Essays. So every time I got the ball two players came to me. So I always had to pass quickly, but luckily I knew how to get open. We scored;therefore, I screamed and cheered for our team. Then the buzzer sounded for the last quarter. Again it was time for me to kick it was my job and my teammates job to get the ball into the goal. I kicked repeatedly and never made it except once. One more goal and we would win but for the moment we were tied.

So whenever a player gets passed me I always say to myself to never give up and try to recover the soccer ball as quickly as possible. The game is closing down, your team is down by 2 points. Ten seconds are left in the game. Your team gets to throw the ball in from out of bounds. The pass is good, your player runs down the sideline Pulls up to shoot. At the same time a whistle echoes through the bleachers, as fans cheer and boo. I finally found the soccer cleats right before my big game. The soccer shoes that will help me show my skills in the amazing sport of soccer. Then I thought to myself about all the benefits that the cleats would bring. Benefits like running as fast as a cheetah or jumping as high as a kangaroo.

I approach my team and start preparing for the game and visualizing like i never have before. Faces surrounding us unleashed battle cries of victory. The players on the field paraded around the pitch, only increasing the euphoria. Terrifyingly, the man next to me was beating his fists on the chair behind me, his face turning blue from his continuous support, his cheeks only getting a slight tinge of red from the nipping wind that continued to gust through the bleachers, in the open-air theatre of dreams. Throughout the game, the eyes of everyone were glued to the pitch, waiting, watching for something to happen, to warrant a release of emotion.

As I spring from my starting position I look in the corner of my eye, to see another runner leading the pack. I concentrated all of my energy into the race, my legs burning from the intensity, however, it was not enough for me to clench the sweet taste of victory. I turned up at the finish line with 2nd place. It was my first race of my career, and I did not know what to expect. Fouls occur all the time in the game of soccer. Some fouls are blatant and easy for a referee to declare a foul while others are controversial and not as easy to call. The controversy comes when players dive, or flop, when they are defended in order to get the referee to give them a call in their favor.

The ultimate goal when diving is to gain a free kick or to get the opponent cautioned with a yellow card of ejected from the game with a red card. It was nearing the end of the game and we were winning As we were heading for the goal on another break away, the opposing team kicked it out of bounds by the goal. My sister Bailey, who is also on the team, set the ball up for a corner kick. Her kick was a beautiful, high, hard drive to the front of the box. Down set hut, the person I 'm guarding runs deep and I drop back. The best thing just happened to me, I caught it.

The receiver tried to take it from me but I wouldn 't let go. Little did I know at the time it would be me to make it. They ran the ball to my side of the field, and I made a tackle that resulted in a fumble that led to us scoring. The crowd in the stadium were ecstatic, I had people calling my name from the stands. Their was still enough time on the clock for them to tie the game back up.

We have had a pretty Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer team through the years and we win more games than we lose. The sound Personal Narrative: The Amazing Sport Of Soccer 78, Andy Warhol Summary cheering on their teams was totally awesome. The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing Topics.

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