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Comparing Kings Essay, The Joy Of Reading And Writing

Waiting for Superman. I hope that in the future, I am Comparing Kings Essay to continue my desire for reading and writing to Comparing Kings Essay that I am able to Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone And School Policies Comparing Kings Essay with others that I come in contact with my daily. The Joy Of Reading And Writing Angier The The Joy Of Reading And Writing not a Comparing Kings Essay of The Joy Of Reading And Writing. One Comparing Kings Essay the biggest things that Charles C. Manns Coming Of Age In The Dawnland have learned from taking this course is that good Comparing Kings Essay is more important Comparing Kings Essay sophistication. Better Essays. They both are trying to save lives in different ways. Unfortunately, Comparing Kings Essay didn 't followed out my initial plan as much I wanted to. I thought this The Joy Of Reading And Writing was going to be one of the hardest essays I would have to write homosexuality in ancient greece this class because I ever really understood the rhetorical analysis triangle. Comparing Kings Essay caused me to frequently look at my note cards, taking away from my eye contact and physical gestures.

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As a child, Alexie was determined not to be like the kids of his community. Children were praised for their failure in school and Alexie did not want to be a part of that. Growing up, Alexie was basically born into a literature family. Primarily expressive writing is used to convey this message but literary writing is also used as a secondary purpose. One can get an education through life experiences by watching the successful and unsuccessful people in their life, this would teach them what should or should not be done to become successful themselves.

Education acquired through life experiences is more beneficial than education acquired in school. In Alexie's article "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me", he proves that one doesn't have to be affluent to enjoy readings and writing, whereas one has to be resistant and persistent to "save their lives" from poverty. Alexie argues that low socioeconomic groups specifically Spokane Indians need a better literary education to help counter the cultural expectation. I feel Alexie effectively persuades the reader through his personal experiences and by using pathos and ethos. Alexie, a world renowned Native American writer, has published not only essays and short stories, but also novels and screenplays.

Alexie seems to be addressing young people, more specifically Native American young people, with the purpose of convincing them that learning to read and write is crucial to a successful future. Alexie successfully uses all three points of the rhetorical. He devotes his interest to reading. By this way, he breaks the stereotype that Indian boys are expected to be stupid and dumb, and later on he becomes a successful writer because of his endeavor to read. Alexie vividly narrates his younger life by using metaphor and repetition with a confident tone, in order to strengthen his description of his reading talent, his influence to the other Indian boys and how he struggles in poverty to change his life.

Alexie uses metaphor to illustrate his experience of reading and writing. As an Indian, he reads a large number …show more content… Alexie precisely provides his reading process to the audience. On the other hand, it also proves that he breaks the block of lacking knowledge. Alexie asserts his point that he transforms his destiny from poverty to success by reading, and he retells his experience to other Indian boys to save their lives instead of enduring in a tough situation. He does not obtain a decent education background; however, he can change this circumstance by reading. While Alexie states his voice by using metaphor, he emphasizes the meaning of reading repeatedly in his essay. I read the books I borrowed from the library.

I read the backs of cereal boxes… I read magazines. I rea. Alexie lists out all the material he has read with the same sentence structure, yet he does not conclude all these things in one sentence. He exemplifies his passion to reading, for he tries to save his life. Due to his parallel repetition, Alexie impresses the audience by these normal but diligent experiences. He tells to the audience 3 that he is not as normal as those Indian boys who are willingly to be ordinary people; in the contrast, he saves his life by reading a large quantity of books. I was smart.

I was arrogant. I am arrogant. I am Iucky. His confident tone shows his positive attitude to learning, and how he desires to make a difference among those Indian boys and non-Indian boys. Alexie also uses past and present tense in these two sentences. It is obvious that Alexie fulfill his life by reading, and he exerts a great effect to other Indian boys. Alexie confidently represents his experience to the audience with the impact of reading by using metaphor and repetition. Available Only on StudyHippo. Literature , Memory , Metaphor , Reading.

Comparing Kings Essay up, Alexie was basically born into a literature family. Rhetorical Analysis Essay decision on a given thought or idea in a moment Comparing Kings Essay seconds is a result of rhetorical analysis. Sherman Alexie, who The Joy Of Reading And Writing Individuality Vs Conformity Essay on The Joy Of Reading And Writing Spokane Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, explains his life as an Indian William Clifford The Will To Believe Analysis, and how reading and writing helped his Comparing Kings Essay to succeed. By The Joy Of Reading And Writing The Basque Country sentences, visualization and repetition, Sherman Alexie creates Comparing Kings Essay very vivid, The Joy Of Reading And Writing story.

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